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  1. My Secret Santa was @Jac13. I was thrilled with everything. I used the Glamour Doll Eyes, Dr. Brandt pores no more, jcat wonder lip paint, and bodyography electric lip slide for a look the same night I got it for a birthday party. I also received an Ulta lip sick, benefit the porefessional (which I love), klorane dry shampoo (another favorite), and two sample of body lotion by 100% pure. Thank you so much.
  2. Absolute must-answers (note: If you do not wish to post answers to these three questions in public, please send a PM to @allistra44. These answers will only be shared with your Fairy Godparent): ALLERGIES!! None Dietary restrictions: None Skin allergies/sensitivities: I avoid silicone, sulfates, etc Would you like to get a heads-up from a Fairy that your package is on its way, or would you prefer its delivery to be a complete surprise? YES Not mandatory but cannot be recommended highly enough: Do you have an on-forum swap/Midsummer Dream list? Not at the moment. Basic background information: Style descriptions! Brief is better. Makeup I have a light complexion with pink undertones, blue-grey eyes. Simple eyes with bold lips on weekdays and play it up fun & colorful on weekends. I love bold berry colors for lips. Hair Frizzy,Thin, wavy/curly, dyed red Nails Damaged, don't do much with them. Skincare (face/neck) , oily skin Bodycare (every where else) moisturizing lotion ometime Home Vineyard/Winery theme bold fall colors More advanced questions: Solve for X: I am wearing too much X, and I DO NOT CARE! Bold liptick Cruelty-free or vegan. Important, must-have, nice, don't care? Anyway it comes You just won a $50 gift card to your favorite beauty store. Which store is it, and what will you buy? Ulta, pore blurring product or lipstick Please list any subscription boxes you receive, along with anything you may covet from recent boxes. Only Ipsy now. Don't really know what has come out lately. Assuming they are separately packaged and clearly labeled, what are your feelings on prepared-by-sender beauty items? Unsealed samples? Items from the bulk foods section? Send them on to me, I love trying new things. Assuming the same dollar amount is spent, would you prefer several mini items, or one or two full-sized items? Minis are fun. Brand-and-color-specific time! What is your all-time favorite beauty item and why? Porefection, I hate the pores on my nose, and it makes them practically disappear What specific product(s) are you lusting after? Feel free to link to a wishlist with particulars!Urban Decay, theBalm, Glamour Doll Eyes, Sugarpill, and Saucebox eyeshadows, dark and plum lip products (long lasting, no glosses), felt or calligraphy tip and water line eyeliners (colorful), Living proof stop frizz styling cream, mattifying bb cream. I want to try other Asian beauty products. , Ben Nye Lumiere Grande 12 Color Palette. Parian Spirit brush cleaning set with jar. Salux washcloth. Great skincare products. What make-up items do you use every day? Mascara, eyeliner, brow wax, lipstick or lipstain, What are your holy grail items? Holy crap? ModelCo Fibre Lash Xtend What one item/product are you interested in, but just have't gotten around to trying? MUFE 12 flash color case General product section, aka not brand/color specific What one product can you just not get enough of? Bold lippies What one product do you actually use more than any other? What runs out quickest in your make-up drawer? Nothing so far What product(s) can you absolutely not use at all for reasons other than allergies/sensitivities listed in the background section (e.g., I can't use foot scrubbers because my feet are too ticklish)? Nothing What items (makeup/skincare/tool) do you feel are missing from your routine? What do You suggest for me ? What tools/products are you looking to add, even if they are not missing? Shu Uemura's S Curler What beauty-related product(s) do you just not want to receive? lipgloss, tanning product, bronzers Brands: What brand do you have more products from than any other? Any particular reason? Benefit and Urban Decay, gift sets and GWP What brand(s) have you been wanting to try but haven't gotten around to? MUFE, Cargo What brand(s) do you not want? Mineral makeup Colors (not specific shades): Answer quick like a bunny! Favorite color? Red Favorite color combination? Wine/Berry with neutrals Color scheme of your home/room, either in reality or your imagination bold Fall colors What one color (not brand/product specific) do