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  1. Here I tried skipping a darker color in the crease altogether. Just Mary Lou-Manizer on the lids, and blended up to the brow. Mascara, and liner. I think I am going to stop using liner at all under my eyes, as it makes me look old. Another problem I have is a scar at the corner of that droopy eye.....right where you would wing out a cat eye. A thin, straight scar where a piece of wood fell and hit me when I was little and roller skating in my Dad's wood working shop.So shadow and liner tend to settle in it. My lipstick looks like shit here, but you have to realize that a fully grown cat had just tried to insert his whole head in my mouth right before I took this pic. So.........only light colors on lid, no accentuating the crease better ? Worse? Skip lining bottom lids? Let cat have red lipstick?
  2. I just hit 47, and it freaked me the hell out. Maybe because The Great Eye Infection of March 2013 left me with what looks to be some permanent drooping of the outer upper eyelids. (my eyes have always had a natural downward slant at the outer corners anyway) Anyway, my eye makeup techniques of the past are accentuating the droopiness rather than making me look HAWT. What should I be doing? Also, I'm gradually going from 25 years of bleached blonde to light brown, and tomorrow to med. brownish red.The Elderly do not have the energy to touch up 1 1/2" of dark brown & silvery gray roots every damn month, so every time I get color I'm going to try a wee bit darker shade and see how I like it. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, I left my $$$ camera in my boat bag & sunscreen exploded all over it/into it, and it is completely greasy ruined. 1st pic: Me the first day back @ work after 16 days of eye infection. I only had on eye makeup & lip gloss here. I *think* I had a beigy color on the lid, and a brown in the crease and outer C. Dollar Tree mascara and liner, as I was still tossing my mascaras and liners daily at this point to make sure I wasn't re-infecting. Can you see the left lid (the right in the pic) drooping more? What makeup shading'/highlighting tricks can I use to minimize this? MORE IN NEXT POST !
  3. I'd be happy with a simple little 50 % off code to use in the store.
  4. School's out for summer, so I have 10 weeks off work! And I got my box! (No b'day box yet, I know someone up-thread asked) I love the actual presentation of this sub as much as the product.I'm a sucker for nice packaging.
  5. I got one of my bags today, from the account that got no tracking email. I got: - Zoya in Jaqueline -Juice Beauty gloss in Champagne. It smells SO GOOD. -Pacifica roller ball in Island Vanilla -Yaby concealer in buff (that thing is so darn teeny) -the Macadamia Oil (I use hair oils, so I didn't mind this) My bag was shipped from NC, no weight on it.
  6. I don't think I've ever failed to get my actual bags before the tracking emails.
  7. I just signed up for a 3rd bag. My nieces' b'days are all this summer, so anything I don't like will go straight into their gift bags and make great presents.AND THAT IS HOW I AM JUSTIFYING IT.
  8. I love the lash primer from Starlooks, I can use the cheapest mascara with it and still get great results on my puny lashes. I hope they hurry up and make it available on their site!
  9. Well I'm another who didn't like them. They made my lips feel dry, then gritty.
  10. I think I could actually use the yellow Zoya. I don't have a single yellow polish.And now that I've dyed my bleached hair back darker, I'm no so scared of of the YELLOW clashing with my hair.
  11. I got my second bag today. - blush in Beach please -another polish in Love at First Byte, so this will go on my trade list when I make one -powder play -Mica shimmer, which I think I'll also trade. I got the replacement bag, which smells like automotive oil.
  12. I got my bag yesterday. (never received a tracking or shipping email) I got: -the polish in Love at First Byte (this is a really peachy pink) - Blush in Sweet cheeks - the Two Cosmetics shadow combo in the pinks (Heartache) -The Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal , tiny bottle (.85 oz) I actually like the bag, it has a pink print inside, and the outside will wash off nicely.

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