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  1. On the one hand, if like me, when you get your period you are thinking "What? YOU again?", these types subs would ensure you always have supplies to avoid the midnight Walgreens trip hoping you don't leak down your leg before you get out the checkout line. On the other hand, I like my supplies in the original box, even though most come individually wrapped, I still want the first hand to touch it to be mine, just saying. Would you buy an opened box of tampons or pads? But I can't complain too much, since I am subscribed to My Cotton Bunny, and I love my cami and scarf But they send a whole box, unopened.
  2. It was interesting to see all the variety of start-up natural product companies, but I rarely found anything that would make me want to buy a full size product, but you do receive quite a bit. But once a company starts being weird about shipping, they lose my interest quickly. I believe that they should ship when they say as promptly as they take my money from my account. Its disheartening when they take two months worth of payments and you don't even have a box in your hand to show for it. One more reason I like Yuzen, they charge my account when they ship.
  3. Oh I hope you do subscribe Deenellie! I understand about having too many subscriptions, you don't realize how many you have until you total up each month how much is going out! I had to put myself on restriction too! I wonder if that is one reason they are going to quarterly instead of monthly? To make it more reasonable for people. If so, what a refreshing change! A subscription company taking the customers into consideration instead of how much money they can make from us! This makes me feel, if it's truly one of the reasons, that they practice what they preach.
  4. Yuzen has their niche, if you are looking for makeup and cutesy trends, you won't like it. If you like a variety of quality eco-friendly products - some skincare, bodycare or home etc, then you might. I guess I like that they treat people like grown-ups with thinking minds. Sometimes some of the other subs have a "take what we give you sheep because we think its trendy" attitude that doesn't always mesh with everyone. I mean some of those subs are fun, for a while, but after a few months it all starts to feel the same. It is one of the pricier ones, but its not to everyone's taste. I know alot of subscribers like lots of makeup, but I have a glut of lip gloss and mascara, and that is what I wear everyday! I had to stop subscribing to a few of the popular subs because I had more than I could reasonably use, and quite frankly, those little packets get tiresome. Consistency quality products full size products-usually more than one Deluxe samples, rarely foil packets unless that is how the full size comes packaged Good customer service
  5. I am a little embarrassed to admit to the number I subscribe, I didn't intend to do that, but its hard when you see the great stuff people get! Birchbox - the gateway box, it seems many of us started here...keeping because full-size products are good quality and affordable, its my Sephora backup Ipsy - its a good box, but more for the younger crowd (canceling) BB/Sampler Society - good box, but full-size products are quite pricey (canceling) Beauty Army - good middle of the road sub, but nothing I can't live without (canceling) Eco-Emi - good if you like natural products, some months a better value than others The Natural Beauty Box - lots of small samples, natural products from small companies, unique products (no more after November) Love with Food - not too bad, each box buys a meal Good and Lovely - this is actually one of my favorites, it really does what it says. It gives you some chocolate and some nice things to pamper yourself, i.e. aromatherapy, skincare etc. Conscious Box - just subscribed, I received their mystery box and was pleased as some of their items I could share with my husband. Yuzen - if forced to give up all but one, this is the one I would keep. Pricier than others, but you receive full and deluxe size products of things you will use. I love that they don't just toss little stuff in their boxes as fillers. They do go for more natural products. Really like this company.

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