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  1. Got my box today too. No variation from what others are getting, but I did get two gift cards to C Wonder, so that's pretty cool. I don't know why they say on them to "Enter the code at checkout to see how much you've won!" when the code starts with $5. Annnd their website is not working at all. I can't add anything to my cart or select different colors on items.
  2. Probably not. You can only order the next month's box when they put it up for sale, and that's usually not til the beginning of that month. If you bought a box now it would be June's.
  3. On ebates I noticed it said "Free $25 Gift Card to Bergdorf Goodman with Monthly, 3, 6 and 12 month Subscriptions. (Exp. 06/01/2014)" (which someone posted earlier on this thread asking if that meant the gift card expires 6/1). Well my question is will the gift boxes everyone has bought in multiples contain the gift cards? According to the wording on ebates they will be included only in the monthly and multi-monthly subscriptions. I'm curious if the gift boxes are always exactly the same as the monthly box (and therefore containing the BG giftcard) or if only subscribers will get the gift cards in their monthly box? Anyone know how this has worked in the past?
  4. This is what is listed for my box, #47. It's weird because I got the dry conditioner and nail rock last month, and I'm getting two of basically the same product in this box (the Paula's Choice). I know they can send different Nail Rocks to count as different samples, just weird they'd do it 2 months in a row.
  5. I, too, will cancel after this month if this box is yet another lackluster box for me because that would make three in a row - $120 - of crappy boxes for me. And there had better not be a single kernel of popcorn in this box!
  6. I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day so I'd love a box focused on that theme, but I really don't think they could get the boxes to us in time for Valentine's Day. I'd love: Deep Conditioner Organic Face Wash A cute patterned umbrella I loved the suggestion posted earlier about chevron printed tights. Or maybe hearts or lace print. I'd also love a nice pair of leggings. A picture frame A novel I'd love if they partnered with Alex and Ani, but that's just wishful thinking
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by shaste81 I'm super bummed about this box. I cancelled after December but then I thought January's box would possibly have some nice fitness items, so I signed back up. Boy was I wrong. While it is usually 5 degrees here in New Hampshire this time of year, I already have a super cute pair of gloves. And to be honest the gloves pictured are pretty boring. The nail files are given away for free on PinchMe. I just printed a much cuter calendar from a blog for free. I have a juicer, so the book could come in handy. I am excited about the mask. I love care products. And I don't eat sweets so the popcorn can to my husband. I have never disliked a popsugar box. There is always multiple items that I love. Even with the December box, I loved several things. This box is the worst in regards to my taste. I agree. I'm from NH too! I already have a million pairs of gloves. It seems like something that by this point in the year most people who need them have them, and what on earth are people in the south going to use them for?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by have2haveit Thanks! Those don't look like the ones that have been linked to.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Spiritwind10 Jack and Lucy knit gloves grey Right...but the links that have been provided are for a brand just called Lucy. I'm wondering if they're the right gloves that are in the box.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by emilylithium what i really don't like are the cookbooks that they keep sending. I would much prefer getting regular fictions or non fictions. I don't usually cook with recipes, or just get them off the internet if i do. I don't think I like this box. Agreed! I would much prefer a random fiction book. I haven't even opened the Can't Cookbook or whatever it was called from one of the last boxes.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ydlr20 Found this picture on instagram httP://instagram.com/p/jMgQ60TPQc/ Could you post it as a photo instead of a link, I don't do instagram so I can't view it. Thanks
  12. Can someone who's received their box confirm that the gloves everyone is linking to are the actual gloves in the box? Am I missing something because the brand I see is just Lucy, but they are being called Jack and Lucy gloves?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by indianaredhead Rifle paper co. 2014 flip around the world desk calender- $20Jack+Lucy tech gloves- $20The juice generation book- $22.83Malin+Goetz Detox face mask- $40.00Pipsnacks white truffle pipcorn- $18.00 Revlon by marchesa box O' Files- $3.49 GRAND TOTAL= $134.32 Where did you find pricing for the gloves? The only Jack and Lucy I can find is a British children's clothing company. $18 for popcorn?...
  14. Hopefully we get a picture of the gloves soon. Because honestly I'm not really digging this box, and don't think it's worth $40. Popcorn again? That's kind of annoying (and I LOVE popcorn) but we just got it last month! The calendar is cute, but not really practical because you can't really write on it - I don't have room on my desk for a decorative calendar that serves no use. The nail files are cute, but again - I would expect some higher-end more exciting items. I am excited for the mask, that will be useful. The juicing book - meh - I don't have a juicer. Sorry for the mini-rant but this is just yet another disappointing box for me.
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