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  1. ive really liked this sub over birchbox ... my biggest complaint is the bonus card can only be used in stores & the closest sephora is like ... 60 miles away. i would order online more if i could use a code on the card
  2. i got the curated box this month. loved the box itself it came in, the little mirror, the LOC shadow (which I am using as under lid liner & its done very well). the shampoo samples were meh--too small--and the other two are underwhelming. i think i got the rose sample before.
  3. i was hoping for an update on any spoilers? or even a video? i wanted to get the box before an xmas party i am going to
  4. good to know! thanks! looking forward to getting this box
  5. Yikes - I didn't realize the curated box was $15.... that was my pick this month since I was underwhelmed by everything in the sample choice video. Oh well. I like the LOC products I have gotten
  6. Here's what was in my box & my thoughts: Marcell New-Age LumiPOWER 3-in-1 Moisturizer: This is an appropriate sample for me since I am trying to develop a new skincare routine so I am happy to try something else that I could buy FS and add to my routine. I am excited for this. I used it yesterday AM and it was "just okay" Costal Scents Blush & Brozer Pallette: I won't even use this. Goes into the "mom samples" pack ToykoMilk Light and Soul Perfume: I won't use this. Goes into the "mom samples" pack Number 4 Fluoro Restore & Repair Elixir: At first glance, without reading the card (or website) I thought this was a face oil. Again, I am pretty strictly Davines so I will probably try this once and put in the "mom" pile lol (my mother REALLY makes out with this stuff lol) Chella Eyebrow Pencil: I fill my brows everyday, even on "no makeup" days, thanks to being in Gen-Y where we always waxed growing up, and I had been looking for something to put in my travel makeup case that was a bit better than what i currently had in there. So i tried this on Sunday and I liked it, so I will be transferring there. So the breakdown of the November Samples: Useful: 2 Not Useful: 3 BB is really hitting home runs with me (that is a joke)
  7. My box # is 322 which I don't see listed, however, I had to update my credit card info & forgot to do it before the billing date (boo) but I thankfully didn't unsubscribe in that process. I am definitely excited for this theme as I am still in the process of revamping my skincare routine and have had some good product samples over the last few months with these subs.
  8. That's awesome - thanks for sharing! I am getting box 072 ... Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (this will go into the "mom samples" box ... i really only use davines on my hair) Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee Skin Reviving Fresh Gel (another face creame - not complaining ... just adding to my travel makeup kit) Farmacy Skin Dew Mist (i still have a bottle of the urban decay stuff that does this - this will likely go into my travel makeup kit) Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss (interested in this one - i look forward to getting it) Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip (not big into liquid lipsticks but i am excited about this one) YSL Mon Paris (meh - not into fragrance samples at all)
  9. I haven't gotten my shipping notice & I also don't think I got the email with the video? Bummer.
  10. My BB came sometime last week, but I was away. I think the box updated only as my box delivered (so jealous that I can't peek during shipping). Honestly, one of the better boxes I've received in the 6 months I've been back with BB... Hustle Butter Luxe: I will keep this. The FS price point isn't bad. I will keep it in my purse for the cold winter months and use either as a lip treatment for chapped lips (can't hurt to try, right?) or for my hands when they start to get dry. Loc Lipstick Sampler: Lipstick samples should replace mascara samples IMO. Maybe because I am just venturing into the world of lipstick, maybe because I just. don't. need. another mascara. I liked the matte pink color. Side note: I really need to "organize" my lipsticks better in general. Organic Pharmacy Double Rejuvenating Face Cream: I've used this twice since I got it and will probably use up the sample. Sometimes I like to cycle my face creams out to try to get my skin to adapt to something else and this seems to do the trick. The FS price is too high though. It is not a miracle cream. I would not consider purchasing FS. Oribe Anti Humidity Spray: Why is BB sending this in October? I read of others that LOVE Oribe. I haven't tried it but will keep it for next year I guess. I am a diehard Davines fan & have been for years. Sample size is on-par with what I expect from BB. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: I have not tried it yet but it was my sample choice for box customization. I probably will cycle it in over the next few weeks after I use up the face cream sample. I guess my biggest concern is that it needs to be left on for 20-30 minutes, and that is a big time commitment for me in my morning routine.
