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  1. I got hit with the same banhammer for doubling up I could check out with one code with no problem but couldn't with 2. It all added to my cart fine, but once I tried to check out they had ~issues~ processing my payment.
  2. lmao I have a pair that are 32 that I bought accidentally, if I don't roll them up twice then I might as well not bother wearing socks I live in skinny jeans and girlie band tees when I'm not working. I basically have to stick with more fitted clothes because of my proportions. I struggle with looser fitting clothes. Straight/boot cut jeans? lol no chance. I like skinnies the most anyways so that's no big deal unless it's work pants. It makes me really sad that I can never wear floaty clothes or dresses though since I think they're gorgeous. My chest kind of catches the fabric and makes the rest of the dress/top puff out like a tent and it ends up looking ridiculously unflattering on me
  3. Maybe they caught the issue but were only successful with shutting safari uses out from doubling up, who knows lol. This is the first time I've ever had trouble paying (also tried on my iphone and the ulta app) but I was too lazy to get my butt up off the couch to go to a windows computer to see if that would make a difference. ETA: it let me check out with no issue with the 20% off though smh. I guess I should just be relieved their system didn't somehow randomly ban me from making online purchases at all seeing how they refuse to resolve that issue for the ladies who are affected by it.
  4. @ oops I confused cache with cookies LOL. Here's how you actually do it: Click Safari Select Preferences Go to the Advanced tab Select "Show Develop menu in menu bar" Then click on the Develop menu that appears at the top and select Empty Cache
  5. Maybe close safari, open it, go up to the toolbar menu for "history" and then click "clear history and website data"? Then close safari again and open it back up and you should be good? It wouldn't let me check out with the coupon doubled no matter what so I just went with 20% off since I wasn't making a huge purchase and was paying with a gift card. Just needed a few essentials. Plus the lack of GWPs made me feel less motivated to try to force it to work, if that makes any sense haha. I'll make up for it next time around.
  6. Ugh wtf, I'm finally trying to place my Ulta order and it's not letting me use my gift card, OR 2 different credit cards...
  7. @@nerdi for jeans? Usually a 28 won't look too ridiculous on me but depending on the shoes I wear I may roll them up an inch or two ;-; what you said about stores makes a lot of sense. Since I only wear pants to work, I try not to spend much money on my casual/party clothes so I raid cheaper stores like shasa, H&M, charlotte russe, or F21. And of course since they're so cheap, they'll try to use less fabric to cut costs too. I'll check out the subreddit when I get on my laptop later! We must have similar chest types, sports bras do the same to me and I always feel like it should hurt to compress them so much. I'm actually glad that they do that for me though since I run and kickbox (not currently, but gonna start back up soon) so the last thing I want is my boobs jiggling all over the place. It does mean that I can only wear tank tops over the bra when I work out though, otherwise I look like I have pecs lmao.
  8. I just tried it, it's letting me do it too This came at a perfect time, I need more pore strips and I've been wanting to try Palladio's rice powder (tbh at $5 I would've bought it full price anyways), and NYX is BOGO 50% off lippies so helloooo more matte lip creams.
  9. I just got an email from Ulta with another 20% off code - did anyone verify/disprove that we can still doublestack coupons?
  10. This clothing size issue reminds me of another pet peeve I have. I'm average height at 5'5 but dresses are RARELY long enough for me! And I'm not talking about needing a dress to be knee length - I just need a dress to cover my butt or be mid-thigh when I'm standing up! Every time I tried to buy a dress online I'd look at the model's measurements - "model is 5'10, wearing a size small" and the dress would be 2-3 inches above her thigh. I'd buy it thinking I'd be totally safe, and... womp womp. Say hello to my new tshirt/tank top. Or I'm in a store browsing around and see something I LOVE, and it still ends up not covering my butt. I guess I have an obnoxiously long torso - I have a friend who's 6'6 and we're the same "height" when sitting down. I think I just need to look for dresses in tall sections. I ordered a midi dress from ASOS a while back and it was above the knee for me LOL. Sadly it wouldn't zip up all the way because of my chest so I gave it to a friend. She's only an inch or two shorter than me and it was midi length on her. I feel like I'm breaking physics. @@LindaD @@FormosaHoney sometimes I marvel at ladies who are lucky enough to be able to go braless for certain tops/dresses that require it. I have some tops where I just begrudgingly let the bra band show slightly rather than try to go without one. I did have a stick on bra at one point but it was so uncomfortable and weird lol.
