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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by MinnieMuffin My first box shipped! Weight is .4550 and it is expected to arrive on Wednesday. My second box hasn't updated yet, and that is fine with me--I'm hoping that means I won't be getting dupe boxes! Mine is .4550 and scheduled to be delivered on Valentines day, Yay for getting something on V-day but boo for having to wait so long lol
  2. I just wanted to update my blog name in here since I just changed it =] I will be blogging a lot more now! http://beautyjunky22.blogspot.com/
  3. I am super super late posting pics of my presents, life has been absolutely insane lately lol Again, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my SS Dorota!! She is so amazing and I love seriously everything she sent! Such a sweetheart!!! I have been wearing my VS slippers and HP necklace/bracelet set like constantly lol!!! And She seriously saved me with the Olay set, I moved all the way across the country and forgot my razor but she rescued me LOL Everything is just perfect, thank you so so much Dorota!
  4. YAY MY PRESENT ARRIVED THANK YOU DOROTA!!!! The only sad thing is, I don't get to see the amazing insides of it until tomorrow, it is in Oregon and I am in North Carolina but I fly out at 5am tomorrow!! I was going to wait until Christmas to open it, but I have no patience I will rip that sucker apart lol! I only got one sneak peak of it: I love the box, it is sooo cute!!!! Did you add that onto the packaging yourself or did you find some boxes like that? I love it!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by blueangel1023 My SS was Morre22. You were more than generous. I love how you wrapped everything so nicely! Thank you so much, especially for getting a lot of the things from my wishlist. I know you took the time and effort to get something I wanted I hope I did the spoiler thing right. lol, but thanks again for the lovely gifts! I received Pink Sugar perfume, MAC wipes (My HG!) A coin purse with a pair of earrings and a necklace, Hello Kitty lip balm and pen, Kat Von D eyeliner (can't wait to use this) NARS shadow base primer. I've always used the UDPP and Too Faced primer, so I'm curious to try this. Urban Decay saturated high gloss in Lovechild (love the color!) Benefit stay don't stray mini primer, sephora mini body wash in blueberry, Sinful nail polish in Oasis (I love pink!) YAY I'm so happy you got it and like everything! I had so much fun shopping for you =] I forgot to put the instructions in there for the little nail decals so if you don't know how to use them definitely let me know and I will message you the instructions =] Lol and you make me feel good about my poor wrapping skills hahahaha
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tweakabell I haven't either. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffany27la I've never tried them, but I want to sooo bad!! They are good! But just a warning, something I found out when I was a teen; no matter how many you drink eat, they will not get you buzzed LOL
  7. YAY I got word from an amazing elf telling me when my package is scheduled to be delivered, I am ecstatic!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by allistra44 Kiehls is the only one I'm still waiting on! If it doesn't ship by tomorrow, I think I'll call. I understand that they're behind buuut it's been almost 2 weeks! Also got my cart all lined up for my Yes To code tomorrow! It was originally at like $38...but then I figured with $5 shipping I might as well pick up 6 more items haha. That is what I was thinking, I thought my order was never going to ship out! It took forever but I guess they are really behind! I will cross my fingers for you that your order ships today!!!
  9. I was so excited, I just got a package in the mail and I totally thought it was from my Secret Santa but then I realized it was from a swap I did lol
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Lolo22 I think we should change this thread to be called the "enabler thread" haha!! I am trying to decide if I should order the Freeman set or order from the Body Shop for stocking stuffers...hmmm. I also need to get around to placing my YesTo order but I figure there's no rush since it's all delayed anyway. Good call on gift basket stuffers!!! I am the gift basket queen of my family and this would be the perfect time to grab some extras for the next few baskets. LOL!! Yeah I have placed 3 orders with The Body Shop because I can't stop haha, they have great deals and now a lot of things are going fast!
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