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    Here's how you find out what you're signed up for: --Log in --Look for "Monthly Maven Activities," next to where it says "My Account," OR from the drop down menu on the top right that says "My Account," drop down to "My Maven Profile." Click on "My Maven Style Profile"--this will show the last profile you selected, which is what your box will be. Hope that helps.
  2. I have those gloves and they're a pain to use. I thought my nails were dry, I touched them with my fingers, rubbed them with my fingers, even. Pulled off the gloves and smeared a bunch of fingers.
  3. For a base coat, I tried the Seche Vite and it caused bubbles for me every time. Maybe I got a bad bottle. I try to use a nail strengthening base coat. For polishes, my favorite is Orly, followed closely by China Glaze, OPI, and Essie. With the last 3, I've experienced faster chipping in some of their shades. I can't wear Essie's pinks without significant chips in 48 hours, for example. Same with some of the China Glaze reds. I've used Julep, Zoya, and Rimmel and their formulations are hit and miss, as well--sometimes too thick, sometimes too thin, sometimes chip too easily. I put up with the problems in Rimmel because I love their double-application brush. Revlon is pretty good, as well, and I have a few L'Oreal polishes I like. I only pick these up on sale, though. I really do prefer the Orly. I am very eager to try the new colored polishes by Seche Vite but haven't seen them anywhere yet. For a top coat, I like Seche Vite because it dries so fast but after a few days, it looks dry and ugly around my cuticles. I've found similar quality with fast drying from HK Girl, something a nail blogger recommended. It doesn't flake up like the Seche Vite does to me. It's available online at glistenandglow.com. (I'm not affiliated with their site in any way; I just like their product.) I have the Seche Vite UV topcoat and hate it. Yes, it dries quickly BUT it flakes up completely after 3 days or so.
  4. Foil's never worked for me so I'm definitely trying the felt!
  5. I love how quickly the Seche Vite top coat dries but I also only get about 4 days out of my polish before it chips enough that it has to be changed. That works okay for me because I change my polish about once a week anyway. I like the Orly top coat but it takes a lot longer to dry. For regular polishes, I like: --Orly --China Glaze --OPI I think the quality of their polishes is fairly consistent. I like, but find quality inconsistent: --Avon --Zoya --Essie --Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro With Essie, in particular, most of my pink colors by them chip way faster than their other colors. I can wear Chinchilly for a full week, but Sea Breeze, for example, is chipped after 3 days. I LOVE the Rimmel double-brush system but some of their colors chip quite quickly on me, while others last a week. I love their red or black shades, which last a week for me, but not their mauve/pink family, which seems to chip faster. They have a bluish-gray gunmetal-type color that I've been meaning to try. I didn't like Color Club at all. Not the application, not the durability. Currently waiting on my first Butter London bottles so that I can try them out. I hear good things.
  6. How do they choose the lip shades to send us? I thought maybe they went by complexion but lots of "fair" complected ladies got the darker lip bombs so it's not that. Then I thought eye color but that was a mixed bag, too. Is it hair color? Because I'm 36 and prematurely gray (but still have black eyebrows) and these too-pale pink lip shades are just not complimentary for me at all. I didn't have to open the #9 shade to know it would look absolutely awful on me.
  7. I'm really disappointed with the tiny samples I got. Here's what I received: The only thing not pictured is the Luna bar (in a lemon flavor) because my kids promptly ate it. I hadn't been online since Sunday afternoon due to a 2-day holiday, so I was surprised to get my box because I hadn't received an email about it yet. I did not opt for a Goop box but that's what I got and I'm not excited about any of the items I received. I already tried the lip gloss and it's so light, it isn't visible on me at all.

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