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  1. I just now found this thread, and I feel SICK. Fairest, I am so sorry this happened to you!! I once was arrested for shoplifting because I returned an outfit I had bought the day before and paid cash.. Came back to the store with it and all tags and had forgotten the receipt for the purchase. I still remember how frightened I was.. even though I didn't steal a thing.. And how mad I was at the dept. store for treating a great customer that way!! IMO, CVS is a pathetic store anyway. I have gotten Rx filled there because they used to be Eckerd's and were managed and stocked much better then. As you know, Eckerd's is or was a Florida- owned family business. I was loyal to Eckerd's because it is a store I have liked all my life.. But, my family will now be going across the highway from CVS to Walgreen's for our Rx and anything else the 2 stores sell that we need. If CVS treated you this way, then any of us could be next, and besides, I want to show solidarity. Funny, but the local CVS has cut down the number and quality of cosmetic displays to almost nothing here. I can walk by and maybe see one Wet n Wild display and a Sally Hansen, but nothing like the L'Oreal, Revlon, and Maybelline seasonal makeup displays they used to have. I think they expanded the wine and beer category of the store instead. I'm glad you weren't alone. I was alone when I was handcuffed and taken to jail. I still have nightmares about it, and that store's horrible mistake with me happened in the early 90's. It felt like something out of a Geoge Orwell novel. Hold your head up high and find a better quality of business to do your cosmetic shopping in. They proved their worth when they messed with you. Total zeros. Oh, and we have a huge blanket type liability policy on our homeowner's insurance. We bought it when we had our pool designed- before a hole was even excavated. Even though we have a locked fenced pool area, I didn't think our homeowner's insurance was enough. One of the provisions I didn't ask for and didn't expect to find is insurance against being sued for either libel or slander. I guess it is standard on a liability policy. I bet CVS has a similar policy.. I think a civil suit would definitely be beneficial. I wish I had not been so naive and scared. I would have had a whale of a suit against the dept. store which lied about me. ( Yes, the receipt was found and all charges were dropped, but I was perp walked out of a store I had really liked with my hands handcuffed behind my back like I was The Shoe Bomber). I cried like a baby.
  2. I have emailed them 3 times about the Province field being incorrect for USA members. They blamed my browser LOLOL. I finally made contact with someone from the company who took my debit card info in an email and said she will sign me up manually. Do those of you who are Canadians have a good impression of Loose Button? I am kind of put off by the fact that they would blame customer browsers for an obvious error on their sign up form for the US membvers. Hoping very much that the products are great and the web glitch isn't an indicator of quality. There have been several start ups in the USA which are truly bad. Just got a refund from PayPal for one today. I got a tiny bag of foil packets that are given out free by the handful at dept. and other cosmetic venues. It's getting to be " Buyer Beware", which is sad.
  3. I changed to the " It Girl" for August since it had 3 bottles of polish and no nail polish remover. I also liked the polish colors in the :"It Box" a lot. My box came yesterday, and I really do LOVE the colors!! I was surprised by the big pretty pink box. Wasn't thrilled with the surprise extra item- I have 2 add- on polishes coming- Piper, a pretty blue from another August kit and the coppe roser metallic color ( don't remember the name) from the American Beauty Aug. collection. Julep is starting to do some slightly more edgy things. I keep wondering if they are going to start offering gel nail polishes. I just saw some in the new special edition of Allure which features ULTA products. I think it's an OPI polish, but unlike the OPI made for Sephora, doesn't require the dryer or all of the many steps. ... Has anyone else wondered if Julep will deveolp and sell sone gel polishes? I;m holding off on buying the 1 bottle system OPI until Julep has a chance to possibly let us try them in our kits.
