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  1. I use these cheapo bait/tackle storage cases from Wal-mart for my shadows. They're about $4, pretty-good sized, and have modular partitions. I lay my shadows on their sides so I can see the colors, makes finding things a lot easier. Indie blushes/lippies just go with the rest of my blushes/lip products.
  2. I'm sorry you're having a crap experience. I know a lot of people take one look at the less-than-great side to indie and decide to never bother, and I totally understand. I have a massive indie collection and I've had a couple issues myself. One involved not shipping anywhere near within the stated time frame, which was a bigger deal than normal because I was moving. Another involved crap products, obviously just repackaged Mica. Mica does not make an eye shadow. On the other hand, I've placed god-knows-how-many orders, and had two disappointment issues. I think there are a couple things that are key to having a good indie experience: 1. Research. With all the photo-editing programs out there, it's stupid easy for people to hide a lot of mistakes or make their product look more appealing than it actually is. Indie-loving bloggers swatch a lot, partially for this reason, partially because a lot of indie shadows are difficult to capture properly with a camera (duochromes, etc). People in the indie community also tend to do their best to document any customer service or product issues. Putting "(brand name)" drama" or "(brand name) scandal" into Google will pretty quickly tell you a company's history. Asking around in indie-focused communities (there are a million on Facebook, there's a big one on Reddit) is another quick way to get multiple opinions on different brands, and people strive to be fair in their opinions. For example, I very much dislike the owner of Lime Crime, and the one thing I purchased from them years ago was of terrible quality, but not everyone cares about the antics of a store owner, and I make it clear I don't judge anyone who buys from them (I really don't). I also make it clear that I haven't tried any other products. Groups or other connections to the community make less research necessary, usually. They're the first to hear of + spread word of any issues, because it really is a community. Community members do not like it when some jerk makes the entire community look bad. Other ways to research: Check companies' social media, make sure the most recent posts aren't about unsent orders, unanswered emails, fingerprints in jars, etc. Filter Google results of brand reviews to recent ones only. 2. Caution. This is a big one. I don't order from new stores, or "recently discovered" stores. I wait a year, minimum, after a new store opens, and about six months after a store becomes fairly popular. I also don't order from companies that are being overloaded because some image of a product went viral. Companies fail most often when they suddenly get more orders than the 1-2 people that make up the entire company can handle. There are other things, little things, mostly things that indicate a scammer even if it weren't about makeup. Avoiding people who want payment gifted on Paypal, things like that. I have to disagree that indie brands don't cater to you, especially compared to corporate brands. Corporate brands just don't want bad reviews. They can subscribe to "the customer is always right" because of their massive profit margin. Good indie owners take actual pride in their creations and customer service. I've never had a big brand mail me extra labels after I accidentally ruined the ones on the bottom of my brand new jars by setting them in a spot of oil-based lotion. I've never had a big brand owner message me or email me to make sure I'm the person who got my package out of my mailbox, and to make sure everything I ordered was in it. I've never had a big brand email me and ask me what colors I like for sample purposes. Etc etc etc. Bigger brands can throw more money at the problem, which allows them to adapt in some ways. But it's not catering the way indies can. And it's difficult to feel anything besides neutral-to-slightly-annoyed about big brands having massive markups, which good indies don't have. Again, with good indies, you know exactly what you're getting. Amounts aren't listed, just ingredients, same as with corporate brands. I've also always received shipping notifications and tracking, even from the two companies I had bad experiences with. That's automated by the shipping company, or at least it should be, unless maybe the person is trying to make a few more pennies by going with super cheap shipping. If one of those brands didn't give you a shipping notification or tracking, that's a red flag. I'm not trying to say you didn't have a bad experience. You did. You're 100% within your rights to never buy indie/small business again. I just take issue with the fact that you're making such sweeping statements about all indies, all small businesses, based on one impulse order. There's a lot of amazing brands out there with high-quality products that are ridiculously gorgeous, and at the cost of drugstore makeup, no less. Lumping them altogether isn't.. realistic.
