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  1. Since I haven't seen any spoilers for K Style 3 I figured I would do it, lol.
  2. That is actually not the bb cream in the holika holika box, the starter (we would call it a primer) comes in the same style of bottle as the bb but the lid definitely said "starter" Unless I'm hallucinating lol which is possible with the amount of ragweed gunk filling the air here. This is a good thing to me, I have the bb cream... No complaints about it but I'll be excited to see how the bb works with the starter.
  3. Yay! Glad I got wake up makeup... I was eyeballing the bbia blusher on bnk yesterday, lol. But I'm on the fence about honey 2, I'll reserve judgement until I get my hands on it.
  4. Thanks for posting that! I'm looking forward to moisture surge getting here, lol.
  5. Cute Wishlist is a bit disappointing for me, I'm still working on the vitamin cleanser from the cacao box and I already have the lavender it's skin blush. Hrumpf I just hope I get a different color of the blush.
  6. Wow, I had to catch up with everything since I worked late, but I am super excited about the holika holika box spoiler, I'm almost done with me second bottle of that cleansing oil and I looooove it!
  7. Rose, ew gross. Hair and body 4, meh. Dessert, idk....... Maybe if I had a coupon code
  8. Yes! I was eyeballing that at:fox spray on gmarket last week, I can't wait to get my tea box now.
  9. I see it as... Save $2 off the box you want but you still have to pay for this junk that no one ordered....but at least the junk is $3 cheaper. Lol
  10. *struggles with self* So torn..... It's holika holika
  11. All sleeping masks are not created equal, some are sticky and others sink in to your skin quickly. It just takes trying them to see which group they fall into.
  12. Lol had some family stuff to deal with..... And I got a promotion!
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