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    I'm 27, and I live in KCMO with my boyfriend and our adorable little puppy named Bowie. I love life, music, and all things girly!
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    I am a major Goo Hoarder!! I'm obsessed with all things beauty. I love anything vintage, and love vintage fashion. Music is my world, and I love taking frequent trips to the record store to build up my vinyl collection. I'm a TV addict, and I am shamefully obsessed with trashy reality shows. I want to see as many parts of the world as I can in my lifetime.
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    ALL the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, Ciate Chalkboard Manicure, Lorac GloGetter palette, OCC Lip tars (you can never have too many!), YSL Tie and Dye Top Coats, Sara Happ Red Velvet Lip Scrub, Dior Addict Lip Glow, Lex Cosmetics nail polishes, Urban Decay Glinda Oz palette, theBalm Instains....so much more.....
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    Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Forrest Gump, Stepbrothers, I Love You Man, Wanderlust, The Muppet Movie, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppets (2011), Pitch Perfect, Wayne's World 1&2, Detroit Rock City, Blow, The Doors, Across the Universe, High Fidelity, Ghostbusters, School of Rock, Mallrats, Clerks 2, and many many more.
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    Oh jeez, I don't even know where to start! To scratch the surface a little:
    The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, CCR, Stone Temple Pilots, Primus, Cake, Otis Redding, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, anything else involving Jack White, Smokey Robinson, The Beach Boys, blink 182, Bruno Mars, Van Halen, Queen, Green Day, Snoop Dog (or Lion), Wiz Khalifa, Metallica, Mumford and Sons, Neon Trees, Vampire Weekend, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Faces, Collective Soul, and on and on and on......
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    All the Potters :), The Virgin Suicides, Scar Tissue, I'm With the Band, Let's Spend the Night Together, The Firm, Carrie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Heroin Diaries, Bossypants
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    theBalm, Urban Decay, NYX, Zoya, Maybelline, Hard Candy, Flower Beauty, Lorac, Too Faced, OCC, Smashbox, Stila, Revlon, Lex Cosmetics, Josie Maran, Lipstick Queen, butter London
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I met Tyson Ritter at a Warped Tour once, and he told me I was cool. Made my whole life.
  1. Quote: Originally Posted by zadidoll Yeti and Omnious look really good. I know it's not a traditional color but for an editorial look those would be perfect. Ominous is really nice! It's really super creamy and it has just enough shine that it gives my lips a cool patent-leathery kind of look. Definitely not for everyday, but it's more wearable than it seems. Yeti is more matte, but still super creamy. The Gilded Lady is also unexpectedly nice! If I had only had it just a week earlier, it so would have gotten worn to see Rocky Horror! SP&F are right about their crazy shades being "Strangely Wearable," they totally are! I think my favorite right now is Musidora, but I haven't gotten into the lighter, brighter shades quite as much since it's fall/winter/whatever the heck crazy weather season is happening right now.
  2. I'm a little late posting, but guess what I got?!? From Left to Right Top: Yeti, The Gilded Lady, Ominous Middle: Tea Cups, Beluga, Ukulele, Jail Bird, Paper Cut, Willa Bottom: Musidora, Penelope, Foxfire, Merry Widow YAY!!! I'm so beyond excited!! I now have every color they offer, with the exception of Crazy Cab, Scuba Gear, and Nordic, plus 3 from the Etui collection, which as of last month is no longer available (although you might be able to get them from Amazon or another of their third party retailer). They also included a hand written note, along with all 8 of the original colors I had requested, plus the 5 that I requested for my extras. I posted the note and more about all that in the other thread, but their definitely redeemed in my book. And nooooowwww, SWATCHES!! Ohhhhh yay!! I wish I had had a better lighting situation, but most of them are pretty true to life. From left to right: Tea Cups, Beluga, Jail Bird, Paper Cut, Willa Willa looks a little more wine colored in this pic, but IRL it's a little lighter and more mauvey. From left to right: Yeti, The Gilded Lady, Ominous, Musidora, Penelope, Foxfire, Merry Widow All these are pretty true to life except Foxfire, which is a really pretty vibrant orange, but the pic doesn't really do its vibrancy much justice. Sorry for my terrible swatching! I was in a bit of a hurry.
