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  1. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox April 2013

    If anyone doesn't want their Youngblood mattifier please let me know!
  2. parisnicole1989


    You should try the MAKE makeup remover. It doesn't leave my skin greasy at all. I don't like the greasy, oily ones either.
  3. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox March 2013

    I'm looking for the following if anyone wants to trade. Marcelle BB Cream Oscar Blandi mousse Evologie Blemish serum Youngblood moisture tint Dermablend Concealer
  4. parisnicole1989

    bzz agent - consumer testing panel (aka lookie what i got to try out!)

    I think the mascara is great! It does take awhile to build up volume and length, but it's the only drugstore mascara that hasn't smudged on me. The lip product feels good, but not enough color for me. The eyeshadow sticks swatch nicely, but plan on using them today.
  5. Just added a TON of stuff... http://www.makeuptalk.com/t/128122/parisnicole1989-trade-list
  6. parisnicole1989

    (SPOILERS) Ipsy February 2013!

    If anyone wants to trade their new mascara or gel liner, PM me.
  7. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox February 2013

    EXACTLY! The minority is sometimes the loudest. I love getting perfume samples. I love smelling good. Even if the perfume stinks, at least I know not to buy that one.
  8. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox February 2013

    If anyone has any nipple balm or that red bottle of hair detangler that they don't want, I would like to trade. I'm going to be putting up the two Lancome mascaras and the two Dr Jarts. I'm getting two box 13s. I got two of the same boxes AGAIN. My profiles are different, so I think it's just a weird coincidence.
  9. parisnicole1989

    Lunch/Snack Ideas for Work

    Pre shelled pistachios are my new favorite thing! They're so tasty and very good for you. I also bring sandwiches to work. I like to make croissant sandwiches with turkey or ham and Havarti or white cheddar cheese. I usually pack some strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries. I like fruits that don't require too much messiness. I usually bring a couple of chips ahoy cookies as well just to have a little dessert. Homemade potato salad and tuna sandwiches make a great combo too. Really anything that you make at home is going to be way healthier. I think staying healthy is all about moderation. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie! Just don't eat 10 cookies. That's great that you're trying to be healthier. It makes you feel so much better when you eat fresh food.
  10. parisnicole1989

    Pick up anything lately that you really like?

    The Kenra blow dry spray which I got for free a couple months ago is AMAZING!!!! I haven't bought the full size though because I'm on a no buy, but it made my hair so manageable and really decreased the drying time. I love that stuff. Plus, it had an amazing smell.
  11. parisnicole1989

    Makeout 2013

    I am definitely partaking in this challenge. I haven't bought anything this month except for two birchboxes and one myglam. I'll keep my subs, but don't plan on accumulating anymore items unless they are free. I saw the pinksofoxy video when she first put it up and was inspired even more since I was already trying to do a no-buy. I just need to get around to printing the paper to sign and hang in my bathroom.
  12. parisnicole1989

    Red Carpet Box

    Lol very valid point! Not that I was ever interested in crap like this, but it's funny how some people have such a skewed sense of value... And it's not like Mac is THAT expensive. A knock off purse makes more sense because that's the difference between say $100 and $1000.. I don't buy fakes..But that reasoning to me makes more sense than a $14 eyeshadow and a $7 eyeshadow..Ya know?
  13. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox January 2013

    I agree! I have used mine all month and have barely made any dent in it. I like a lot of blush too.
  14. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox January 2013

    Well I think that's fine to request something like that, but I was just addressing that I've seen several girls say to leave products out with certain ingredients. You're essentially buying a grab bag and people who have allergies know the risks. It's something they have to live with, but I don't want to be kept from something just because someone else is.
  15. parisnicole1989

    Birchbox January 2013

    Ya I totally agree something like that would be beneficial.
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