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  1. As much as I would love to do another round, I think I will have to bow out for the next one. But, it's been fun!
  2. I have only tried the style extender, which I really liked. I am excited to try these two products!
  3. Wow! Just opened the box and it is jam packed! Will post what I am taking/putting in shortly!
  4. Can't wait to get the box. I actually have to go out of town unexpectedly for work until Monday but I promise to send it out first thing Tuesday after making my swaps!!
  5. Sorry I have been slow to respond, but everything looks great. I am excited to get the box! I have already gone through my stash and picked a lot of good stuff. Let me know if any of the people behind me are interested in anything particular, and I will see what I have!
  6. Count me in! I meant to say that I was not interested in masks but am definitely interested in an everything else swap! I am fine with the dates and also with lightly swatched items if they are clearly marked.
  7. I would definitely be interested in participating in a non-Korean mask circular swap!
  8. I just received the sweetest thank you gift from @@Kelli! She sent it a while ago but I have been on maternity leave and haven't been able to stop by my office until today. She included all sorts of fun things including some sweet gifts for my little boy! Thank you so much, Kelli!!! I love it all!
  9. I am so overwhelmed right now by how incredible my gift was from @@Kelly Silva. She really outdid herself and I am beyond grateful for how much thought she put into everything. Here’s the box and what I found when I opened it! Everything was beautifully wrapped with color coded paper and a note card explaining what was chosen and why. I especially loved this little shark card (perfect for Shark Week!) The first box I opened was labeled “face and hair” and had 1) Lancer Lift Serum 2) Borghese Brightening Makeup 3) Alterna Caviar CC Cream 3) Napoleon Skin Primer 4) ReVive Eye Serum 5) The Balm’s Hot Mama (LOVE!) and 5) SuperGoop Eye Cream. The second box was labeled body products which was full of fun things that I can take with me when I travel. I can’t wait to try out the different washes and lotions including: 1) Caldrea tea olive lime body wash 2) Jergens BB Cream 3) Dr. Haushka lemongrass body wash 4) Bee Kind body lotion 4) Rock Star hand cream and 5) Gilchrist and Soames body lotion. Everything smells delicious and exactly like something I would pick for myself! The third thing I opened was this beautiful Turkish bag with samples galore. The foils are also perfect for travel! I also adore the bag! I know I will use it a lot! Kelly also included a stash of tea and some delicious snacks. I already tore into the sea salt caramel popcorn (and am now typing this with sticky fingers.) She also included a spicy mango chili sauce (sounds delicious) and a baggie of candies, including some See’s orange cream lollipops. (I love See’s Candy!) The next thing I opened was this beautiful Gorjana jewelry roll. Kelly was worried that the color would be too bright but I LOVE it!! I love reds and hot pinks and so this is perfect for me. I will definitely use this when I travel. Next was a box containing some of her favorites (to the left) and some of mine (to the right.) In it was the Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer (something that I have been dying to try), a Garden of Evil whipped body cream in “Make it Rain” (I love the scent), a Rainbow Honey French lavender soak, the LAQA lip pencil in Menatour (which Kelly knows I have been wanting to try!) Vasanti Brighten Up and the No. 4 Prep & Protect (both of which I love.) The next thing I opened was a little bag containing various lip products including: 1) a Yes to Carrots lip butter 2 ) a limoncello lip butter, since I had to postpone my trip to Italy this spring (so sweet) 3) the cutest Cynthia Rowley lipgloss 4) a Maybelline lipstick which she picked out because it was the closest thing she could find to the YSL lip color that is impossible to find (it looks pretty darn close!) and 5) two lip scrubs that she made in frozen margarita and guava!!! I can’t wait