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  1. I haven’t participated here in years but am looking for a new forum home again. Is this the only swap page? So everything is still very informal here?
  2. Totally necroing a thread but I was just going through everything I have subscibed to and the list is crazy long with lots I miss. I may type up the full list of all I have ever subscribed to once I finish writing it, but I guess I’m doing great with just a couple: sugarbash and Modern Alchemy. I also buy special boxes like the super amazing Indie Beauty box last month and the net a porter box. I just can’t deal with all of the makeup and stuff I will never use anymore. I wish I had a good way to trade it all but have about given up on trade methods and will likely just donate.
  3. I got the indie beauty box favorites and I adore it. The beauty bar to dry makeup brushes is something I didn’t even know I needed. I love love the Colleen Rothschild eye cream. The ojai fragrances are perfectly light and not cloying at all. My surprise favorite though is the balm. I used it as an overnight facial moisturizer after a super dry day at the hospital (my son had tonsils out and is recovering well) and my skin felt perfect the next day! I’ve also used it as a lip balm and on a scratch. I really think the scratch healed faster because of it. I was going to trade it away but I think it is something I will repurchase. The value was almost $700 for a $125 box and the personal value was high to as I actually love most of the items. I can’t wait for the next box.
  4. Horrible awful terrible. I got the bless box celebration box and it was among the worst boxes I’ve ever gotten. Ridiculously over valued junk from brands that I don’t know and cards that I couldn’t even write in. Never again.
  5. I LOVED Ricky’s cult crushes. They have amazing items, great prices and new to me stuff. Sadly, I subscribed to too many boxes for too long and had to quit as I was on makeup overload.
  6. I am loving this box. I already knew I loved smith and cult lipstick and their packaging but this mascara is my new favorite. The tatcha is a thick moisturizer that is perfect for winter and if that is the only item I had loved I would have been happy. Loving three items is amazing!
  7. This will annoy me very much! I am an ace and got a $35 order on 1/4 in part because of the free ear jackets. Maybe since you could have used a $10 code they would give you that instead? Good luck!
  8. I got my box today! I love Rosario Dawson's boxes! It has a red with with stars batiked Studio 189 Apron, an Adinkra stamped cutting board (very small), a plantable sprout pencil... when it is used up you plant the stub to grow flowers, a tiny adinkra stamped recyled journal, champagne gummy bears made with Dom Perignon (fancy, keeping them away from the kids), honest company facial towelettes (I'm excited to try their new line), cherish artisty sugar scrub and a cherish artistry lip balm. I love that she made two soaps with her friends for trick or treat. They are totally cute little soaps. Great fun box filled with lots of fun things. ETA: In the letter it says this is the fourth and final collaboration between Studio 189 and Quarterly, so I suspect this is the last ever box from her. I'm sad. I have loved the others.
  9. With size 10 feet, I really need the ML too. Maybe I can Facebook message her as I don't instagram.
  10. I just realized I hadn't purchased my polishes yet and the nynh promo still works! I am proud of myself for actually looking through my polishes and picking colors I was low on not just colors I Iove. I got Rina for St. Patricks day, Willa as I somehow don't have a basic black and Thea just for fun. I am so in love with their Pixie Dusts! I am currently wearing Deborah Lippman Private Dancer (alltime favorite color) with Bar (pixie dust) on top.
  11. I have had a positive experience with their customer service! I have subscribed with annual subscriptions since the beginning. Occasionally I have been sad to miss out on Alex and Ani bracelets, or whatever gift... but in general I have been thrilled as with the annual discount and 20% discount for Black Friday the boxes have been totally worth $15 to me. I have too much stuff, though. So I cancelled. It showed as cancelled for the past six months, but somehow in the past couple of weeks it got un-cancelled. I wrote them an e-mail and they didn't charge me for another year even though it was past 12/1 when I wrote and it took them less than 24 hours to respond. Go Glossybox!
  12. I love this box! And I think I love Nieman Marcus! I had never ordered anything from them before, but purchased this on black Friday. The clutch is gorgeous and I just transferred my wallet and stuff over it and I think I'm going to carry it as my every day bag. It is fun and different and beautiful and a great size. I was surprised by how big the mirrored box was. I'm not sure why I thought it would be small, but it is really a good size. I also love my candle which is "Laguna" I haven't seen anyone else with that variation. I will gift the picture frame, and use the Chantelle. The only thing I will put up for trade is the Lancer as I have my HG already. I also want to sing the praises or Nieman Marcus! I of course got an e-mail with tracking... but I also got an e-mail that it was going to be delivered today, and another e-mail when it was actually delivered! I will totally shop through them again, and I love free shipping and free return shipping if there is a problem.

    GlossyBox Canada

    Welcome to GB! Where the frustration is hopefully less than the value of the box... but both are high.

    Birchbox UK chat

    Maybe try starting a thread over in the birchbox subtopic? There might be others there who are interested... or jealous of what you got.
  15. Wow! At $155 do I need a second? Ohhh... decisions are hard! If I lived close enough to buy one in the store and pick a different candle, absolutely! But, it needs to be shipped so no guarantees.
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