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  1. Gahhhhh such enablers made me go to the Lush UK site and I caved and ordered a few things. The UK prices are no where near the high US prices. I was amazed that my order on the site was close to $30 less via UK and my shiping was only $5.95. I should have it by Saturday.
  2. Honestly I had no issues with my nose pirecing and I pierced mine myself two months ago. When I first did it, I simply just made sure to be careful with it. The piercing hole is so smal you won't have an issue with applying your makeup. After the two first weeks I would place a tiny amount of vasiline to the piercing when I woke up and did my face washing. Good luck with yours and your move.Cali is great.
  3. Thanks to all you ladies for the great responses and all the great tips. I will work on my techniques and will post pics as soon as I figure out the best combination of eyeliners and foundation. I never thought to use brown liner as well. I guess I got stuck in time from when I first started wearing makeup at 14 till now at 45..wow. I do have tons of different eyeliner colors so I will test them out. I also used a translutent powder and I think that's what made my foundation so dry and settled into my wrinkles. Thank you all again for all your help and suggestions, you all rock big time!!!
  4. Thanks for all this great information. I didn't see this post prior to my post asking about eyeliner. I just realized I have no brown mascara and need to buy some asap. Love this post so much!!
  5. Hi all I need some help with eyeliners that don't make me look tired and haggered. I love to wear falsh lashes but the black eyeliner has to go. This picture really shows how bad it looks. I realized how heavy handed I was in applying my makeup. I've been in and out of the hospital so my skin is pasty and even my foundation looks like crap... Help please.
  6. OMG the colors are so amazing it was hard to choose. My top 3 are : # 1 -Lavender Mojito #2 - Ambrosia #3 - Jasmine These colors are rocking it and I must now get them all hahah. The remind me of colors I wore when I was younger but I know I can still wear them today.
  7. Ok so we got the tracking emails and I cross checked with the weights of the April bags and "if" they are sending out the bags then our weights make no sense. The first bag has a weight of .556, the second .565 and the last one .570. No UD in any of the bags either...small bummer but that's cool.We were to get complete April bags on two accounts since the bags were ruined, as in they looked like they had been stepped on and the contents were smashed.. I am aware that Ipsy stated that those who had damaged "bags" ( just the bags themselves) would be getting the April bags sent with their May bags. I hope I am making some sense here. They responded to my emails stating that our products would be shipped early May. I'm just not sure what to make of this. Ohh and I LOVE Ipsy so there's no problem there.
  8. No tracking on our accounts yet so most likely in the same boat as the others. I am still peeved that we have yet to get our two replacement bags yet. I have emailed a number of times and keep getting told it will ship in early May, umm they are shipping the May bags now. This is getting really annoying at this point.
  9. OMG I am so excited for the bags everything looks great. We retook are quizes so hoping we all get different things. Still have not got any shipping for our two April that were damaged bags. Heck I would be so excited getting two extra May bags instead.... I can dream right lol
  10. We couldn't wait so we tried three out. The pomegranate punch was awesome, well at least I thought so. No one likes the jack of all fruits, such a wired taste and texture. The apple berry was so-so but not all that great. Will try more later.
  11. Got my box just a few minutes ago and was very impressed with how fast shiping was. We are going to have a tasting tonight with the different flavor and some cheese and fruit. The portions are nice for a grab and go snack in my purse or the kids backpacks. Will let you know how they are and if I decide to stay with them because they are a bit pricey but better quantity and quality then other food subs I have tried.
  12. I just realized how bad of a hoarder I am. I have six makeup bags in my purse. One is for eye products another for face products. I carry two for any essentials such as band aids, medicatioms and items for periods and wipes ect. I have a mesh bag with about five pairs of false lashes and glue. Lastly one with about 15 mini perfumes. In my inner pockets I carry my nitro pills and spray. My IPhone and three stylist's. I also have mints, glucouse tablets and a jumbo roll of sweet tarts candy, thats in case my BSL drops to fast. A book for when I am in the hospital , helps pass the time. No wonder my purse feels like it weighs 20 pounds. Ohh heck and my wallet. I need intervention bad lol.