to try these out! So, the final gift was almost too much for me to process. She labeled it the “ultimate box of awesome.” I literally opened the top of the box and then quickly closed it again. I just had to give myself a few minutes before diving into it. First up were five beautiful nail colors. The first four will be perfect for the fall (as you can see I couldn’t wait until fall to try them out- please ignore my ragged cuticles and my fat pregnant fingers) and the last one is the perfect match for Dior color that I have been dying to try. She also included some perfume samples- including two of my favorite (Folle de Joie) and another of Atelier’s Rose Anonyme. There was also so many wonderful eye products including: 1) a blending brush 2) LaSplash eye shadow sealer/base 3) a Chella eyeliner pen in “indigo” and 4) Sumita eye pencil. I also got a Coastal Scents palette which contains the perfect shades for me and also the Stila “In the Moment” eye palette which has been on my wishlist forever! I feel completely spoiled. There was also an Honest Co. toothpaste for my baby to be. Finally, Kelly included two more things that she made—a blood orange foaming sugar scrub and a body butter that smells absolutely divine – blooming dogwood with a hint of ocean spray. I cannot wait to use them! Kelly also included several of her favorite recipes for Thai Style Pork Salad, Mushroom and Swiss sliders, Toasted Israeli Couscous, Honey-Sriracha chicken wings and Peach Whiskey Bourbon chicken. I really loved all the personal touches she included in the box. Not only did she pick gifts that were perfect for me, she shared with me some of her loves, which I know I will love as well. I cannot express enough how overwhelmed and grateful I am. Thank you, Kelly from the bottom of my heart!
  10. Eek! I got my box from @@Kelly Silva! I was on vacation last week so I just got to the office now and will open it and post pics as soon as I can. I am so excited!
  11. Yay!! I am so happy you like everything! It was so much fun shopping for you. I really feel like the gifting is the best part of the exchange. I was so excited for you to receive the package and "to see" you open everything! I love the reveals!!!
  12. Will be shipping today! It was actually cheaper to send my box via Priority Mail (in a non-flat rate box) than via parcel post, so it should get to my swap buddy sooner than I thought! Eek! I hope she likes what I picked for her!
  13. Thanks! I will work it out with Babs!
  14. I will be away from August 2-9. I gave my home address as the shipping but perhaps I should update it to my work address. Maybe I could give it to my person via a roadie. I will be 9 months pregnant then so I would rather not have to schlep to the post office to pick anything up but my work will hold onto it for me until I get back from vacation.
  15. Either the opened full size or the two minis would be welcomed! I have pierced ears, have teeny tiny fingers (my wedding band is a 3.75, but I can wear up to a 5) and wear a size 5 shoe. One more question- would you prefer a bunch of smaller gifts or 1-2 larger items?
  16. I just added a Birchbox wishlist to my summerswap list. In terms of samples, I can't get enough of travel sized cleanser, face moisturizers and toners. I also really like hand creams. I would prefer not to get swatched or gently used items.
  17. Coffee/tea: I drink espresso in the morning and tea throughout the day. I also like iced coffee in the summer. For tea, I like mostly herbal: chamomile, ginger, lemon, mint, etc... but nothing too fruity. Coveted items: 1) Stila "In the Light" or "In the Moment" eye palette 2) Dior Vernis Nail Laquer in "Bouquet" 3) Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in some kind of bright pink/peach/coral color and 4) the YSL Rouge Pur Lip Color in 52 (which I think is sold out everywhere but I would love to find something similar.) Eyeshadow: Definitely pressed. I travel too much to use loose shadows. ************** I have another question: What is your jewelry style? I wear the same pieces every day-- all small and and all gold but I do like to change up my necklaces ands bracelets depending on mood/outfit.
