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  1. Oh wow, look at this spammmmm, it's too bad there aren't any moderators to hide this post. Oh, and no members have thought to report it, I bet... where is everyone?
  2. They keep opening and closing which is beyond annoying. I have a cart that I've been adding to and trying to purchase for about a month but I can never make the purchase because of their constant open/close bs. I honestly don't know if I'll ever make the purchase because it is beyond annoying.
  3. Effff yes to Captivating Cumberbatch! I'll take that man on my body one way or another. If they do T. Hiddles, I'll lose it.
  4. This thread is so inactive now that all the other indie threads have been made! I miss you guys! In other news, Brija Cosmetics is making a Harry Potter collection that is supposed to come out next week and I am soooo excited. I helped her come up with names and descriptions for the collection, so I HAVE to have it!
  5. Also, I just bought her Sherlock inspired eyeshadow duo and I cannot wait to receive it. Hopefully having the shadows on my eyes will help me be more patient waiting for the next season to come up....
  6. The color is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands!
  7. Speaking about Brija cosmetics she's going to be releasing a Harry Potter collection! I'm excited because her collection is going to include a lipstick inspired by Luna Lovegood!
  8. It has been a damn good couple of days for indie perfumes, HOG yesterday and DC today! I picked up a Blue Valentine bitsy, Love and Sharks blue solid, and /R/ hug of death!
  9. If someone knows of an indie that smells like baklava I would love to know what it is. For the longest time I've had an obsession with the scent of baklava but have never found anything that has gotten the scent quite right.
  10. I have a sample vial of come hither if you would like it.
  11. I like them a lot but prefer their whipped soaps because the scent lingers on my skin longer with those.
  12. Just completed my HOG order, did everyone have success?
  13. I am so pumped up to shop a release today! Good luck to everyone!
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