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  1. That is cool! It was a well written article. I feel sad that Birchbox is struggling, as I have enjoyed it over the years.
  2. The death knell continues..... Is this the end of Birchbox? http://www.racked.com/2016/7/13/12122758/birchbox-subscription-box-decline I cancelled my yearly subscription yesterday and had used my points up right after they announced the point changes. I've got 4 months left, will be interesting to see if there is a decline in box quality. My July box was pretty good, no complaints to speak of.
  3. Okay, I figured out how to do a spoiler. July's box contains: I was starting to regret not renewing, but now I don't.
  4. Received my box this morning. While I will definitely use the items, my initially impression is that this year's VIB subscription is going out with more of a whimper than a bang. I can't remember how do a spoiler, can someone remind me please?
  5. Received my box as well today - fast shipping this month! Here is a video that explains this product line - sounds interesting.
  6. I have a theory (pure speculation) as to why the VIP program was so up and down this year. I remember at the beginning of the year it was announced that makeup artist Dustin Lujan had rejoined LMdB and would be overseeing the VIP program. He recently left LMdB again to launch his own makeup line with partner/designer Victor de Souza, and the launch featured lipsticks only https://www.victordesouzany.com/collections/victor-de-souza-beauty. Remember how we kept getting month after month of lip products? Hmm..... That doesn't explain the products that were clearly not LMdB exclusives like the palette from the 1st month, but the last 4 months of the program have been really good, IMO. I don't know when Dustin left and if he was just half-assing it because he was preoccupied with launching his own line, but the timing of the upswing seems to be when he left LMdB. Again, pure speculation, but I'm guessing there was stuff going on behind the scenes that negatively impacted the program. Notice how that recent email said that Global Director of Color Ivan Castro was developing new colors for the 2016-17 program? Sounds like they are trying to correct course. I also think LMdB is still trying to figure out how to not lose money on the VIP subscription plan. It can't be a money maker for them.
  7. Received mine this morning! The 1st and 3rd shadows are shimmers and apply like butter - great pigmentation. The 2nd and 4th shadows are matte/satin and the 2nd one is the least pigmented of the four but can be built up nicely. I think it could work well as a blush also. Happy to have another eye kaleidoscope!
  8. Still not resubbing, but I will say I'm super impressed with the brow powders, which I tried for the 1st time today. The pigmentation is fierce, they apply smoothly, and I think they will make great shadow and contouring multi-taskers. I was 'meh' about them when I opened them initially and set the box aside until I could take pictures, which has happened with several of the LMdB products that become some of my favorite items from the VIP program (the translucent setting powder and Peau Vierge pressed powder, for example).
  9. I'm not going to resub mainly because I'm at saturation point for cosmetics in general and the items we received this year (with a few exceptions) are not enough to entice me to continue collecting. Overall though, I discovered some products that have become staples for me and have no regrets about my 3 year run with the LMdB VIP subscription.
  10. Great month! I like the foundation brush so am happy to have another one.
  11. I never upgraded to the new box format so am excited to now be able to customize and/or skip boxes at the $19.99 price. I've gotten to the point where I enjoy their skincare/makeup as much as the polishes (if not more) so am excited I can now add them on!
  12. I don't believe the luminizer was ever sold as a stand alone product, but there was one in another shade that was a GWP at one of the department stores. Regarding product separation, I have a Giorgio Armani liquid blush that separates when it sits for a long time. I can't say it made me think it was poorly formulated, but just the nature of the ingredients used. What I do wish LMdB would do consistently with the products sent in the VIP program is include an ingredients list. Sometimes they do, most times they don't. I like to see what I'm putting on my face/body, plus it at least gives me a ballpark idea on the quality/uniqueness of the product. I am disappointed as well with another month of lip products. I was under the impression that LMdB had brought Dustin Lujan back to LMdB (per a post from the Best in Beauty blog http://bestthingsinbeauty.blogspot.com/2015/06/le-metier-de-beaute-is-back-brand-is.html), and I believe he was supposed to curate the VIP program. I do get the impression that the brand has been slipping and losing traction with it's base market for a while (hence bringing Dustin Lujan back), some of whom were none to happy when LMdB started the VIP subscription program to start with. They thought it cheapened the image of the brand. From my recollection LMdB's stated purpose with the program, in the first year at least, was to reward faithful customers by giving them access to products both old and new at a deeply discounted price. I never thought that was a sustainable model in the long run, and what we may be seeing with them developing products strictly for VIP now is a step down in quality from the core line products in an effort to reign in cost. Pure speculation on my part, but given I cannot see how they will make a profit on the VIP program if they include only core line products, it makes sense to me. I also thought it was rather strange that they started with the kaleidoscope 3 month subscription and then scrapped it within a year or so. I purchased the last iteration and got 3 eye kaleidoscopes (all very nice), but they had originally said it would be a face/eye/lip coordinated trio. No explanation was given and they never offered that subscription again. Also, I think it's interesting that the Beauty Vault site no longer features bundled sets like they used to. Who knows, maybe that's an indication they are doing better with in store sales and do not have to entice people with value priced bundles. /long post
  13. I mixed it with the Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Nude by Hourglass this morning, and it worked well. Up close (very close) you can see little gold flecks on my face, but it's not obvious from a normal distance. I'm not sure it would work well as a spot highlighter, but I tend to use powders for that anyhow. I'm thinking of this one as more along the lines of Armani's Fluid Sheers.

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