  3. Oh hey, two things I love: makeup and orginization. I have.. kind of a lot. The most of any one thing I have is loose eye shadows, I absolutely love indie companies, and most of them are loose-shadow-only. So I have eight of these: Each one holds 70-80 full-sized (5g) shadows, but none of them are crammed absolutely full, since I sort by company. I keep all of these stacked on the very top of a bookshelf, so nothing happens to them. I routinely rotate different shade families/brands to make sure I'm using all of them. I also have one of these: Top two drawers are blushes/bronzers/illuminators, middle two drawers are concealer and foundation, bottom drawer is face + eye primers (and some extra room to throw things in if I'm in a hurry). That's sitting on one of these: Which contains all my palettes, be it eye shadow or contouring or a mix. Bottom drawer also contains my other pressed eyeshadows, singles/duos/trios/quads etc. This sits on my desk. That stuff is off to the right. To the left, I have: One of these. A few more primers (mostly tall ones, like the old UD primer potion packaging and Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy) and a lot of tall/long lip products sit in the back. Easy to grab. Bottom drawer is skincare, top drawer is more skincare and extra brush guards. The little flip-up thing is where I keep products I'm super-loving right now. Next to that is something very similar to this: Except the left half is just one big open spot, there's no separate divisions in the back. This holds shorter lipsticks, lip balms I don't keep in my purse, random little things like my pore-cleaning tool. I also have three large desk-organizing type pencil cups for brushes/pencils, and three desk drawers that are kind of a mess. I need to organize them. All of that stuff, except the clear organizer, I got at Wal-mart for cheap. The organizer was a gift, no idea how much it was. The cases I keep my loose shadow jars in are actually bait/tackle holders, but they're cheaper than the exact same thing marketed for crafts, so I don't care.
  4. I've been dyeing my hair all the colors for over a decade. I'm not a pro, but I do have some tips that might be helpful. As a poster above mentioned, make absolutely sure to stop using products with sodium laurel sulfate. It's a harsh detergent that strips not only the color, but your hair's natural oils as well. This makes hair more frizzy and dry, and causes more split ends. Seriously, it's the worst. It's in laundry detergent and dish-washing detergent. There's an adjustment period, when switching to SLS shampoos, where hair and scalp continue to produce the same amount of oil in an attempt to replenish what was being stripped away by SLS, but it's not very long, and usually not very intense. -The Yes To! brand has several SLS free shampoo and conditioner products. The Carrot ones are for general/frizzy hair, the Cucumber ones are for color-treated hair, and the Blueberry ones are for damaged hair. I've only tried the Cucumber one, but it worked well. Be warned, most SLS-free shampoos do not lather the way regular shampoo does. This makes it very easy to accidentally get it in your eyes. -Organix' entire line is supposed to be SLS free. I'd double check the labels, as I haven't personally used all of them. What I have used has been fantastic, especially the deep-conditioners that come in tubs. -L'Oreal has several SLS-free shampoos, and they're relatively inexpensive. I haven't tried any, though. -Herbal Essences recently came out with a whole bunch of new products. Unfortunately, most of them contain SLS. However, the Naked Cleansing Conditioner and Color Me Happy Cleansing Conditioner do not. -It's a 10 is a brand that I have never gotten a disappointing product from. I love their Miracle Leave-In, and their Deep Conditioning Treatment, although both are quite pricey for drugstore items. They carry a SLS-free shampoo called Miracle Moisture Shampoo SF. I haven't tried it, but I'm willing to bet it's amazing, like the rest of their products. -Bumble & Bumble has a SLS-free shampoo called Color-Minded. I used it for a while, before I quit shampoo