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  1. I've been away from here the past few days and may not have caught up with the whole thread, but have decided to move whichever purchases I can to Nordstrom and Birchbox. I hadn't shopped with BB since I cancelled my sub about a year ago. I decided to order the Number 4 Shampoo and Conditioner (which I love) since BB carries it, along with some other stuff. I was happy because I got 20% off and bonus points, which gets me $40 off a future purchase. Here is where it got even better, I get my order and they sent me the incorrect tea (no biggie, honest mistake) and a gloss I decide I want to return. I e-mail them to let them know about the tea and the return I will send and that I don't need a replacement. I get a response saying they have sent a replacement tea, to hang on to the one I got and to enjoy the gloss or gift it to a friend who may enjoy it. Additionally, they credited my account for the items I wanted to return and added 100 points ($10 off) for the trouble. Way to go Birchbox! More than I expected and you just won me back! THIS is customer service!
  2. Just managed to place a smallish order with LUSH. Got the confirmation e-mail, so that is good.
  3. I got these as stocking stuffers for my Husband, but who do you suppose has been munching on them all day? They don't count when you eat them on a holiday, right?
  4. I think I may finally give in and make a Jo Malone purchase this Spring. Do they ever have any promo deals?
  5. VS had some of their yoga pant on sale so I got a few of those and some fun shirts to help the workout motivation in a few weeks. I did get a fantastic workout shirt (which is too small for me because they were out of all the other sizes, but I will make it work over time) which says..."Is butter a carb?"...I still love that movie.
  6. No problem. For once, I walked out without even wanting anything.
  7. I was just at Sephora and they had so much of the sale stuff which is sold out online, but they wouldn't honor the extra 20%. They had so many of the Benefit Scoop Sets...made me sad!
  8. I just used the Tokyo Milk Lip Balm which came in my set a year ago and it feels really nice and has a pretty color. It also smells like a Lush Bath product...I have mixed feelings about that. My husband has been using the Embryolisse and has been loving it, which is saying a lot. Finally, I was looking for some cleanser samples in my bags and found a YSL lipstick I bought last year but did not use and when I looked at it today, it looked smudgey...so I will be taking it back...I really dislike returning things.
  9. Two things...I finally tried a Bite Lip product yesterday and...love! I get why people love them...they feel different. Then, I have all these new goodies to play with from the last many months which are sitting unopened...as in still packaged and in the bags/shipment boxes and I SO want to open everything and play, but we are moving within the next two months and I wanna avoid opening things till I move and order my new vanity. Not to mention, there have been people in and out of the apartment moving things around and fixing leaks (main reason we are moving) and I'm quite OCD about people touching my things (meaning, the people needing to pick them up and move them to work on stuff), so I don't want to have things sitting around.
  10. The next foundation on my list is the HG Hyaluronic Skin Tint. I was going to buy it during the VIB sale but thought it looked a bit greasy when swatched, but wow did the color match and blend out nicely. I think I am going to try it this Winter...it might actually be a nice fit for those of u that have more dry skin but want to use the HG foundation.
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