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  1. I saw someone on instagram got the three spoilers, an undereye brightener and a lip scrub
  2. I'm hoping I get the navy bag with gold stars! so pretty I'm getting the delectable lotion in sweet mint Adesse brightening base coat- excited to try doucce blush- hoping the color is better in person tarte maracuja oil. i'm excited to try this thebalm mascara- never tried a mascara from the balm Pretty much what I would of picked for myself except for the brush that was an option. I wish I could get more tools and brushes from ipsy.
  3. This is my first month subbed. I can't wait. I'm really hoping for the eye pen even though the face oil is the better value. I've tried skyn products in the past and they are amazing! The blush looks nice too and the eyeshadow looks wonderful
  4. I think I'm getting a great bag! This works camera close up- its a mask, moisturizer and primer in one! I always am looking for products that combine and i can always use anything to moisturize my super dry skin. Peter Lamas super radiance complexion booster- again anything that helps with complexion or dry skin Nomad eyeshadow in spice market- looks so pretty tarte mascara - can't complain caite london paint pot - first nailpolish i got from ipsy and the colors look nice
  5. its ok but I'm not wowed. I think that this box is about $5 over priced. Is it worth $5 to me a month to get another box and surprise...maybe? I think that if it was a $14 add on to the main box I wouldn't have a problem with it and they could lower the price due to the cost of the box itself and shipping
  6. smiles? maybe tooth whitening or lipstick? sunshine: sunscreen ? surprises has me stumped
  7. its been 3 days and no peeling of the feet. hmmm i'm starting to think the foot treatment didn't work
  8. has anyone done the foot therapy yet? I'm doing it right now. Feels weird.
  9. I really need a good face moisturizer but I doubt that will be in there given recent boxes. I would like for them to give a discount if we add the mini to the current big box....they would save on shipping if they shipped them together. Then it would be a mega box. Maybe something summery for the beach?
  10. i'm in love with the tarte blush too. Love the pink/navy polka dot umbrella we got too. I use it all the time and its in my favorite colors. My all time favorite is the kendra scott necklace.
  11. I've been with popsugar off and on since their 3rd box...I think that was back in 2012? I stopped last year for some reason and just started again. The survey I remember asking if I had pierced ears, something about sizing and floral or fruity scents. I think they were experimenting with slightly customizing the boxes. They must of just decided not to ever send a sized item again. Although the few they sent were some of my favorite items. I remember people making a big deal about a wrap robe they sent out and the hanky panky thong. I love popsugar and wish I woulndt of stopped getting them. Items I would love to see in future boxes would be Kendra scott items (I still wear the kendra scott necklace they sent a long time ago), an eye cream for dark circles (my eyes are not puffy at all just dark), exercise dvds (I know most don't like but I love), maybe something from beach body, i'd love to try shakeology, glamglow since I'll never get to try it in ipsy, a lip scrub, sunglasses. What items are you hoping for? I'm really excited to try the foot product this month and I've been wanting a yoga mat for a long time.
  12. I just resubscribed to popsugar. I noticed there isn't a survey anymore. Did they recently change that? I remember them asking if I had pierced ears on a survey and I think sizing. I remember getting a necklace one time when others got earrings. Anyone else notice the survey is gone or am I just not looking in the right spot?
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