altogether, and it was a definite improvement over some of the cheaper SLS-free shampoos. Not all of their shampoos are SLS-free, so be careful if you check them out. ​Another thing you can do to help color last longer is to ditch shampoo entirely. I personally haven't used shampoo for.. well, about two years. There is an adjustment period with this method, too, no matter if you use cleansing conditioners or just use conditioner. Both cleansing conditioners and regular conditioner work because you apply them, then spend several minutes rubbing around your scalp and hair, dislodging dirt and removing sweat and such, which then rinse away with the conditioner. My hair is much healthier, less frizzy and brittle, and I have less split ends. -WEN Cleansing Conditioner is one of the most popular cleansing conditioners, and the first one to become mainstream. It works well, but is very pricey. If you do decide to purchase some, check eBay and get the largest bottle they have. That will give you the most bang for your buck. It's what I currently use, although I don't use it every time I wash my hair. -Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner is another good one I've used. I stopped because it didn't help my waves get any curlier, as it's designed more for people with natural curl. -As I mentioned above, Herbal Essences recently came out with two cleansing conditioners, one specifically for color-treated hair. I haven't used them, but I've heard good things so far. -Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner is a super-affordable cleansing conditioner that has good reviews. I plan on trying it once my giant bottle of WEN is gone. Washing your hair less often can not only delay fading, but it can also help your hair's health. I'm not suggesting you go stinky in the name of vibrant hair, mind you. Hair just doesn't need to be washed every day, assuming you're not getting incredibly sweaty, or somehow getting your hair very dirty. I just put a shower cap over my hair before I get in the shower on days where I'm not going to wash it. Currently, since my hair is used to not being shampooed, I only wash it every other day, or every third day. Dry shampoo can help make slept-on hair easier to restyle. Instead of mixing dye with conditioner and applying it (unless you're using the conditioner as a dilution agent for the dye), simply reapply the dye and let it do its thing again. Dyes like this are not lifting, they're staining, which doesn't damage your hair. If you are mixing conditioner for dilution purposes, you might try a higher color-to-conditioner ratio, and see how you like the still-diluted-but-not-as-much color, since it will fade to what you're currently getting anyway. You can also experiment with leaving the dye on for longer periods of time, if you haven't already. The longer the dye is in contact with your hair, the more time it has to saturate, penetrate, and stain. I know someone who applies staining dyes and a showercap, then puts on a beanie cap to protect the sheets and leaves it on overnight. I wouldn't suggest doing that, myself. Warmth helps the dye do its job. Applying a disposable shower cap helps hold in the warmth of your scalp. As does wrapping a plastic shopping bag around your hair, if you run out of shower caps (speaking from experience). Wrapping a towel on top of that helps hold in even more heat. Manic Panic is, unfortunately, one of the fastest-fading brands. I personally haven't used the brands mentioned above, but I've found in my own hair color adventures that Crazy Colors lasts much longer, and Directions lasts even longer than that. I really encourage you to try different brands, to see what lasts the longest with your hair. Accept that fading happens, and you're going to have to redye eventually. The good news is you can change up colors. I personally go at least eight weeks between beaching, because it plays hell on my hair. For the first few weeks I use a brighter, more vibrant color first, when my hair is freshly bleached, and then I use a darker-but-still-vibrant color that hides my dark brown roots, or at least blends with them, for the last few weeks.