  18. Hi! I've been bad about answering the questions, so here goes.... My name is Sarah. I live in NYC with my husband of two years. No pets though I do love to stop by pet shops and ogle at the puppies! Dream vacation: The Amalfi Coast in Italy is my #1 dream vacation right now. We were supposed to go this spring but then I found out I was pregnant. No use in going to Italy if I can't indulge in the wine! Also on my list are Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro (I have been to Rio but would love to go back with my husband) and also Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia. Last thing that made me smile: When my 10 year old nephew told my mother that the picture he drew for her was "inspired by Henry Rothko." Favorite colors: I like a lot of neutrals with pops of bright colors. I love magenta and hot pinks with orange. I love Ikat and Turkish Kilim rugs. Favorite foods: I love all food. Korean bbq, pasta, Mexican, seafood especially lobster, etc... Eating is probably my favorite thing to do! Don't know about desert island picks though I know I couldn't live without lip balm, lotion, sunscreen and maybe dental floss. Snacks: Love them! I prefer salty over sweet but also love gummy candies, salted caramels, nougat and marzipan. I am not the biggest fan of chocolate though. Band/movie/book: Too many to choose from! John Irving is my favorite author though I don't have a favorite of his. I also read a lot of non-fiction. $1500 to spend: Probably some type of home goods store. Crate and Barrel or Room and Board. Brands to try: I am open to anything from drug store to high end. Maybe jurlique? I am trying to incorporate more natural/organic companies into my routine.
  19. Got my box. Pretty happy with it. The evologie sample is a nice size although the Davines multi benefit beauty sample foil is extra tiny.
  20. Dotybird’s Summerswap Wishlist About me: I’m 38 and married, expecting my first baby at the end of the summer (a boy.) I live in NYC and travel often for work. I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and a medium tan complexion. General likes: Hair: I have coarse thick hair that suffers from split ends. I am trying to use silicone free products, but still haven’t found any go-to products. I sometimes use the No. 4 super comb prep and protect and will occasionally use aerosol hairspray to tame my bangs (love travel sized hair sprays.) I also like to try dry shampoos but they are not a part of my every day routine. Face: My every day look includes: tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier illuminating moisturizer in “golden radiance”), mineral foundation (Bare Minerals in “Medium tan”) and blush. For skincare, I use mostly Juice Beauty products, but also use a lot of wipes when I am feeling lazy (which is more often than I would like to admit). I also use the Vasanti “Brighten Up!” exfoliator every couple of days. Lips: I love all kinds of lip color! I wear mostly bright pinks, corals and reds. Nothing matte please as I have overly dry lips. Eyes: I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow but no mascara. I typically wear a neutral eye shadow but also like to play with dark purples, greens and blues. I love Stila eye shadow palettes. I have Stila “In the Garden” and also UD’s Naked 1, which I both love. Nails: don’t really polish my nails, but if I do, it’s usually some kind of neutral or gray color. However, I do paint my toe nails a lot and I am not that picky about color (although no yellows/whites.) I tend to like creamy or jellies vs. metallics, frosted, etc. I am also not into nail art or anything textured. Body: I love body lotions, creams and oils. I love thick hand creams and taking baths. Scents: I like light floral and clean scents. My every day scents are: Folle de Joie or Stella McCartney Nude. I do not like perfumes or products that smell too sweet or like baked goods. Things I would love: Blushes-- powders, creams, tints, stains etc. I like pinks, corals, plums, etc. Makeup brushes- you can never have enough Lip color -- creamy, glossy or sheer over matte are preferred. I have been dying to try a LAQA & Co. lip pencil. Lip scrub- I have never tried one despite the fact that I have dry lips! Eye shadow /makeup palettes—I am a sucker for cute packaging and gift sets Hand creams – anything thick and creamy! Eye cream Nail polish – pinks, purples, reds, greys, neutrals Travel sized products—especially skin care Handmade gifts Things I would prefer not to receive: Mascara Clear lip gloss Self tanners/bronzers Chocolate – I like sweets but am not a big fan of chocolate Birchbox Wishlist: Jouer luminizing cheek tint Benefit Fake Up in Medium LAQA sheer lip lube pencil in purple or hot pink Suki 2 step ultra soft lip kit Tha Balm blush in Cabana Boy or Hot Mama Stila smudge stick in purple tang Stila "In the Moment" eye palette
  21. Not that impressed with my pick two. I am not a fan of whish products and I had never even heard of the perfume.
  22. Yes- the sizes are pretty good. For some reason, I didn't find the box as exciting as past ones, but my husband seemed to like it.

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