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  1. http://www.makeuptalk.com/t/127519/anidas-trade-thread
  2. anida

    Birchbox October 2012

    I'm getting box 4 (I think) and I'm kind of disappointed. The only thing I'm excited about is the Luna bar.
  3. anida

    Birchbox October 2012

  4. anida

    Birchbox October 2012

    I still haven't received a shipping email yet but, my shipping information in my account has been updated. I opted in for a goop box and apparently my box weighs 0.9740. The weight seems a little too heavy though.
  5. anida

    Birchbox August 2012

    I got the same exact color.
  6. anida

    Birchbox August 2012

    My box got here today. I ended up getting box #3 which is the one that I wanted the most. The only thing I don't like is the Pixi lip & line primer. I don't think I'll ever use it & I was hoping to get the other one instead, the lipstick & liner, I believe?
  7. anida

    Birchbox August 2012

  8. Got my box today! I'm excited to try everything except the mustard, peanut butter cookie, and pretzels. Three of my least favorite things in one box, yikes.
  9. anida

    BB creams??

    I recommend Skin79 as well. I use the hot pink triple function BB cream and it's really good. A lot of people like Missha's perfect cover BB cream and the Face shop's clean face oil free BB cream(which I actually do own and love). You can get them all on ebay just make sure to buy it from a reliable seller.
  10. I tried the chipotle ketchup last night and it was really good & this is coming from someone who doesn't like chipotle or ketchup flavored foods.
  11. I just got my July box as well. It's my first box and I'm in love! It actually came with 3 lollipops but, I ate one ahha. I'm excited to try everything. I might possibly purchase more of the lollipops. They were interesting. According to their Facebook, they started shipping them out on Monday and Tuesday. You'll probably get yours no later than Saturday.
  12. anida

    Stiletto nails - yay or nay? (Pics)

    "They're not really my style" is what I usually say (while shaking my head). She probably keeps asking me expecting my answer to change one day but, that's never going to happen
  13. anida

    Stiletto nails - yay or nay? (Pics)

    NAY all the way! I'm with you on this because I also find them hideous. I actually have a friend who keeps on getting her nails done like this and constantly asks me what I think of them. I will never get their appeal.
  14. I received the eyeko liner in olive. Do you want to trade?
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