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  1. N Note I've had incredible frustration trying to simply buy this from Nordstrom, w/ my Visa Debit, guess they don't take it and I HATE the Macy buying site! ( quick vent! ) maybe I'm not supposed to be buying! lol
  2. Lancôme Gift with Purchase Quantity: 1 Free Gift with Purchase: Receive deluxe samples of Génifique Youth Activating Eye Cream (0.2 oz.)m Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate (0.27 oz.), Tonique Confort Toner (1.6 oz.), Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Night Cream (0.5 oz.) and Absolue Permium ßx Replenishing Cream (0.5 oz.) with your $75 Lancôme purchase. Online only. One per person, while supply lasts. Will be added automatically in Checkout and shipped to the same address as your order. If associated with a Buy & Pick Up in Store order, gift cannot be picked up and will be shipped to the address of your choice. Gifts cannot be shipped internationally. Past purchases do not apply. If you return the qualifying item(s), please return the gift. FAB DEAL... Get all of the above w/ the Gift w/ Purchase.. 63.00, Glam or Glow.. (above) LANCOME.. and add an under 20 dollar purchase. This is a prime deal imo. Must buy today!! I hate being soo addicted!! lol I just bought some Clinique stuff, earlier and hadn't seen this deal, now what? sigh.. lol but too good .. right?
  3. I LOVE wearing Makeup! I've always just found it fun, to play w/ , since about 16. I studied how to put it on. I have no fear, there's a huge difference, when I wear it and I'm plain. I always get wow's, when I go out, and have it on. I Do like to be Bold, tho, . I get lots of compliments. So for me, its just fun. Right now, I have fibro and RA, so I don't always have the strength , which may sound strange, but being sick, is how it is. Putting makeup on, just makes me feel pretty! Plus, I love the startled, back up stares , from people, who have seen me plain, to w/ makeup! lol .. So fun, compliments are nice
  4. What's in the Smashbox, can you show? Plus, I love the rosegold bag! I wonder, if its too late, to sign up now and get it this month. Purity is great and I think the value of the bag, is way worth more then 8 bucks! imo...
  5. Hi, I see so many people on here, I'm surprised there are not more reviews! I LOVED the sugar scrub, this month. It tastes nice and sweet and actually polishes and refreshes my lips. Our surprise addition, was Redken Fashion Waves.. Sea Salt Waves.. now haven't tried yet, but I love Redken products. I'm just loving the Allure boxes and thks for posting, the updates, for coming boxes, that helps the budget!
  6. II iPPlease don't ever buy from breeders!!! I'm sure this person, has a dog now. I'm very passionate, about this subject. So many beautiful souls, are put to sleep, simply bc we our nation, doesn't have enough homes , for them all. Breeding is NOT necessary , Shelters there are perfectly fine, beautiful animals there. All kinds. It's also great place, to volunteer. Even just to go cuddle. I have so much more, to say, but I won't, lol.. All I can say, is don't shop, go to shelters. Remember give them each some time. Some have been locked, in cages, for a long time and need, a chance , to move around, wiggle, get used to you. Animals are the greatest gifts, I personally can't wait to get breeders off the street, they're not needed. Rescue Cats/ dogs are the best. Animals are for life~
  7. Thks for clearing this up.. yes.. I just have so much I could say... I can see, why it would be soo popular. This, this.. is a comedian's dream... The picture and description is priceless!,,,, lol... oh my, my.. Thanks and in colors!! .. Guys, do read the descriptions! lol "The thicker touch-points deeply and precisely cleanse skin, particularly on the T-zone, and the thinner touch-points gently channel pulsations, suitable for sensitive or dry skin." I'm sorry, its almost summer and my mind!...
  8. Ok, I have no idea, what Is Foreo??... um w/ batteries?? umm ....lol anyone care to enlighten me?......
  9. Lol, I'm sorry, I'm no help! I have no system. I keep trying.. but.. I do try and keep all my lipsticks, in one bag. I live in a teeny tiny place. There is no room, at all, in my house, for a decent makeup table and I think bathrooms, are plain gross. I do my makeup, in my bedroom. I have a couple of boxes and bags. and then my "table" is just cluttered, w/ random products I use everyday. Personally, I think it'd help to put all the eyeshadows together, lips, etc. Or just put your usual routine products together. I like to change mine, up a lot tho. Good luck! Wait, none of that was helpful, I found some 1.00 boxes, at Michaels awhile ago, so I use those and makeup bags, which I have tons of! Plus, you can find cute coffee holders at Salvation Army, for makeup brushes. I still want an antique table, someday!
  10. Just thought, I'd share this deal, I found, for newbies. Free Gift with Subscription Get a FREE full-size, high-shine M·A·C Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Look Lively when you join. Use code IWANTUMAC at checkout. Enjoy~
  11. I just got my first box. I have to say, I'm really impressed! Happy, happy dance! Sending a card, along, telling what the products are, is wonderful and where to get them at, great. The stress check, breathe in, ahh yes, yes.. lol.. does work. Pink luxe brush. 6 products, can't go wrong there, all good quality.. imo.
  12. I wanted to bump this up. The Clinique Chubby Sticks , are some of the best out there..imo. Long lasting, great Deep color of pop. I put some lip gloss on top, of mine. Yet, not needed. I usually wait until one of their specials, to buy these. They are well worth it!! Esp w/ the discount. For really Red, juicy lips, Broad Berry is sure to do the trick! I also have Mega Melon, Curvy Candy, along w/ the Strawberry, which I agree, is the one I also have worn the most. , besides the berry. Enjoy!
  13. Reija, Thank you! That's Exactly the type of feedback, I was hoping for!! I have plenty of makeup bags and I really do prefer quality. Blessings & Joy Whispered~
  14. I haven't decided whether to try the Allure beauty box, .. yet or not.. Any suggestions? How do you like the eyeshadow? This month, so far looks good and worth signing up for.. I can only afford ONE beauty box, tho per month.. and it would mean quitting Ipsy. I started getting the Allure Boxes, when they were a big deal, buy them for 50 bucks, when they were worth 250 or so. Worth the value! . Thks for any feedback!!

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