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    Recently have really been enjoying Country music.
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    MAC, Urban Decay, Maybelline
  1. Here are some more pictures Thanks again @kelli. I am so grateful for everything. You did a great job picking out gifts for me.
  2. Came home to a box full of goodies. Thanks so much to @@Kelli for being such an Amazing Secret Santa. I LOVE everything. Here are some pics.
  3. Updated 12/10: Getting: Cuppa Cuppa Mask W3ll Brightening Stick Mirenesse Lip Rouge x2 Amika Dry Shampoo Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Looking for: Laura Mercier Fan Brush Vasanti Rose Gold Eyeliner
  4. Nars.com Free 4pc set with any $65 purchase that includes mini deep throat blush, mini Via Veneto eyeliner, mini optimal brightening concentrate and mini Orgasm lip gloss
  5. Getting: Cuppa Cuppa Mask W3ll Brightening Stick Mirenesse Lip Rouge x2 Amika Dry Shampoo Looking for: Laura Mercier Fan Brush Not sure what else so try me
  6. Totally OT but I recently heard about this app called Slice that links to your email and tracks all your purchases and tracking #s etc and updates you as you receive emails regarding ship dates. I forget where I heard/read about it but I finally downloaded it before Black Friday (I think it was free) and I love having all my purchases in one place. I'm sure most of you have heard of it or something similar but I figured I'd share for anyone (like me) who was having a hard time tracking all of her online orders. As far as L'occitane, I'm disappointed that they aren't honoring the orders and that I would have had no idea that my order had been cancelled if I hadn't been on this forum. Oh well. $15 to spend somewhere else.
  7. I was unsure about getting this because even though I LOVE hand lotions, I have accumulated quite a few but I didn't realize you could stack the coupons so I had to pull the trigger. Thanks And thanks to everyone for all the deals.
  8. Buy one get one free on the Glam Glow website with code BOGO2014. It has to be 2 of the same item.
  9. I did some online shopping as well. Here's what I ordered: Sephora: Tocca & Philosophy $10 deals as well as the $10 Perricone moisturizer Birchbox: Gifts for my Secret Santa Tom Ford: not on sale but I did buy 2 of the mini lipsticks from the collection he released on Thanksgiving and I already received the order today. Old Navy: jeans, plaid shirt and some work cardigans Target: another plaid shirt ;-), faux fur vest and a blazer I'm trying to buy some basics for my wardrobe to actually put together some outfits I pinned on Pinterest instead of just pinning outfits I like. ;-) I can't wait to get the rest of my packages in the mail.
  10. Not really a deal per say but Tom Ford released a mini lipstick collection today called Lips & Boys. Lipsticks are $32. I picked up a couple of colors because I've been wanting to try Tom Ford lipsticks but I didn't want to spend $50. Not that $32 for a mini lipstick is a better deal lol. I wanted more but the colors weren't available. The collection is also going to be released on some department store websites like Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman etc.
  11. Yes, yes and yes. I'm 40, watch How to get away w Murder and he totally does. He looked familiar so I looked him up on imdb when I started watching the show but didn't recognize anything he'd been in but after reading your post, I realize that's who he reminds me of. On a random sort of related note, I never realized that the girl from Soul Man is Tommy Chong's daughter. She was on Dancing w the Stars talking about her dad and I had no idea that he was her dad.
  12. I finally decided to go through my stash today and get rid of some small samples that I know I won't use and to start making a list of Skincare samples so I could start using them up. While going through my stash, I was overwhelmed w how much I've accumulated especially in the lip balm, hand lotion and Skincare products. Oh and hair products too. At least I know I'll use up the hand creams and lip balms. I obsessively apply both daily. Going to make an effort to finish up some Skincare deluxe samples, a mac blush that I've been using forever that I cannot seem to finish and at least a lipgloss and lipstick. I love beauty sub boxes but man you accumulate so much stuff that it's become overwhelming.
  13. So I've never followed or read any of the VIB Rouge threads because I never thought I'd even come close but apparently I have been lying to myself because according to my Sephora acct, I'm 134 away from VIB rouge. I'm sure this has been answered before but what's the welcome gift when you become VIB Rouge and is it "worth" it? Thanks ladies.
  14. Here are 25 things you don't know about me just like the Celebrity one in US Weekly. ;-) 1. I love magazines. 2. I love reading about pop culture. 3. I am 40 years old (gasp) 4. I was born and raised in New Jersey and still live here. 5. I love photography. I own 2 DSLR cameras and 4 lenses. 6. I am a New York Yankees Fan and I love going to baseball games. 7. I bought a Groupon a few months ago to try out lash extensions and now I'm obsessed. 8. I don't use mascara except on my bottom lashes (see above) and thanks to sub boxes I have enough mascara for the next year. 9. I am a sucker for cute packaging. 10. I love Target and the Target Dollar spot. 11. I am addicted to handbags. I typically buy a new one every season. 12. I am addicted to lip balms. 13. I love reading. I own a Kindle but I also love the feel of a book. 14. I love reading quotes and I write down all quotes I love in a journal. 15. I love love love stationary (cute notebooks, journals, pens etc). 16. I love chocolate. 17. I am addicted to my phone. 18. I love to travel. 19. I subscribe to Birchbox and Sample Society although I'm about to cancel SS. 20. I recently lost 40lbs and I'm working on losing 40 more. 21. I love carrying cute pouches in my purse to organize my stuff because I carry A LOT of stuff. 22. I am shy until I get to know you and then I'm the complete opposite of shy. 23. I hate the number 6 especially if I see 3 of them. 24. I love bread...like I could live on it if I had to. 25. I love listening to music. I love listening to the lyrics. I love the way music can remind you of a person or a memory or a feeling. PS I came up with 25 things about myself surprisingly quickly and then accidentally clicked out of the tab and lost it all and had trouble coming up with 25 things the 2nd time around. General Likes/Dislikes Likes: Lipstick Blush Lip Balms Eyeshadow (although I do own tons of palettes) Masks Hydrating Facial Sprays Dislikes: Nail Polish Mascara (i have too many) Eyeliner (i have too many) Lipliner Dry Shampoo Tanning Wipes, lotions, etc. Body Washes Bubble Bath Candles Bronzer Specific Wants: Bioderma GlamGlow Powermud Bite Beauty lipstick mini or lip crayon First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée Ole Henriksen Ultimate Eye Gel

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