  5. I didn't see this posted anywhere, forgive me if I missed it. Someone who works for UD leaked some images, I thought MUT posters would be interested in seeing them. The Electric Palette itself: Great evidence that "ELECTRIC" will be a line and not just a single product, a set of polishes with the ELECTRIC name: More new polishes, no idea if "ELECTRIC" or not, with the current polish bottle design: A number of new liners, including a gel liner, a pen liner, and a.. stick liner? Not sure what the middle one is called. Want dat brush though: More shades of Naked Flushed: Nine new lipgloss shades released under the NAKED banner: Two more Beauty Balms, "Illuminating" and "Bronzing:" Also under the NAKED banner, five new finishing powders: And several colorful glitters and a glitter adhesive, no idea if part of the "ELECTRIC" thing or not: Right now the Electric palette is slated to come out this summer, but this stuff is obviously not fully finished, so who knows what will change before now and then. Source:
  6. ELF has two brush lines, the core line with the white handles, and their Studio line, with the black handles. The Studio ones are amazing, the core ones are meh. Not a big deal since the Studio ones are only a dollar or two more. Eco tools has alright face brushes, their eye brushes are horrible, in my experience. They might work for you, though. I need small, precise brushes because I'm short and build small and most things in this world are made for people bigger than me. I'm not a little person, just.. short. Sonia Kashuik has two brush lines as well, the black-handled ones are somewhat pricey but very good. Her kits are good as well. I don't have many of her brushes because I can get brushes from companies I love for the same price. Japonesque makes a lot of good brushes that aren't expensive at all. They have a five-piece travel set that's only $20, with a powder/blush brush, a small eye brush, a larger eye brush, a lip brush, and a concealer brush (that can be used as an additional eye brush). They also have a four-piece eye travel set that's $16.50, and contains short-handled versions of all of their amazing eye brushes. There are very few angled liner brushes out there that stay as precise through use and washings, and none this cheap. If you want long-handled versions, they have those as well, but not in a kit. Sephora's house brand, Sephora Collection, has a huge array of brushes, and they have a Canadian site. The ones in kits are the way to go, and there's always a decent choice of different kits. They're very good, sold singly or in kits, but they're much more affordable in the kits. They have their own five-piece eye travel set for C$26, there's a full set on sale for C$29 that contains a flat powder brush, a domed powder brush, a shadow brush, an angled liner brush (the angled liners that come in Sephora kits are my absolute favorites, I have at least five of them), and a smudger brush. The Canadian site has 26 different brush sets right now, worth taking a look. Tarte, Sigma, and Illamasqua make my favorite face brushes, but those are all rather expensive, even in kits. Sigma brushes are often faked, so I wouldn't advise anyone to purchase them from Ebay, but Tarte has flooded the market with both their discontinued purple-handled brushes and their newer bamboo-handled brushes, knocking the prices down so low no one has bothered to counterfeit them (yet, anyway). Ebay is full of them, both the American and the Canadian sites. You can pick up a fantastic foundation brush for C$13.56 shipped, for example. There's also a single listing from one seller with nearly all of the good brushes, most of them at the lowest 'Buy It Now' price. The purple-handled blush brush is the same as the bamboo-handled blush brush, people just want more for the bamboo one because it's newer. You can probably get all of those cheaper if you're willing to bid, as well. Some of the brushes are mislabeled, so if you want to check on a brush based on the picture, use this page. Sorry for all the words! I really love brushes, have waaaay too many even though I just gave 20+ to a friend as part of a starter kit for getting into cosmetics, and figured the links would be helpful. Hope you find some awesome deals and brushes you love.
  7. Sephora just started carrying small and large, domed Z Palettes that are exclusive to them. The small one is pricey (18!) but the larger one is the normal price. I am assuming this means either Z Palette was just quiet for a while, or possibly they were purchased by Sephora. I have six pro Z Palettes and four are factory blems. Two were given to me, and I bought the rest from eBay. There's a seller on there named cosmoworld2011, I got all of mine (and quite a few as gifts for others) from them, so I can say with absolute confidence that you can't even tell that they're 'blems.' I honestly don't know which of my two aren't. I'm assuming all the blems are like that, but I only know for a fact with the ones from that seller. Metallic stickers are super cheap on there too, and they work. I tried cutting pan-sized pieces out of a sheet of magnetic stuff with glue on the back, but the magnet wasn't strong, and the glue didn't hold well. Now I could hold my palettes upside down and shake them without a single pan moving. There's also a seller on Etsy who hand-makes empty cosmetic palettes, her store name is anothersoul.There are a few different sizes, options like having them made regularly or with magnetic wells on both sides, making them extra deep, etc. She must have amazingly steady hands, and she definitely has a good eye for design, because they look professionally made. I wish I hadn't loaded up on Z Palette before I discovered her store.