  4. NOTHING about my step mom is that of a " victim". She is a very strong, positive, giving and outspoken person, but definitely not a victim. I may not agree with what she has posted here or whatever, but she is very good to me in many ways. And it seems really cruel to take my injury and use it against me and call me a " victim" because of it too. I'd much rather be spending the 4th of July outdoors, swimming, riding my horses, anything fun. I hope everyone has a very happy 4th. Laura
  5. A few things: I did work. I have 2 broken legs ( compound fractures) from a riding accidentt in a dressage event last month. My step mom told me about the site. She did post here as TallCoolTexan but when I moved in with after I got out of the hospital and felt well enough to be onshe told me about this site. However, Zadidoll ( Yasmin) , the moderator wouldn't let us both post from the same house,. My step mom encouraged me to read here, and she also gave me her subscription boxes.. She's very generous towards me. I don't care that much about makeup or anything else right now because I am hurting very badly physically and I am tired of not being able to get around well or do the sports, hobbies I am used to doing, and I miss being able to participate in my career at present, too.. If you read my initial post, I tell how I got hurt. After I have healed more, I will have to go to inpatient physical therapy rehab for probably a long time.. She thought that while I am home, I might like to interact with people my age, so she told me about the site and said you all were nice but mostly a lot younger than her. I'm young enough to be her daughter, actually she's older than my mother and father were. She was married to my father when I was young. He's deceased, and I don't have any other family. None. My husband is away a great deal of the time, so I couldn't stay by myself. I didn't want private nurses in our home. ++My step mom gave me the CellCeuticals skin care kit, and most of the beauty subscription boxes. I had never heard of them until recently. ++I was not alive when Peyton Place was on TV. IF you read what I said, I said that I have the show on DVD. ++I have never said what my husband does for a living, nor have I ever mentioned money in connection with his occupation/ career, etc. ++ What I feel is because I am new, and because you didn't like her, you are putting meanings on my posts about EVERYTHING which was never intended. You take something that was meant to be nice and twist and turn it into something mean or weird. Just because I'm new here. When I said I would send neutral colored cosmetics to a fellow poster, I meant something nice, not something bad. If someone has a question about what I mean, or if you think it's something mean, why not ask? I don't ever mean to post anything mean to anyone about anything at all. What is there to be competitive about regarding talk about makup? I don't understand at all why this site is so competitive about words, posts, who gets what makeup, or how long you've been on this site. It's about makeup. Take it or leave it, this is who I am. Since I am being stalked around this site and my posts are being cut apart and compared to my step mom's, I will refrain from posting in the future unles I have a question which I can't find the answer to elsewhere. Laura
  6. The point was that IMO ( and in the opinions of a lot of people who have cancelled with KC) is that Klutchblub lies and misleads people month after month. People who do not have time to see what they promise vs what is actually delivered MIGHT NOT catch the differences for a few months. Yes, I think it is an extremely poor value, and I think Julie is extremely disingenuous to keep promoting a very poor product which is not all that cheap, as you pointed out. Buying into deceptive marketing practices month after month is the sign of someone who is either very busy or very naive. This is a general statement, and NOTHING I posted was aimed at you, because I don't even know you. I hope you understand the difference between a generalized statement about perceived poor value and misrepresentation of same, and whatever you choose to do. You really would probably like Conscious Box a lot more than that KlutchClub thing though. Conscious Box is chock full of great things. Oh, and this is not a paid endorsement for Conscious Box. I will never do that. Thanks, and I am sorry you chose to make this personal, Laura
  7. I understand. I am waiting on my first box from Kara's Way, but totally LOVE Goodebox and Eco-Emi!! I unsubbed from GGB after my step mom gave me my first box, but she re-subbed me to it. She said basically what you did, that the value and contents vary wildly from month to month. Just one of those things, I guess. I'm glad I'm not paying for most of these things, she is. LOL.
  8. I looked at all of their eye colors, and it appeared to me that they sent the drabbest color they have to their primo customer base. It's summer, not fall. Beachy, pretty colors would have been better than a greenish- brown shadow with a stark black eyeliner pen. I think the eyeliner pencil is blue from a YT video I saw. Who among us doesn't have the eyeliner pencils we want in basic colors? BTW, in their shop, I could not find any face products such as blush, or foundation or tinted moisturizer. I think the hair care boxes are coming soon. I really hope this is not Cosmetique, take 2, but I will keep on subscribing and hope for the best for now. I'm sorry that I don't find a single shadow in drab olive to be a " full eye look". Some may still be into the smoky eye look with a lot of liner, but I;'m not in the summer months.
  9. IMO, only a very inexperienced person in the marketplace could possibly be happy with Klutchclub. Or a person being paid to promote the box. I am so sorry that you are joining the ranks of the disappointed and now un-subscribed, but mostly, I applaud your common sense!!! The owner has emailed my step mother NUMEROUS times trying to get her to accept yet another free box.. The come- ons are INCREDIBLY deceptive. I have time to look at the website and see what's in the boxes,and my step mom doesn't have time to deal with Julie ( the CEO) and her emails.. IMO, KlutchClub is the biggest rip off still in business. Meaning that Klutch puts about $5.00 worth of an energy bar and some other token item like coconut water in the box, and the rest is a huge empty box filled with shredded paper, leaflets for other items. Also, a Yoga download has NO value, since they are on the Internet in the public domain for free.
  10. Thank you. I will. However, my hotel of choice is the Four Seasons George V ( Georges Cinq). They also have an awesome spa, and I usually get many massages in my suite.. I am one who never quite adjusts to jet lag. Just remembered. The other "spa brand" which is used in the USA from France is Sothey's. I no longer use any of their products..

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