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  1. !!! I"ll give you mine. I was going to ask if you want it then I totally forgot with my crazy week at work. SOrry about that. I'm glad I managed just to catch you XD
  2. I walked into Nordstrom Rack yesterday and there were so many tempting things. There were $3(!!!!!) UD polishes, and I was all grabby hands and a little sad because I'd paid $5 for two of them (wow, a whole ~$4 I could've saved. Though in fairness, one of the ones I got was sold out). I probably wouldn't use the two colors I didn't pick up much anyway, not that I am using the ones I did get a lot (vice, zodiac I got, and bang and the orange one I didn't) I looked at my credit card bills this month and it's kind of shocking how small they will be combined. I guess those $10, $20 purchases do add up though they never seem to be much, most of the time. I actually ate out quite a bit and even bought some clothes this month...huh. I didn't make much of a dent into trying my makeup though. So busy/tired this month :C sigh
  3. The lip stain will be in "valentine" probably which is cute, but it is tiny as heck. Probably only an inch/inch and a half tall and about the size of a dime around
  4. I'm debating if I want to renew my Flash right now... I think it's useful, but I'm on a no-buy for quite a while and having the option is always sorely tempting. I don't want to lose the option to renew, but maybe this will prevent me from hoarding stuff XD But I don't want to give up the option for flash...i just don't want it to waste away for 6 months while i'm not buying so i can use up what I already have. What to do :X
  5. You can check out their program here: http://www.hm.com/us/longlivefashion And the FAQs say they'll take anything -- even your old towels And thanks! I'm waiting for my yearly benefits card to come in (you pre-tax medical benefits card) since my deductible is $250 so that'd be nice to be pre-tax before I schedule another appointment.... okay... still confused. Sometimes I like when there're more threads, and sometimes it's more confusing, but that's okay. I haven't been on much lately so I'm even more dazed and confused, but whatever works! Keep it up ladies
  6. A couple of points/questions 1) Are we not using the slumber party thread? This whole thing is getting super confusing for me @[email protected] 2) I successfully avoided temptation this weekend! I donated a whole bunch of clothes to Goodwill. I have even more clothing I barely wear but am too sentimental to get rid of still. But some of them had to go. I've been out of college and working for a couple of years now so all those jeans from high school (much less a pair from middle school!) needed to go. BTW did y'all know that H&M will take any clothes that are in too poor quality to donate for resell and recycle/reuse the textiles? You'll get a 15% H&M coupon, but I mostly like that they'll take pretty much anything regardless of quality so I don't have to feel bad about throwing those bleach-stained clothes I accidentally messed up. Oops. But afterward, I went to Michaels and picked up a couple of things for a pretty cool DIY project. I'll share in a couple of days because I'm sending one to my SS (because I still haven't mailed her thank you card/gift ORZ). I'm rather proud of my first attempt but it does have a rather "homemade" feel about it right now hahahahah 3) I just saw a review for a 50mm f/1.8 camera lens that's compatible with my canon that's like half the price of the regular canon version of it. I keep not buying camera lenses because a lot of them are very very pricey ($300-500 and higher) and uh between which hobby I'd rather drop that money on, it was makeup for a while. >.> I could make VIB/Ulta uhhh idk what it's called with the purchase of 2-3 lenses a year, cries. 4) **SKINCARE TMI** So instead of focusing on using up a lot of samples, I've closed down my skincare routine and my skin has been the happiest it's been in like 10 years (since before puberty even, maybe). I have really bad cystic acne, and this is the longest time I've gone without a cyst for at least 3-4 years now. My dermatologist was recommending acutane but I was putting it off not even because I didn't want to do it but because her office required me to have a psych clearance due to my history of depression and I was like wtf I haven't been on medication or seen a counselor in 2 years and do you know how much work it is to find one/take the time out to see one? ugh, annoying. I don't want to jinx myself but I'm tempted to go back and see if there's anything I can do about the scarring now... but mostly i needed to stop the bleeding (literally -- my skin used to bleed so much even when I didn't do anything. I tried so hard not to pick at it) first. I think it's starting to calm down so we'll see. I wouldn't be opposed to going on accutane, but it is quite expensive too ):
  7. @@Verorenee thanks, quite helpful! And you can link to blogs as long as it's not your own, which is considered self-promotion And i checked the ingredients of some of the ones I was thinking about pressing and some of them have the listed ingredients and some don't. I guess it's a matter of testing what works then
  8. I don't really go on Reddit because I tend not to like the culture/type of personalities it draws, and I don't find it very intuitive to use most of the time. I have the coconut oil, and I know glycerin is used but is discouraged now. If you know the other two, I'd think we'd all appreciate it here. I know TKB makes one but I'm not sure what it's made of.