  13. Thanks for this info, I just did the deal and used the "plumfriends10" code worked perfectly. Total cost $12.60 not a bad deal at all and I loved being able to pick what I wanted to try. I shall have to hide it from the better half as He claims all incoming snacks as his...lol
  14. Thank You Ladies, who posted how to retake the survey. I was able to change our accounts and it was so easy. I have no idea why I answered the first survey questions the way I did but wow was I way off...lol I am super excited about the May bags and the spoilers look promising. I am still waiting on two replacement bags from April but I'm not so excited to get them. Too many people had issues with the products and all. Still waiting for a reply email so we can sort this out. Can't wait to see the spoilers since you all are so good with figuring out the products. I really don't use concealer but I can tinker with it and see if it works for me. And the Zoya polish has me super excited since I have never tried it before, I'm up for any of the colors.
  15. Got box 5 this morning and this was my first box. The better half liked it all but sadly we live in Pa and can't use the gift card. I really like wine : (
  16. I won a Wantable Box here on MUT and I loved everything in it. I somehow never got back to order a subscription with them. I love all the great things everyone has gotten. Does anyone know of any ongoing promitions? I have to wait till the first to order one and just thought I would ask... Thanks for all the great pics and reviews.
  17. Based on the emails Ipsy sent out about replacement bags it is really a simple concept. We will be getting Aprils products in a different bag than the white and pink one that they sent for April. Then in May in addtion to our May bags with the May products and an empty April bag to make up for the bad bags. ( contents will not be in the replacement bag since they are still sending you Aprils contents just in a different style of bag. I'm one of the ones whose two of three bags were crushed badly. They replied promptly and friendly email stating they would fix it for us. I must say their CS is excellent.
  18. Ii love all your videos they inspire me to try out some interesting looks. Based on the suggestion you had about the big fluffy face puffs, I ordered a few and love then they were very afordable and I get great coverage with it. Keep the videos coming. I love drug store creations they are in my starting range of makeup.
  19. I signed up in March and got charged so I was waiting on my box. The other day I got an email telling me that My card was charged however they then sent another email. This second email stated that they were Not charging my card and that my April box would be free because they said they messed up my order. Has this happened to others? This will be my first box from them. I see others on this thread saying what box number they are getting. Where would I get this information? I'm just not familiar with their service. Thanks for any information you can help me with.
  20. Ok so not a happy ipsy person today. Went to the dentist for two simple extractions and over an hour latter I ended up having oral surgery on my mouth. Came home and came straight to bed. This evening when I wokeup the other half showed me our ipsy bags that came while I was sleeping. My one step daughters bag was perfect but mine and our other daughters bags looked like they had been smashed. The blush, mica powders and the hair stuff was so broken, squished that it ended up all over my desk top and carpet. I have never ever had any sub box items ever damaged. I felt so bad for our youngest because her stuff was damaged but her sisters bag was perfect. Crappy day all around. When I get back home tomorrow from my Cardiologist office I am going to contact Ipsy. I just hated to see her so disappointed. I would gladly given her my bag but I couldnt give her mine since it was also damaged. Ipsy has great customer service so I know they will make it right. Im going to give my youngest a few dollars to pick up twp Baby Lips she has been wanting so she feels a little better.
  21. I can understand what you are going through I had a very similar experience. In September I dyed my very light blond hair Fushia and Aqua blue (mid life crises I think). Sadly the color attached to the hair and I could not get it out. I was told by the company that manufactures the dye that I only had about 3 options, cut it off, dye a darker color or have it done proffesionaly. I ended up going a dark auburn red and I hated it but couldn't figure out how to get my hair back to blonde. I conditioned the hell out of my hair for three months then went to Sallys and bought stripper and level 10 color. I was very careful of what I was doing and my hair did come back to being blonde. Now I need to add that my hair when down is past the middle of my back. I got lucky and only had to have about four inches cut off the back to get rid of the dry ends. Talk to your stylest and see if this could help you out as well but be careful so you don't ruin your hair. Condition, condition!! Lol I just realized I need to update my profile picture to show off my new blonde hair.
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