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  1. @@goldendarter - The Tom's of Maine deodorant is situational at best. I had to stop using it after a week because the zinc whatever in it has been known to cause people to break out with a nasty rash. I was fine the first few days, then bam, nasty pain and redness. I'm still looking for a good natural deodorant myself, don't let this dissuade you from deodorants in general.
  2. My old PYS link is still loading the PYS for January, no email yet for Feb. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ETA: I just remembered about the snowstorm going on back east. I wonder if this is messing things up with the emails not going out yet.
  3. I'd call and ask to talk to a supervisor and explain the situation and ask them what they can do to fix it. I keep hearing their phone CS is better than their email CS on problem issues.
  4. Is anyone else unable to see their box history or leave feedback for points? I logged in this morning to do my reviews and it's as if I'm not a subscriber even though it says I have an active account in my account history.
  5. You could find any number of indies who do the jelly with glitter finish. What's sad is I saw this and then looked at my nails and realised I'm wearing the vampy, grown up version of Ada and suddenly find myself not needing Ada. (I'm currently sporting KBShimmer's A Raisin to Live and the glitter is much more sparkly than in the pictures.) I was interested in the eye brightener, but am disappointed that it's only available in the Modern Beauty box. I don't want powder and the colors in the It Girl box feel recycled to me. I'm not even tempted by the metamorphic set they have listed as an addon.
  6. I almost got sucked in with the thrill of getting the themed glitter polish as a bonus, but had to step back and realise I could get a better themed polish from one of the numerous indies and at a better price for twice as much polish. This is going to be another skip month for me, I should just own up and cancel at some point.
  7. I fell off the bandwagon in December. My goal was to combine December and January empties, but hopping on that bandwagon is proving tough as I haven't been good about keeping track of things. My revised goal is to list what I did log for December and January and then start fresh with February.
  8. Adding to this, they're picturing a lipgloss that looks suspiciously like Peony, which was discovered to be very old overstock when they added this to the Jewel Heist Mystery Box a few months ago. Having said that, they do say that not everything pictured could be what you receive. Just a heads up based on the picture they're showing for this based on past boxes with them.
  9. They used to upgrade random Maven boxes. They also used to have mystery boxes that had several variations of different dollar amounts. Did they say they were going back to random upgrades? I must have missed that announcement somewhere along the way.
  10. I unsubbed as soon as I got my email with the code because of the influx of promotional emails from them. I finally redeemed it over the weekend and the guy at the register told me that they were having problems with the email codes and if it didn't work that they were mailing out physical cards. Luckily mine worked, or there was going to be an email to Birchbox in the works.
  11. This was my first impression as well. Not cool, not cool.
  12. That's too bad. I feel like this is a period where there's a bit of rebranding and closures happening in the indie world.
  13. People tend to be more forgiving if its handmade and not perfect. But I understand your dilemma - I struggle with the same thing each time I contemplate putting some dragon eggs up on Etsy.
  14. I'm having decent luck with Zoyas so far for stamping. Mentality also designs their polish for stamping purposes (and why it's thicker than most polishes), but have a super thick collection made specifically for stamping. I've had the best luck with those so far. I haven't tried any of my Juleps to see how well they stamp, and I'm skeptical to try due to the inconsistencies in their formulas. Not all polishes will stamp well (even though they're a good coverage polish), some are much worse than others. Don't let that discourage you from stamping - it truly is a matter of trial and error finding what will work and what won't work with both polishes and stamping tools.
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