you use more than any other? Why? Berries, better for my skintone Color(s) to avoid? orange Scents What's your favorite perfume/wearable scent of all time? What's your favorite perfume/wearable scent to wear in the summer? Not big on fragrances What is the fragrance of your favorite home fragrance (e.g., candle, diffuser)? Cat knocks thing over, so none. Describe your favorite scents/notes, without naming a specific perfume or fragrance. soothing, homey scent Without naming a specific perfume or fragrance, what are your favorite perfume companies? Favorite home fragrance companies? None What form of perfume do you prefer (oil, alcohol-based, spray, open bottle, rollerball)? What form of home fragrance do you prefer (candle, diffuser, air freshener, plug-in)? No preference Other than perfume/fragrance oils, what is your favorite type of toiletry/scented item? None Scent(s)/notes(s) to avoid? coconut And finally (at least for the beauty section), Yes/No? Foils WHY NOT Deluxe Samples YES Hair Oil SURE Face Oil NO Perfume NOT REALLY Sunblock/Sunscreen NO Self-tanner/tanning wipes NO And extra non-makeup-related questions! What designs/designers do you prefer (please limit to top 3) Plus Size don't have favorite designer List any public wishlists (Amazon, etsy, Sephora), swap lists and/or Tumbler/Pinterest entries your fairy godparent should consult. Is your box all about you? Or would you like to see things in your box for your significant other/spouse, kid(s), pet(s), whatever? If the latter, please list age/gender/species. My cat Aphrodite (Dite). She is a beautiful tortiseshell tabby (Torby) and so playful at times but still a lap cat. If your fairy godparent curates an awesome set of items for you, would you rather they be wrapped individually, or be a huge smorgasbord that you can look at all at once? Would you prefer to open each gift slowly and methodically or will it be ribbons and bows and paper flying as you tear into it? I love individually wrapped, ribbon and bows It's a hot, sunny 90-degree summer day and you have no obligation to be anywhere in particular. Where are you and what are you doing? home with Dite watching tv And advanced fun stuff: What do you do in your spare time? Are there any hobby-related items you would like? Karaoke Fandoms, favorite TV shows, movies, books, music, Hogwarts house, etc. Fantasy movies https://www.sidereel...ile/ttanner2005 What non-beauty item(s) would send you over the moon? Surprise me. Pirates or ninjas? Huh Zombies: Yay or nay? nay Disney! Favorite movie, hero, villain? Cinderella Describe three things decorating your living space. Cat Tree, fairy print, wine prints Yes/no, the extras division: Virtual gifts (ecerts/gift certs/eBooks) yes Hand-made items (from your godparent or purchased) definitely Candles no Tarts no Reed Diffusers no Incense no Other home fragrance (say, room spray or scented rocks) yes Local Items yes Mix CD yes Home Items (and what types) no Food Items (and what types) yes, fruit chews and hard candy Beverages (and what types) no Puzzle Books -- words, numbers, pictures
  3. When I opened the box, it smelled so good. Come to find out,it's the biodegradable paper that can be planted to grow pretty flowers. Really stuck with the awesome theme. @@OpheliaDiFranco really spoiled me. She sent Cracker Jacks (yum), face wraps (looks soothing), spongeables (fun concept), salux washcloth, fortune cookie soap (so cute), Sebastian Color Ignite foaming conditioner, Living Proof no frizz styling cream (love this stuff), these cute stick figure note holders (unfortunately one broke in shipment, oh well), Cargo lipstick in Napa (perfect color), Glamour Doll Eyes in Suzy Q (pretty), and a bunch of little samples. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
  4. My Fairy Godmother is @OpheliaDiFranco. Now to open the pretties.
  5. I got tracking from a fairy over the weekend. My package is delivered. I can't wait to get home to check it out and find out who my godmother is.
  6. I got tracking from a fairy over the weekend. My package is delivered. I can't wait to get home to check it out and find out who my godmother is.
  7. I have to apologize to my FGM. I haven't been posting much the last couple off months, because I hate the new setup. It's too confusing. I am now starting to post again, but not as much. I'll try to follow the conversation, but like @ said, you can't jump to last read. It makes it difficult to keep up and remember where you left off .
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