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  1. Ipsy is my favorite of all subscriptions I've tried, for makeup specifically. I've gotten some full size, deluxe size, and a few tiny (those teeny little eyeshadow pans) products and absolutey loved many including the full-sized eyeliner but not so much the lipsticks. (EVERY subscription box seems to send close shades of lipstick!). The ONLY reason I cancelled Ipsy this month is because I am moving/for financial reasons. I can't wait to get a job and Ipsy will be the first box I re-sign up for! (NTBB will be the second, Birchbox the third).
  2. I liked my first (Summer) Test Tube a lot more than my second (Fall) but since I am moving I am taking the advice of a poster here and cancelling until I see all your comments about it. Then, if I really want the Winter NBTT I will sign up again. I have cancelled all my monthly subscriptions since it is much easier to do that, then sign up again at my new address, than it was to change addresses. I'm really ticked off at Julep though because I've been expecting the December box at my best friend's address and they wrote me that they had a billing issue and didn't send it. When the billing and shipping addresses did not match they did not contact me! I told them that's unacceptable and I quit, yep, in a huff. I will probably rejoin in the future though after I get settled and working. Need that paycheck to pay for those boxes: When I'm employed Subscriptions I will renew: Love With Food Ipsy Birchbox Beauty Army (maybe!) NBTT probably and a few other beauty boxes that some of you really like that are pricier.(Depends on my future salary! : ) )
  3. You aren't the only one who doesn't like peppermint scented or flavored "stuff." I like colors to go with the smells too, for example: lemon scents should be on or in yellow products strawberry scents should be in red products and piney smell in green products. There's just something odd about a pinecone that would smell like lemons or a strawberry sachet that smelled like peppermint.
  4. Business do not get an F rating for the sole reason that they are not members of the Better Business Bureau. It is not free to join and many businesss are not members for that and other reasons. They had to "earn" the F because of something in particular that they either did not do or did not respond to when the BBB contacted them. I believe that in the case of a nonresponse the BBB decides on the side of the complaining person.
  5. I've emailed customer service at Julep several times with questions since I started in June and they are quite timely and helpful with their responses. I've been able to take care of everything in an email without having to call. This includes questions regarding our extra November points, how to remove an add-on when I changed my mind, and shipping questions too. Nice replies and I'm very happy with their customer service.
  6. Good for you, it's really hard to stop biting nails. I haven't bitten since before June 29, the day I got my first Julep box and I made it to November already. Without polish my nails are a little splitty but it's been great to have nails for the first time in years so I keep polish on them almost all the time.
  7. This is the first time Julep has charged me for postage. I bought the +30 upgrade. Did anyone get a postage charge? Also, there's no shipping information yet. I've tried to find information on the website and although it is somewhat "prettier" it is more difficult to move around and find what you are looking for easily.
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