  8. Okay, now I'm getting the following: Ipsy (not loving it like I used to) Lip Factory Innocent + Twisted Alchemists (indie) Madd Style Cosmetics' Madd Cat box (indie) Innocent + Twisted Alchemists is brand new, launched this month. I like it because you can get clamshells or full sizes, and because it included five baggie samples from other indie companies. To me, it really says something about their confidence in their products if they're wiling to send potential compete tor's products along too.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola Okay, now I'm on a quest: What other indie boxes are there? I know about Glitter Daze, Glitter Guilty, Color Me Monthly, Fortune Cookie Soap, Ophelia's Apothecary, and Square Hue (which I don't think of as an indie, but I'll put it on here because it's not affiliated with any big company that I'm aware of). What others are there (nails polish, eye shadow, bath stuff, anything else)? I tried to find You Polish, but I'm not sure that's even the right name, and Google was being *extremely* unhelpful, so I would love a link to that one. Whoa, you know of more than I do! There's an indie-specific group on FB that might be able to list more, on Facebook, called Indie Pretties (link opens in new window). I'm assuming it's okay to post that, since it's not personally mine and there's nothing for sale there. There are quite a few company owners in there, several of which are considering their own sub box.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BoySarah I just bought my first ... Stilla's "In the Garden Eye Shadow Palette" Going to experiment all weekend... If anyone wants to recommend any pallettes I have it in my makeup budget this weekend! What sort of palettes are you looking for? Neutrals, brights, a mix? What's your ideal price range per palette?
  11. I nearly bought the Lavish palette the other day, but opted for some gifts instead. Now I'm kind of wishing I'd grabbed it. Lorac Pro is an inevitable buy, I'm trying to wait for a good coupon, though.
  12. Basically what's always in my huge, purple, no-idea-where-I-got-it cosmetic bag: Meow Cosmetics powder Undereye Concealer in in Frisky Himalayan Meow Cosmetics Camo Cats Color Correcting Concealer in Lavender Eye Undereye (UE) Meow Cosmetics Camo Cats Color Correcting Concealer in Green Meow Cosmetics Purrr-fect Cover powder concealer in Frisky Himalayan Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss powder foundation in Frisky Himalayan Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ Yes to Cucumbers! face wipes mini Hourglass Veil Primer (in case of an emergency where I have to start from scratch) Madd Style Cosmetics' Effin' Perfektion powder Saucebox mascara Japonesque Go Curl Illamasqua's Lover blush basic travel brushes: Angled liner, shadow, blending, concealer, powder, travel kabuki for face, mini-travel kabuki for blush, mini OCC lip tar brush if I'm wearing a Lip Tar mini TFSI Urban Decay Secret Service shadow (for liner touchups) Broken Rock & Republic Fatalistic shadow I put in a 10g jar (for liner touchups) 8-10 loose shadows in neutral shades, with a purple or two, in case I went out barefaced and end up going somewhere with no time to run home, or wore some crazy eye makeup that won't really work for a visit with certain people. I rotate these so I get a chance to use different shades, as I have so many damn indie loose shadows I struggle to use them instead of leaving them stored. Illamasqua sealing gel One Hand Washes The Other perfume oil in Black + Blue Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita Nars gloss in Positano Perfume of the day Lipstick of the day Blush of the day Eye shadows and/or palette of the day (my purse is huge, and I've depotted all my large palettes, so I use a UNII palette for depots) Murad Oil Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ BareMinerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen in Light Twenty different lip balms, minimum. Not all in the bag, but all in my purse. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
