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  1. Hi All, Congrats to all the groups of the most recent Circular Swap (Round #6) for a wonderful, low-drama swap! It was wonderful to see everyone so enthusiastic, fast, and *responsible* with their boxes. I've gotten a few inquiries on when the next circular swap round will begin - and it is with a heavy heart that I will be passing the circular swap moderating duties to someone else. I took over the position from @yousoldtheworld about two years and four swaps ago, and have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you lovely ladies through the process. Tons of make-up, 'lifestyle extras' and chicken toys (thank you @@Kristine Walker) later - I will slowly be phasing myself from MuT. I'm not sure who will be picking up Circular Swap responsibilities in the future, but I do wish to keep in touch with as many of you as possible. I'm a very easy find on fb. There are only so many tgooberbutts in this world Cheers! @tgooberbutt
  2. OMG - @@Kristine Walker - It took me a while, but my chickens finally got around to testing out and loving the toy you sent! BEST SECRET SANTA E-V-E-R! I took a video of them picking some greens from it earlier this week. The bell freaked them out for a bit, but their gluttonous, greedy nature got them over that hump pretty soon
  3. Round 7 will be spring-ish/late winter. @@lovepink - sorry about the delays - that's on me :/ Always love all of you guys of Calibama Best. Group. Ever.
  4. Box has been mailed off to @@lovepink (finally)! Happy new year ladies!!
  5. I'm late to the game, but Paula's Chocie has a 2% BHA 'lotion' (it pretty much looks and feels like water) that works for the blackheads I had around the sides of my nose. Takes a few days to see results, but I've liked it's mildness and effectiveness.
  6. All I've got to say is wow That box is pretty full of really awesome stuff. I'm out of town for the holidays and was not able to send the package out before I left. I have PM'ed @@lovepink, but unfortunately the box won't be on the move until about Jan 9th/10th. On the plus side, that leaves me even more time to gather goodies to put in the box. In the meantime, included are picts of what came, what I took, and what is decidedly going in (though there will likely be more once I get back). Happy Holidays everyone!
  7. Hey all - apologies for the late update! I got the box, and have picts - will post in the next couple of days. @@lovepink - I'll PM to see when might be a good time period to send to you give that it's the holidays. I've taken out a lot, and put a lot back in, but the Sachajuan is miiiiinnnnneeee
  8. Have you used your annual VIB/Rouge 10% code for the year yet? That might be a good compromise if you're afraid something might sell out before the 20% coupon goes live.
  9. I placed 6 orders (all got points, dollar amounts ranged from $1 to $15; did not redeem any points on any of the orders). Just got shipping confirmation on four of them, still waiting on the other two.
  10. @@OpheliaDiFranco - you want another 20% off code that works on prestige? if so, let me know. Mine expires 12/24. I was able to stack two other 20% offs, but only got non-prestige stuff so left my 'prestige' code unused: Merchandise Total:$83.40 Coupons: ($16.68) Coupons: ($16.68) Subtotal: $50.04 Shipping: $0.00 Tax: $4.50 TOTAL: $54.54 @@tweakabell - you're awesome btw for figuring out this loophole!
  11. I think @@tnorth1852 was suppose to be getting back from CO soon. We can wait to hear from her first - or I can go next, I don't really have a preference on the order. As for (not)wants.... I'm fine if you swap out the nail polish - I'm so flush full of them! I have a weakness for nice smelling hand cremes candles, or even life-style extras type of things. And anything Caudalie, Amore Pacific, Tatcha, Tocca...I know they're pricey brands so even foils are greatly appreciated. Woohoo!!

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