  11. @@SaraP yeah, I know for sure my mother is wearing the wrong size but she won't listen (she's got back fat drooping over and bulging out from under the bands, the bands are stretched to their last seam, and her boobs are spilling out but she ~insists~ she's a 34D. I gave up trying to explain. She's kind of got Kim Kardashian Syndrome where she tries to squeeze into clothes that are at least 2 sizes too small). My grandma was wearing the wrong size but I switched her to front closing sports bras because she told me she has difficulty clasping bras in the back (and she couldn't figure out how the twisty front closures on the bras I have work). I'm personally waiting for my boobs to stop changing before I get remeasured. I've gone up a cup size every year for the past 4 years even though my weight has remained stable. @@FormosaHoney lol I ran out of clean bras once except one super padded one I accidentally bought online, went over to the bf's, and he was just like . I always wear a lightly padded bra because, well, if anyone is staring at my chest it'll be staring back. I went out for a run on thursday and wore an unpadded sports bra and a thin puma running shirt, came back home, looked in the mirror, and "DAMN IT"
  12. I have a separate keyboard that I bought a while back when my HP keyboard broke and had to wait a week for an appointment with a tech. It's rubber and rolls up (I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I saw it and HAD to have it) but I've been too afraid to use it heavily because I just know that with the way I type, I'd shred the rubber in weeks! Why can't those projection keyboards be popular and efficient yet?? SOAD/metal cruise talk behind the spoiler! @@ohsailor that's true, I regretted not seeing After Forever for YEARS until just recently when their vocalist and her new band (ReVamp) came to tour and I told myself I HAD to go and went 2 hours out of town the night before an 8AM final LOL. I had such a migraine that I answered about 80% of the questions and just walked out 45 minutes into a 3 hour exam. I still got the 2nd highest grade in the class. Do you mean 70K? If you went on that I'm dying of jealousy! Wintersun is my all time favourite band and Ensiferum is in my top 3 and my friend and there were at least 10 more bands that I also really like on that damn cruise! @@FormosaHoney That would be such an amazing business! There have actually been times where a freshly washed shirt just would not fit at all and I would have to wear a bodysuit underneath that would smoosh my boobs down. But then I would feel really self conscious because I feel like people would probably notice the fluctuating chest size and start thinking that I'm stuffing my bras when it's the other way around. The sad thing is that I'm not even THAT busty because lol Asian genes, but in VS I wear a 34D, and I have a few 32DD ones from ASOS. It's weird because I was browsing instagram the other day and this one ~instagram famous~ girl's pic popped up and she was insisting her boobs are real and that she's a 34D... but her boobs looked twice as big as mine. @@Kelli I think the best solution is just buy a reserved seating ticket sometime over this weekend and just wait and see what happens. If I do find out I'll be going to Montreal, I'll skip the Houston show and either try to sell the ticket or just eat the cost (about $70).
  13. Yeah, I would love to do both but it gets expensive with plane+festival tickets (and a hotel for Montreal). I feel like I'm constantly going to fests a year late lol. Montreal 2013 was the best possible lineup for my music taste, but I didn't go til 2014. 70K 2015 had almost every single band I've listened to in the past 10 years, and I might be able to go next year. They don't usually repeat bands 2 years in a row. Just my luck lol.
  14. All this rose perfume talk makes me sad - I loooove how rose smells, but I'm allergic to it I know that the little eczema blisters on my hands freak out every time I touch rose related things. They pop up and itch to the point that I end up clawing all the skin off the affected fingers (usually index/thumb on both hands). I haven't ever tested how the rest of me reacts to rose, but I'd rather not find out lol. ETA: it could very well be a localised sensitivity though, like how I can't ingest coconut without breaking out into hives, but I'm fine with coconut oil in my lipstick/etc. @ I LOVE l'artisan la chasse aux papillons! It's my special occasion perfume along with atelier vanille insensee. It reminds me of MJ daisy when it's in the bottle, but muskier and more floral at the same time. Daisy just smells a little too much like an overly ripe cantaloupe once it's on me.
  15. lol tbh living in TX means that a 1.5 hour drive isn't really too big of a deal under normal circumstances. I'll drive that far to go shopping without blinking, but I just know that after a crazy concert I'll be exhausted and not want to drive the 50ish miles back home. Montreal is probably 50/50 at this point but it'll depend on what other bands they announce too. At least Slipknot planned their tour so that they hit TX last aka give the weather a chance to cool down a little. I missed one fest 2 years ago because some dumb organiser thought it would be a good idea to come to Houston in the middle of August and its 100+F heat with the venue charging $5+ for a tiny uncapped bottle of water.
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