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  1. My current favorite makeup item is my Dr Jart gold label BB cream. I don't think anything will ever take it's place.
  2. Holy crud. I did pay like $75 or so for that hairdryer last year. I love it. I took advantage of the Aces deals to get a gigantic Illume candle in that cedar and whatever fragrance. It was like $22ish. I smelled some of those candles at a snooty grocery store, once and loved them all, so I figure I can't go wrong. But you know I wasn't going to pay $40 for a candle. I may light it briefly before company arrives, and then blow it out. It will look classy.
  3. I only just barely made it in time to choose a PYS, and snagged the makeup remover. The curated box looks like a good one, but I feel like being surprised. I've been on the move. I no longer live on the West Coast. My Birchboxes will now take a lot shorter ride to get to me. When I got to my mom's place, after days and days of driving, my January box was waiting for me. I love the rosemary lotion, but the red lip thing I was so excited about is a little bright on me. I may try it again, someday.
  4. I got an Oblipica foil of hair mask, and a black bottle of nail polish with a pen and skinny brush in the cap. I don't know what it is, because the packaging is black on black, designed by a genius, no doubt. It's a full size nail polish, though. So, I was thrilled. I used it to paint branches on my toenails.
  5. My box finally updated! Number 4 hairspray - got in a pick 2, haven't tried, always something useful rosemary lotion - was hoping to try after sampling the shower gel, last month mirenesse matte lip rouge - really have been wanting to try this, heard it lasts and lasts harvey prince sincerely - not the perfume I would have chosen, but will try WEi mauka bee venom mask - was hoping to try All in all, a good box for me, this month. I had it shipped to my mom's house, where I will arrive later this month. I'm moving around the 20th.
  6. I know we are all product junkies here, but clay masks are fun to DIY sometimes. At Mountain Rose Herbs, Bentonite clay is $6 a pound. I get most of my DIY ingredients from MRH. Thanks for the tip on using apple cider vinegar. I will have to try that! https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/ingredients/clay Why hasn't my box updated yet? Even with the cheat. /whine
  7. My box hasn't updated yet, but it has shipped. What? Maybe it will update tomorrow.
  8. It can be frustrating to not get the samples one wants, especially months in a row. However, that's just the way Birchbox is, sometimes. You should totally call and nicely ask for help with your profile, because that could help. But you aren't really paying $10 for that box of samples. If you review everything and tweet your box, you are getting $5-$8 or so in points every month. If you had a yearly subscription, each box would cost even less, so provided you want to shop in their store, anyway and buy that many beauty products typically, the box of samples becomes free, or nearly free. I love the Birchbox store so much. Their return policy is really great, and their discount codes (15-30% off of everything regardless of brand) are IMO, amazing. Once you've been using the points for a while, it is really easy to qualify for Aces, which automatically gives you free shipping. I think the only advantage Sephora has over Birchbox, is that I can see things in person, before I purchase. But Birchbox gives way way more samples, and I like their rewards much better. I also love some brands in particular that Sephora doesn't carry, like Beauty Protect. I used to love Sephora, but Birchbox has stolen me away from them.
  9. Beauty Protector Jet Set _700371451455 1 $22.95 Spend $35, get a free Mystery Sample Pack 5823 1 $10.00 amika Un.Done Texture Spray amika Undone Texture Spray 1 $24.00 amika Nourishing Mask - 60 ml 736211950260 1 $12.00 Subtotal $68.95 Shipping & Handling $0.00 Discount (VIP Free Shipping, 20% Off For You, TAKEOFF20, Free Sample Pack with $35+ Purchase) -$21.79 400 reward points -$40.00 Grand Total $7.16 Part of me hates to buy the small Amika deep conditioner, when by ounces, it is a worse deal than the huge one, but I needed it now, and the huge one is an investment. I'm looking forward to trying the other BP products. I am taking a long-distance-move-road-trip later this month, so it was a good excuse to buy a travel kit.
  10. The cheat isn't working for me, but maybe that means I'm getting a different box than the ones that are loading. I didn't choose any sample this month. I hope to get a lotion, a manuka mask, Juliette has a gun, or anything from the video, except for the green eyeliner, because I bought the full size of that last month. The eyeliner didn't look as good on me as the person in the photo, but it is good eyeliner. I think it's interesting that they are sampling a bee venom mask. I accidentally bought manuka honey with bee venom, last year, instead of regular manuka honey. I discovered my mistake by eating a bite, wow! Bonkers. That stuff is not cheap, so I did some research and learned that some very high end brands sell cosmetics with bee venom, because it apparently helps stimulate collagen growth. I did several masks with it, once on it's own, too sticky for me! And the following times mixed with different ingredients like yogurt, etc. I ended up giving the honey away to someone with lyme disease, because he needed it more than me. But it only takes a tiny amount for a face mask, so it is much more economical than buying it as a cosmetic. I may buy another (smaller) jar, eventually. I'd also like to try the concealer. I really like the one I use now, but it's one of those things I must continue searching for something better.
  11. It's the SeaRX face cream of some kind. That's the box my second account is getting. I think it's time to cancel that account, again. Don't get me wrong, it's not awful. Number 4 usually works out for me, I did ask for that lip gloss, and I'll use the teeny tiny Yoube. I'm not sure about the rest of it, though.
  12. Someone posted a picture of the same box as my main account is getting for December, and it looks like the best box ever! https://www.facebook.com/Birchbox/photos/a.10152634758151647.1073741908.248182141646/10152634758336647/?type=1&theater I mean, I'm not super excited about the shampoo/conditoner, but who cares when everything else is awesome and it is a seven item box. I am crossing my fingers that it will arrive by Friday, but I think that is overly optimistic. ETA: What is the deal with the Gap codes? I submitted for both of my BB accounts and have heard nada from Gap.
  13. I am leaving to visit my mom and sign a lease on the same day, and my trip is the same length. I too, was hoping my three boxes might arrive by then (one is a replacement of last month's box.) Mostly, because I like to give BB stuff to my mom.

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