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  1. Hi everybody! I have missed all of you so much! I have been crafting as I joined the group Art Abandonment. Then when I tried to come back a couple days ago to find out about a polish, everything changed while I was gone! The polish is a new one by Revlon I think and it is supposed to be similar to gel. Base and color together and then their topcoat. Who has used it, how well does it work?
  2. The green is Green Machine by Brash. Got it at Big Lots for 80¢. I told hubby that I looked like a John Deere. The blue is Julep Kai topped with Sinful Colors Cinderella. Very pretty color. The red is Julep Nan which is the red for me. I really love it but I always mess it up somehow when I put it on! I got an orange in the Brash too....kind of scared to put that one on. I do love the formula of the Brash. It goes on so well. I think it's a Payless brand. So there are my last 3 manis.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Pollysmom I haven't tried the at home gel kits, but I used to have gel nails from a salon, and every one of them that I've seen uses regular nail polish...mostly OPI. There is no special "gel" polish when you get them done. I even brought some of my own polish from home in for them to use. So I wouldn't see why those at home kits wouldn't work with whatever polish you have at home. It sounds like they're just trying to get people to buy a $10 bottle of polish that you don't need. Okay, there are gel nails that are basically artificial nails. These you can put any polish on. Then there is the gel polish and the at home kits from Sally Hansen, Sensationail, and I forget the other one. The gel polish goes on your bare nails and lasts for almost 2 weeks. I'm starting to get confused here! LOL so Pollysmom, which is it you had done?
  4. I haven't had any more of these manis. I really did like the shellac nails which are the same as the gel. It makes your nails feel nice and strong! I hope you get a better answer from one of the other members! Quote: Originally Posted by Monika1 Thanks for input on this everyone! I was just searching on this same topic. I got the SH kit recently but haven't even tried it yet (and have been off MUT for a bit due to computer issues - I'm very mad that I may have lost some mani photos too!). I'm already contemplating doing my first mani with the kit as one with regular polish rather than the red one that came with! So now having read just a little bit online about it, it seems that some do APPROACH #1: step 1, step 3, and then regular polish (with or without regular topcoat) << for strength of the nail; others do APPROACH #2: step 1 (or no step 1 at all), then regular polish (with or without regular topcoat), then step 3 << for lasting power of a complete mani with a cheaper/already owned colour or colour not available in gel. So what I really haven't figured out is whether the approach 2 is really working well for people and how well it works compared to an all gel mani. I'd love to hear what people have discovered since this thread started. Any updates from @LyndaV, @Dalylah, @kat46, @shandimessmer, @delizabeth, @Marj B, @feemia, @KeepOnSingin, and @SpicyCake. And @delizabeth, when I get a mani done with this set, I'll be sure to report! I guess I'll just have to try, but it would be really great to learn more about how this is working from others too. @SpicyCake, I don't really understand what you're describing - are you saying that a mani with quick dry drops and a topcoat lasts just as long as a gel mani for you, but only if you put it under the UV lamp? If so, I'm surprised the lamp is effecting the mani that way!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sleepykat I wish I could just paint nails as my job. I'm not really interested in the rest of it--I don't want to do tips and acrylics and such. I don't know about elsewhere, but in my state it's illegal to even paint someone nails and charge for it unless you're licensed and so is the place where you do it. It's illegal for you to charge them...but is it illegal for them to just give you money..you know, give you a donation for doing their nails. I love doing nails too. I would love to go to the nursing homes or the senior center and do the ladies' nails but I think you have to have a license to even just do it for free in those places. I wish it wasn't though, I would really enjoy doing that!
  6. I'm wearing Julep Nan. I absolutely love the color. It goes so nicely with my skintone. Only problem is tip wear. I've not had this problem with any of my other Julep polishes! And, yes indeed, I did the tip and then the nail because I wanted it to be a good job. And I used my base coat and top coat as usual. I like the color so much I would buy another bottle for me and one for my sis in law, but with the tip wear I'm not sure. And that's why there is no pic of it posted!
  7. @jessrose18 That is absolutely gorgeous! Love, love it!! @Christa W I love it..I WANT it!! So cool! Everybody's nails look so great! I am wearing only my Nail Tek foundation at the moment. I bought a new red and it was an awful fail! A nail would get messed up ad I fix...then another on the other hand...I finally gave up and took it all off and went to bed.I think (know) I will try again later this evening when I am done in the kitchen. I think I'll try green since red seems a jinx to me! I think that for activities for Yousoldtheworld (Michaela) probably have to be in the range of what an 18 month to 2, maybe 3 year old can do on their own. Make homemade clay that they can model things out of with assistance and it won't hurt if they taste it. Mixed media pictures are cool, they can draw a picture, doesn't matter what it is..can be just an initial of their name. Put glue on it and put yarn on the glue. Use a few colors of yarn and maybe buttons for the moon, sun,etc. Some of my guys did them and they were great! Paint part of the picture, use yarn and buttons to fill it out. Percussion group is a lot of fun for them, you can use maracas, bongos, etc. Or have them make their instruments out of boxes.....like oatmeal box drum. You don't want instruments that are too noisy, hee [email protected], am I correct on the skill level for most of your clients? Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas Eve!
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