  11. Tata Harper Mask - though I can never make it to the website in time before everything gets sold out & my app crashes -no fail- when it opens. Last month I had to "settle" on the Milk beauty lip & cheek which I ended up LOVING & i may buy full size
  12. Box will be here Monday. I like that they come a little later in the month than the Sephora box. I got the Dr. Jart before from BB I think... I actually really liked it & it is my go-to facial moisturizer when I am traveling so it will be nice to have a backup. I am traveling a lot these next few months so it will be put to good use. Plus I am a weirdo and love travel as an opportunity to "switch up" my skincare routine. Bummer to hear that the lipstick is small as I really, really need to venture into the world of lipsticks. It took 32 years but I literally just found "my" shade of red. I love, love liquid liner so bring on the kat von d! The living proof/fragrance will be set aside for the "mom samples" box. ha!
  13. Okay, so I wanted to trouble shoot with everyone before I called Sephora Customer service (again) My first month my box came fine, I got the bonus card, etc. I really liked all the samples I got. The second month my box came, two samples were empty, but I got the bonus card, etc. I ended up calling customer service about the two empty samples and they credited my account 200 points (totally fair, IMO). At that point, I hadn't tried to redeem the bonus cards. I went to a Sephora in store to buy some "necessities" and I was able to redeem one of the 50 bonus cards. The stand alone mall store didn't have my staple fragrance (even though it showed it did online) so on my way out of the mall I stopped at the JCPenny Store & they had my fragrance (yay!) but the girl at the counter did not know how to redeem that bonus card. I told her I would hold onto it & go back to a Sephora store to redeem. Back to another mall (with a better Sephora) and I attempted to redeem the 50 point card with a purchase. They scanned the card, it shows on my receipt, but the points aren't showing up on my account? The first transaction (above) the points showed up instantly, but with this transaction they do not? In fact, when you look at your Sephora account online you can see the line where the bonus card is credited ... it shows differently than a normal transaction... Has anyone had an experience where they redeem the card in the store as directed but the points don't show up? I guess this warrants another call to customer service. Can you redeem at a Sephora Inside JC Penny? Help!
  14. I got my BB on Saturday. I guess by now, having re-subbed for 5 months, I am not as excited to get it? Maybe I have too many samples laying around now that I forget to be excited about the stuff? Maybe the incentive is gone since there are no review points? Not sure but here it is... 1. TokyoMilk Dark Pretty Rotten Eau de Parfum - I don't even bother with fragrance samples. I am so particular with fragrance. So that went right into my "samples for mom" bag that I have been putting together. lol Is there any way to tell them NO to fragrance samples? 2. Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek - love love love. This was the sample I chose and I am really glad I did. I have used it twice since Saturday. I may buy from Sephora for the double points, or if I procrastinate from BB since it's free shipping. 3. Elisabeth Mott It's So Big Volumizing Mascara - I needed another mascara sample like I needed a hole in the head. Although, all things considered, I likely will never have to buy mascara again while I have these beauty subs. I may also put this in the "mom bag" lol 4. Davines Oi Conditioner / Shampoo - I love Davines, and have long before BB. I put these in the mom bag since I already have both in full size (I currently rotate a few different Davines products in my hair care routine & Oi is one of them) but was a little disappointed to find they were foil packets. This may be a luxury brand, but the samples were only one time use. 5. Davines Oi All in One Milk - This was a delux sample size (yay!) of a Davines product I haven't tried (totally shocking). I really like this. If a buy it full size though, it will be from my salon. 6. Nuxe Cleansing Gel - Another one I put in the bag for mom. I don't need more facial cleanser. In fact, I use a very, very basic facial cleanser. So, I guess in all, the Milk and the Davines Hair Milk were the big wins for me.
  15. The acure cleansing towelettes did nothing to remove my makeup... Maybe it's just me, but my mascara and eyeliner stayed PUT. It was awful

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