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  1. Hi Reija, Yes! I take vitamins, but I have various health isses that sometimes hinder hair growth. However, my main problem in mainain the length and health of my hair that I already have.
  2. I'm currently growing out a horrible shoulder length over layered hair cut. My hair has a two decade long history of being bleached blonde, relaxed, and Brazilian Blowouts. Currently I have an inch of new natural growth. I don't have a goal per se for my hair, but I would like it to at least align with my waist in length and I would like it to be healthy and brunette again!.
  3. I didn't see a previous thread for people who wanted to log their hair growth journey and share tips on long hair care so I thought I'd start one. Please let me know if a previos thread exists.
  4. Have you seen a doctor? Is there a possibility of thyroid imbalace or other issue that migh cause hair loss?
  5. I just signed up for Scratch and I am so excited. I have wanted to do a sub box for so very long but working two health care jobs makes makeup options slim and conservative. So I figure nail subs would be the way to go!
  6. I failed so horribly in Feb that I am not even going to post about it in the Confessions forum. In March I plan to go on a strict no buy excluding my Ipsy (I paid for the year in advance), Nailette, and Scratch subs.
  7. Oh I forgot to mention on here that I bought 4 new Mac lip products. Those huggable lip colors are evil! Now I am in the process of blocking all the tempting sites from my computer. Now, just avoiding the stores. I almost bought eyeshadow at Claires when I went to get a purse!
  8. @eastofthesun I'm sorry for your bad news. I hope that simplifying your life will help you get through these bad times and help you reach your goals of less makeup.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by eastofthesun Hey, your purchases seem necessary to me, except the cute moccasins, but hopefully they add some cheer to your days! Hehe, this made me giggle. Hey, a 23 hour shift? Wow, congratulations on getting through it! You rock. Are you a nurse or a doctor or something? I am a respiratory therapy. I work in hospitals and with hospice patients.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by hindsighting I didn't buy anything other than refills of empty products I use every day this month! Yay! Way to go! Hopefully we can all get to that level of success with our no and low buys.
  11. I failed horribly in January so February I plan a complete no buy on everything (except food).
  12. This week I slipped and purchased some non-beauty goodies for work. A stethoscope ($75), a pair of cute compression socks ($10), and a new pair of work shoes ($60). In all fairness one of my favorite pairs of work shoes have needed to be thrown away but I was putting it off. Oh wait. I forgot to mention the cute moccasins ($30) that I bought when I went to buy my work shoes. No excuse for that!
  13. This week I finished up a set of individual eyelashes! I'm on a long-term no buy for lashes!
  14. I just slipped up again. This time for about $100. I bought some Gelish gel nail polish products so I can do my own nails. However, I did this as a "reward" for working my first day of the season. It was a 23 hour shift!
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