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    I'm addicted to makeup and very few people in the real world know because I don't wear makeup everyday... It's like I'm a makeup collector lollll

    Are you my secret santa?!

    Here are a few things you should know about me:

    I have allergies to cheap metals that are found in jewelry like Claire's and stuff, but I'm okay with high grade sterling silver (like the one's with 925 printed on them or rhodium plated pieces).

    I love hair accessories and I am currently searching for hair combs.

    I don't have a lot of specific things I want. I have a lot of palettes already (impulse shopper lol). So I have both Naked palettes, Naked Basics, Fun/Fem/Dangerous palettes (new ones), Meet Matt(e), Nude 'Tude, Balm Jovi, Glinda/Theodora, and I think that's it lol... (and now the Lorac Pro Palette whoop!)

    I don't own anything from MAC except a paint pot (Bare Study) and fluid line gels. So if you have any recommendations to what I should try out... I will def. go check them out!

    I have not tried many Lush products but I would love to try them as well! Please give me your recommendations!

    I love tiny make up samples (like twist up lipsticks and theBalm samples!), they're so cute! Especially little perfume bottles. I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

    I love to read books too, so if you want to recommend stuff for me to read, that would be awesome (not that I don't have enough stuff to read already lol...)

    One thing that I don't like in my boxes: Mascara. I have like 20 samples. And only so many lashes. LoL

    I hope I wasn't too specific and too vague about what I like~
  • My Interests
    Makeup. Reading. Eating. Occasionally I sleep too.

    To see what I have read::

  • My Occupation
    Retail Slave
  • My Beauty Product Wish List

    I want to try Rimmel products (lipsticks mainly)
    Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Kit
    Lorac 2 Palette
    Brushes from MAC or Sigma
    New Holiday palettes from UD that are popping up online :O
    I love::
    eye shadows
    lip tints, balms, liners
    **hate sticky glosses**

    Can't figure out blush/bronzer/highlighters or mascara.

    I have the hardest time figuring out my foundation shade. D:
  • Custom Links
    I started a blog!!
    It's gonna alternate between books and makeup lol
    ^ has not been updated in ages... but who knows? Maybe I'll pick it back up?
  • Country
  • Favorite Books
    Meg Cabot books
    Stephanie Plum series
    Ann Rinaldi books
    Tamora Pierce books

    I love LOTR, Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson series.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Urban Decay
    Make Up For Ever
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I'm not full Asian...
  1. I'm glad you like it!! I wanted to send you more sweets but I was afraid chocolate and stuff would melt since you live in Texas. And I didn't keep track of the weather lol... So I sent some soup!!! Hahahahaha my logic makes no sense. I hope you enjoy everything! I had to switch boxes at the last moment so some of the gifts had to come out of their boxes. XD
  2. Yay!! I totally forgot to write a card... but I'm sure everything is self explanatory? XD Circular book swap sounds so cool I'd be in. OMG A JANE AUSTEN THEME!!!!!!!!! That's so cute! I'm actually reading Mansfield Park right now! Which one are you reading? And which one is your favorite? I really like Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. There are so many talented and creative people on this thread~~ If I participate next year I may be in Korea teaching English. I hope I can participate again. : )
  3. My gift came in! Actually it came in awhile ago but I didn't know because my dad didn't tell me I had gotten a box lol. My secret santa is: jwls750 I got pretty blue headband, a rose-toned eye palette from purmineral (I've never used this brand!), a really nice smelling candle from Illume with my initial (I love it!!!), a lip color from Hikari in Cabernet (very pretty), Glam Glow samples (Yay!) and chapstick (stable in everyone's pocket lol). Thank you so much! I feel like I might have been hard to shop for but I think you picked some great items for me!! I love Secret Santa!
  4. LoL Those are like all my favorite colors. I'm so curious to know what your santee got!
  5. I'm going to pick up some stuff on Saturday from The Face Shop. Excitement.
  6. <- I am dressed up as "Harriet Potter" for Halloween lol... HARRY POTTER IS MY JAM!!! lol The theme song is my ringtone. and I am not ashamed! I've wanted to go to the Harry Potter theme park forever but I has no monies D: I live vicariously through others! I am still trying to figure out what to get for her my santee's main gift... there are soo many things I want to get her!!!!!
  7. I will be out of town Dec 13-15 but I live with my family so someone will bring the box inside if it is sent around then. I hope my santee likes her gifts. I'm getting a random assortment together.
  8. I hope I'm not too hard to shop for. If it helps, I'm really into Harry Potter, I like Supernatural- more specifically Dean Winchester and Castiel (but I haven't caught up since season 7 because I'm crazy), I like bunnies, hats, homemade stuff, and if I had a patronus it would probably be a snorlax. I also read a lot. I love novelty stuff too. You really can't go wrong with whatever you put in the box because I'll probably be touched by the fact someone went through the trouble of finding a gift for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
  9. i picked up a lot of little stuff to go in my santees box! I haven't decided what her main gift is yet but it's all coming together!
  10. I am excited for this winter. I'm going to a Hobbit themed xmas party. I don't know what to dress up as since I don't want to buy clothes... Probably just a hobbit lol
  11. I forget who mentioned curly haircuts but it is so important to make sure the stylist knows how to cut it right. My mom is a hair stylist so she is usually the only person who cuts my hair. She definitely built up her experience... lol. If they cut it wrong your hair curls weird. I'm too lazy to get it cut often though. So sometimes I'll grow it out long and other times I'll chop it off. I also want to say my secret santa last year was @@JC327 and I loved everything I got. Especially the cool German products. I think it's safe to say whoever gets JC327 this year as their secret santa is a lucky santee!! I live in an area where I can find some Korean make up products... so I think I'm going to be adding some to my santee's box.
  12. I have been trying to catch up on this thread before posting but that would mean never posting. LoL I'm really excited to go shopping today to see what I can find for my secret santee. I hope my secret santa isn't having a hard time finding stuff for me! I'm going to try to post more!!
  13. I think I signed up? I signed up at the site. Is that all I need to do? Also I prefer US only as well.
  14. Whoa I hope Babs is okay. Sorry to be MIA for so long.

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