  9. So I ordered the coconut oil per @@Kelly Silva's recommendation, and it arrived. I have to go out and buy the rubbing alcohol but i saw the 70% at the grocery store last week (huge bottle!) for like $2 so that's not a problem. I've also pulled out a sephora palette recently, which was actually one of the first things I'd EVER bought at sephora: If you recognize it, you'll have an idea just how old it is. XD Anyway, I'm okay with using the eyeshadow still, but the lip stuff is grossing me out and i really hate gloss/creme formula so I'm just scooping all of them out and cleaning the pans. Since it actually comes with a magnetic compact, it's a great way to start test pressing some eyeshadows. I have some NYX/Starlooks opened loose shadows I'll try first before I murder my indie stuff XD But wow super roundabout, the backs say they hold quite a bit of eyeshadow, which actually surprised me. They look about 1/3rd the size of the quarter palette I bought above. I also was looking at some more videos, and this one doesn't even mention an additional binding agent: I'd be interested in trying that...curious. Anyway, I'll take pictures and let you ladies know how it goes.
  10. @@kawaiimeows ugh. Awful. I hope they at least refunded her the shipping cost because that's just terrible.
  11. Oh no! ): Awful. I don't know the current USPS policies, but I've seen them add automatically a $50 insurance to the packages I've sent that are 1+lbs. I hope she can get some of her money back. Super r00d USPS
  12. oh...so a good place to look for camera deals is SlickDeals. I'm not sure if it's a competitor to MuT so I won't link it (but it's kind of hard seeing it as a competitor since SD's audience is douchebag "tech savvy" *cough*notreally*cough* guys who insult people who wear makeup and MuT is made of lovely ladies who love makeup--and I've gotten off topic, but they have a photography deal dedicated page so I recommend Googling "SlickDeals photo" to see them. Updated within hours, when there's a deal, so you also gotta be on top of it to get the best deals
  13. I think everyone knows Hello Waffle is up again, but is this the Archer collection? http://hellowafflecosmetics.com/eyes/dutchess/ /doesn't know anything about Archer
  14. Am I late to the camera discussion? So a good site to compare cameras and one to browse for recommendations is SnapSort: http://snapsort.com/recommend (click digicam if you just want a P&S) So a few common terms that will help: 1) "wide aperture" That's what gives it the focused on one object, blurred around everything else feature. The lower it gets the better, but you'll ideally need something below f/2.4 to get the "true" blurred look. If that's something you're into. 2) large sensor -- that makes it pick up more information in low light settings and you can get truer colors. I have a Canon Rebel T4i, and I like it i, but it is kind of clunky to drag around. I'm thinking about getting another higher quality P&S even though I have one from 2008 that actually works okay. (uh I know we're not supposed to plug our own stuff, but I was under the impression it was related to makeup blogs/youtube videos. I just want to show some photos and I haven't used this account in years: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/) These were all taken with the 2008 P&S which is quite frankly not very good. A lot of it has to do with practice and composition. I don't know if I have any DSLR photos on me-- Well other than my reveals photos from this year's secret santa (but they're different since it's not landscape photography like the flickr) I don't really have any recommendations off the top of my head. ): But it's fun to look at Snapsort. Hope this helps!

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