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  1. I don't think I've ever posted on their site and I got the sample. I think I may have updated my public profile on the site once... Do you think that counts? haha. I also got the NYX in Mink; haven't seen anyone so far with that color. I got my tracking email this morning, which for me means that my bag is in my mailbox, so I didn't actually read the email, and I was surprised and happy with my extra little sample until I realize what a big deal a free sample apparently was.
  2. This is the box I got. I didn't think it was a bad box. It had:the full size Model Co Gloss. It smells like a lip smacker. I got berry pink and it's a very pretty color. the juice beauty CC cream. It's about the same size container as the Dr. Jarts BB cream from a few months ago, but it seems fuller. It also smells way better. a 1.5 oz Thymes Naia body lotion. The scent is described as lemon pulp and yerba mate. It's definitely what I'd call deluxe or even travel size as it's slightly bigger than most hotel lotions. 2 Kerastase Nectar Thermique packets. Not necessarily a deluxe sample, but 2 large packets is plenty to decide if I like it or not, as I can't see using more than a half packet at a time. I'm glad that Birchbox has started to give us multiple packets of a sample. Lifestyle extra- a small packet of Thymes Lotus Santal body lotion. I'll probably toss this in my purse and use it at work. Nowhere near a deluxe sample, but I'll take it any day over food. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Birchbox stop putting food you expect me to eat next to my beauty products. What I was really shocked by was that I received my shipping email yesterday, and when I tracked my box last night the only info it had was the typical Edgewood NY info. It was supposed to be delivered Tuesday but here it is! It typically takes 4 or 5 days to get to me in OH.
  3. They messed up my order this month, too, and sent me the wrong style of an ornament. They refunded me $12 and 88 points and said that was proportionately the number of points from my nearly $70 applied to the one item (I used 300 points on the purchase). But to me, 88 points equals $8.80, plus the $12 I was refunded equals $20.80. The problem here is that the ornament was $22. I asked for their algorithm several days ago and they're refusing to respond, so I'm refusing to ship the ornament back. I know it sounds petty over $1.20 but it's realistically the principle behind it. With what I was given, I could not repurchase the correct item, so what good does their explanation of "we don't want to send you the wrong one again, so here's your money back and we'll let you know when the warehouse gets sorted out to reorder a new one" do? They could've just shipped me the right ornament the first time, or even sent it out when I informed them of the mistake, but no.
  4. I placed an order last week and got the plus two pack with the No. 4 reconstructing masque and got it today, so excited to try it. I was looking for reviews tonight and found out that the 1.5 oz sample that was included in my pack retails at No. 4's website for $19!! Can't believe I got it for free The downside is that I ordered a Johnathan Adler ornament, the giraffe, and got an owl instead. Anyone know anything about their returns/exchanges?
  5. Mine goes to a city about two hours south (Columbus), then to another city about two hours from my city and Columbus both, which happens to be in PA, then to my city. It makes a weird little ridiculous triangle. Fedex's version of UPS MI is even worse when I'm having things shipped from Zoya, which is only about 45 minutes away. It goes from Cleveland, to a town roughly 20 minutes north of me, to Columbus, then to PA, and finally to my city. In what land is this more efficient?
  6. Wow, I think I disagree with everyone. To me, this smelled very, very, old-lady-ish. I honestly thought it smelled like a nursing home where all the old ladies's perfumes are mixing together; an unpleasant, muddled scent. I passed it on to my great-aunt and she loves it. I do have to say though that the scent lasted a long time. I spilled a drop on my hand while opening the vial and it lasted through repeated hand washings.
  7. I'm getting box 3; excited for the Miracle Skin Transformer, but a little bummed I got the Oscar Blandi instead of the mascara I was hoping for. I think I'll use it, but I typically use dry shampoo as a texturizer. Also, this is the first month since I've had Birchbox that I didn't get a nail polish when they were sampling one, and I probably won't use the liquid luminizer unless I get a shade that I can use as an eyeshadow because I have oily skin and luminizers just make me look extra oily.
  8. I live in NE Ohio, and while we had some power outages due to downed trees and such, it really wasn't too awful here. It looked and sounded it, but in comparison I have nothing to complain about. I have some friends though that work in the call center at a power company headquartered in my city, but they also control power in PA, NY, and NJ, and they've been working mandatory 12-hour-plus shifts all week, and now they have to work them all weekend and all of next week too. I understand that a lot of people in the affected area are still without power, but it definitely sucks for my friends as they have a 10-month-old daughter who is basically living with his parents 'til everything is fixed because they literally don't have time to take care of her.
  9. I don't really consider 38C a "generous" size, but at a lot of stores it's in the upper range of sizes (like Aerie) and at other stores, it's the smallest size they have (Cacique, owned by Lane Bryant), so they're hard to find there, too. It's really frustrating because I find that the stores with bigger sizes have more matronly bras, and the stores with the younger, prettier bras never make them in my size. It's like I'm doomed to basic bras unless I want to pay $100 apiece for them.
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