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  1. I loooove that advent calendar idea, it's got me very excited for the festive season! To add to that I had a look for more and found this Cosmopolitan article suggesting all of the best ones for this Christmas: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/beauty-hair/beauty-trends/a38073/best-beauty-advent-calendars-2015/ Maybe we should make a Christmas gift thread? But i guess Christmas does still comes under 'holiday' so if you've started thinking about buying for your mum, aunties and even mother in laws?? Theses skincare products are amazing would work perfectly as a special treat http://www.templespa.com/skin-care
  2. I have only ever used Vaseline on my dry hands in the winter... or I have been known to use on my nose as it can get very sore! I would never apply all over my face though, I don't think my skin would react well to that.
  3. I have always been a fan of Aveda Brilliant spray, I find it very light and it;s not too sticky - I have used spray in the past that make me feel like i'm wearing hair gel. Not nice!
  4. This is a great birthday gift idea, I think she'll be over the moon. I had a quick browse for you and found this site that compares the options on Amazon: http://www.comparaboo.co.uk/best-lighted-makeup-mirrors I've personally always had a good experience with Amazon, just be sure that you are buying it new and not second hand. Have you thought about other items that are a bit more out of the box that perhaps would be a nice addition to her dressing table? Other things you could look into buying could be a new make up bag, I'm sure you'll be shocked to see how nicer bag you can get these days: http://www.tedbaker.com/uk/Womens/Accessories/Wash-Make-up-Bags/c/category_womens_accessories_wash-make-up-bags?page=0&show=ALL Or another REALLY unique idea is a designer jewellery box, does she own a nice watch, necklaces etc? Somewhere safe and pretty to put them is always an added bonus: https://www.wolf1834.co.uk/category/jewelry-boxes/ i hope all that helps, I may have just confused you a little but options are always good when buying for woman!! Good luck x
  5. I can remember going through the motions similar to your sister when I was in my late teens early 20's. I think its natural to have self doubt as a female but when it takes control of your life and starts to seriously damage your happiness something has got to give. When I feel low, I exercise now I'm not claiming to be a Sporty Spice but I can manage 20 minutes on a the treadmill and enjoy a slight jog along Brighton seafront every now an then. The natural endorphin's that are released from exercise are the best natural cure you can get. Rather than dedicating all of her time and emotions on finding the perfect partner, she really needs to focus on number one, herself. Self love is so important, especially for us females. Maybe you two could get into a routine of a little exercise a week to bring a little spark back into her everyday! When we feel happy we are far more likely to treat ourselves to new goodies such as make up and clothes and all for the right reasons!
  6. I love love love Pinterest, I often spend my evenings pinning away... https://uk.pinterest.com/martinnathalie9/
  7. I think it's a pizza and a night on the sofa for me and the cat tonight. Any film recommendations are welcomed? I may be joined by my husband depending on how many pints he devours in the pub tonight...
  8. Tattoos are a very personal decision, I think the fact that you already have a very clear idea of the style you like shows this is a good decision for you. I love the flower, colour tattoos seem to be very trendy at the moment, maybe you could go for your first have it somewhere a little more discreet and then as you become accustomed to it brave tattoo number two...
  9. Both exfoliating and moisturising are key to a happy face! I've been using this double truffle moisturiser for the past year, was recommended by close friend. She too suffered from combination skin, and i often had flaky spells during the colder months. I swear by it now, all ingredients are natural which i find is far more delicate on the skin. I apply once in the morning and again at night after treating myself to a deep clean, I was one for forgetting to remove my make up back in the day, I have learnt from my mistakes. That too can cause dry and angry skin. http://www.templespa.com/double-truffle
  10. I am a lover of Mac, especially their 'Spice it up' lipstick, great for valentines ladies xx
  11. I find my skin is much dryer in the colder months, I'm desperate to feel the sun on my skin! I agree that exfoliating this the answer to all dry skins issues. There is nothing my rejuvenating then a good exfoliation, you must let your skin breathe.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom and, due to the frame falling apart, I'm looking to replace my entire bed, mattress and all. The original frame of the bed itself was built by a very good friend of mine from uni; she's an architecture student and she had a knack for crafting amazing wooden objects such as chairs, boxes and even a clothes horse for me (yes, a wooden clothes horse). Anyway, I'm looking to get it replaced. Unfortunately, she's moved back to Finland so I can't ask her again. The frame she built lasted over 4 years and looked great, so I was hoping to create something similar. My questions are: 1: Does anyone have experience building a bed frame DIY? Can you tell me anything about the difficulty? 2: If I bought one instead of using a custom built frame, would it potentially last longer than 5 years? 3: Can anyone recommend any good sites for purpose built handmade beds or designer bedding? Here's the sort of styles I'm looking for: http://www.andsotobed.co.uk/beds.html http://www.cornishbeds.co.uk/ Thanks in advance!
  13. I do not. Never even considered really, which is probably very much to my own detriment!
  14. It varies for everyone and there's no real wring answer for a consenting adult. Of course you can be too young, but once you're part a certain age it's up to you to decide when you're ready!
  15. Opening the windows is always the best way, but in an evening I like to burn incense and candles to keep things smelling nice and inviting.

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