  3. So I'm a little late with this, but I wanted to post an update. I received my package from SP&F on Thursday, yay!! So excited!! They sent all 13 of the colors I had requested, plus included this: I thought it was really cool of her to include I hand written note. It just shows that she was willing to do a little bit extra to right their wrong. I am more than thrilled to have finally received my products, plus extras, and I really feel that the apologies are sincere and hope that they fulfill their promise of using this experience to fix some things that aren't quite working for them. As far as I'm concerned, they are completely redeemed in my book. I look forward to doing future business with them, and I hope that they can get their kinks worked out. They are a small business, and they might just be suffering from some growing pains. I'll be posting swatches in the other thread, but I figured this was a more appropriate place to post this. I wanted to make it known that they more than made up for my experience with them.
  4. I just checked my email, and Katrina sent me a tracking number last night! It was shipped this morning, so hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week! Yay!! I'm so glad she took the opportunity to fix their mistakes and make it right. I'm still not a hundred percent on how they've treated me up to this point, and other customers as well. They have still been deleting other people's complaints off of their Facebook page and not responding to other customers' emails, but I hope that they take this opportunity to fix those issues and make it right for everyone, and not just me. Either way, I'm happy to finally be getting my products, and my faith in them has been restored just a bit. I'd still like to see some improvement in their customer service but this is a BIG step in the right direction. I can't wait to share all my goodies with you guys!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by irene- I have 2 of them, merry widow and penelope, both I received from my lip factory sub and I freakin love them. Lip Factory was giving away 2 blue ones today on instagram. I'll swatch mine & post the pics as soon as I get home. Right?! They're awesome! You should totally post some pics, those are 2 of the colors I'll be getting. I have Big Parade, Mermaid's Kiss, Cannoli, and Heliotrope, and I don't have them with me or I'd totally post some pics!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by kawaiimeows I hope everything works out! And please post swatches here when you get them, their products sounded genuinely interesting. Oh I will definitely be posting swatches for sure. Between the four I have and the 13 (whaaaaat?!??) I *should* be getting, I'll have all but 3 of the colors they offer (the sound of that makes me reeeally happy!). They really are such great lipsticks! I'm sad that it took so much BS for them to finally get back to me, but I'm glad that they finally did, and I have faith that they'll follow through with their promise. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes. At this point, as long as I get a box of anything from them I'll be happy!
  7. Oh my god they emailed me back! Here's what they sent me: Hey Jamie, So sorry for the lack of communication on our part. It seems like some wires were being crossed with us and our shipping department regarding your giveaway items. However this is not an excuse and for that I want to sincerely apologize for this, we take full responsibility and I can't tell you enough how sorry we are. I am so glad this was brought to my attention. I totally understand any frustration you may have experience due to this issue. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry that we were not more on top of things. I would love to take this chance to make this right for you. I'll be personally taking care of your order and making sure it is fulfilled and shipped. I know this does not make up for the delay but I would love to add 5 extra liquid lipsticks to your package, so if there are any other colors you have had your eye on please let me know. Again I want to apologize for the issue with your giveaway prize, and to also thank you for bringing it to my attention. We will 100% be taking your feedback and experience very seriously and it will be our main topic of discussion on our next meeting. We hope to continue to improve and to make sure this does not happen again. I do hope you enjoy our cosmetics. As soon as I hear back on the extras, I will get you a tracking. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks so much and have a great day Katrina Farnsworth Co-Founder/CEO SweetPea & Fay Cosmetics I'm happy that it seems like she wants to make this right. I really hope she follows through. I still don't feel great about how they've handled this up to this point, but I'm glad that they are (hopefully) going to make it right. We'll see what happens.

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