  13. Add Vice II to the list. I'm definitely getting the Lorac Pro palette at some point. I'm also really tempted by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish palette, look at what all you get for $38!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by lovepink My beauty.com order. Was so excited the UD palettes were only $10 each! I checked last night and they are sold out That is an awesome deal, those palettes just came out a little over a year ago and were $36 each. I didn't buy any, but only because I have the UD shades already, or dupes. No pics ( I need to get in the habit of taking haul pics) but I went to the freestanding Sephora near my house (three minute drive, a mixed blessing) on Monday. And Tuesday. Monday I got: A couple clearanced Hello Kitty things to add to a gift package. Sugar Lip Trio, with three mini lip treatments, Honey, Cherry, and Petal. I wished I'd looked online beforehand, because there are several more kits with better value. I'd have much preferred to pay eight dollars more and received an additional mini lip treatment, plus their lip scrub, not to mention all of the lip treatments would have been more muted colors. The Cherry one is bright. A set of five eye brushes in a little black metal travel tube. I'm a big fan of Sephora's angled eyeliner brush that comes with most of their brush kits, I couldn't help myself. This year's Give Me Some Lip kit, which contains six glosses/pencils/lip treatments. I love it. Soap & Glory's Great Kisser lip balm. It might not be a full-size, it was near the checkout (that area is my downfall) and only $10. A mini glass nail file with travel case, Sephora brand. Mini pair of Tweezerman tweezers, I'm forever misplacing tweezers, so another pair was a good idea. Of course, I found two pairs I hadn't seen for a while almost as soon as I got home. While I was waiting in the checkout line, I spied the Tokyo Milk Dark Tainted Love mini rollerball and handcreme set. I sampled the rollerball on my wrist and thought "Ehhhh, it's nice but I don't need it." During the rest of the evening, I kept catching the scent and going "Ohhhh, what smells so good? Oh, right." I did some research on Tokyo Milk, and Tokyo Milk Dark, and ended up at Sephora again the next day to sample everything Tokyo Milk Dark they carried. I ended up getting: The Tainted Love travel duo Full sized perfume in Crushed Full sized handcreme in Everything & Nothing Rollerball in Chance I very much wanted the Everything and Nothing perfume, but it was out of stock, as was Excess, which I also wanted. Luckily, I loved over half of the available scents. Plus the handcreme and rollerball were cheaper, allowing me to get more scents for my money. I also got the VIce II palette recently, and while I love some of the shades, others are definitely 'meh.' ​ ​
  15. Foundation - Powder: Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in 02 Frisky Himalayan. Liquid: Still looking, love Illamasqua's Rich Base foundation but haven't gotten my hands on the right shade. Powder - Madd Style Cosmetic's Effin' Perfektion powder. Same as the Tarte finishing powder, but cheaper. Lipstick - Don't have one. Love OCC's Lip Tars, Urban Decay's past and current lipstick formula, and NARS, Illamasqua, but none of them scratch the 'Holy Grail' itch Lip Balm - Toss up between Detrivore Cosmetics' Embalming Tubes, Sugar Honey lip treatment, and One Hand Washes The Other's Lip Butters. Lip Gloss - Toss up between Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss, UD Lip Junkie, and NARS regular lip gloss. Eyeliner - I prefer to line with powder, using Illamasqua's sealing gel as needed. Urban Decay's 24/7 liners are awesome though, both liquid and pencil. Also a fan of Bobbi Brown, NARS, and Tarte gel liners. Mascara - Saucebox Cosmetics sent out mascaras with every order for a while, and I ended up with three of them. It's a fantastic mascara, adding volume and length, minimal clumping that can easily be sorted with a brow brush, and smooth. I hate crunchiness in mascara. Unfortunately, last I checked, they have no plans to produce and sell the mascara regularly. Lip Liner - Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils. Blush - Waaaay too many for me to pick. Favorite is My Pretty Zombie's Drugs Like Me in MDMA, then Illamasqua's Lover, then other Illamasqua shades, then too many different indie blushes to name. I also like the Tarte Amazonian Clay pressed powder blushes. Primer - Again, way too many to pick from. Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy is amazing with shimmer/glitter/metallic shadows, but bad with mattes and semi mattes. Saucebox sent out primers with orders as well, those will be sold through the site eventually, and it does well with all finishes. TFSI and UDPP are both good for every-day stuff. Eyeshadow - Absolutely impossible to pick. There are almost two dozen indies and eight or so corporate brands that sell shadows I just . Fragrance - Either Everything and Nothing from Tokyo Milk Dark, or One Hand Washes The Other's Black + Blue Might change as I get the chance to test more Tokyo Milk scents. BB Cream - Don't use often, HG is actually a tinted moisturizer by Philosophy that's been discontinued. Lip Stain - None, unless OCC counts. Brow Pencil - None.
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