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  1. Has anyone that used the "JOY" promotion gotten their box yet?? Or been able to do tracking by reference? I can't figure out which number to use.. Subscription number or Order number? Including letters/# sign? I got my Holiday box yesterday but no sign of December!
  2. I agree about the scarf... I'll have to wait to see it in person to make a final judgement but from the pictures I think it looks pretty frumpy
  3. Ooohh I'll be so much happier if I get one of those other scarves in that picture! Also would be much happier with Oribe dry shampoo... but I'm sure the hairspray is great too
  4. Got my box over the weekend (a week earlier than expected!) and am somewhat happier with it than I expected, but still not wowed! The scarf is much prettier on than I thought it would be - still not a huuge fan of the black-blue combo (and don't see at all how those colors are supposed to be "fall").. but I'm a scarf junkie and it will definitely be worn. Also really nice weight and very soft so that's a plus. The perfume definitely smells like a stripper, but I kind of like it LOL Face wash was lovely for the first use... will have to use it a few more times to really form an opinion... hoping to GOD it doesn't give me a rash or make me break out like some of the serums they've sent in the past. The hat.. as expected looks awful on me. I have a huge head and curly hair and it sort of looks like a condom on my head. Sweeeeet. Lipstick is nice.. pretty color, but sort of a weird shape out of the tube. Can definitely understand how it may break easily. Gummys... not impressed, but my bf seems to be enjoying them! This will probably be my last Special Edition (unless there is a spoiler item that I can't live without!). I've gotten I think all but two that they've put out in the past, and each time I've skipped I haven't ended up being disappointed.... just have to remember that next time I'm about to cave!
  5. Ughhh. Hate hats. HATE them. (Edit: I just realized I'm wearing a hat in my picture.... so apparently I'm a hypocrite!) Also, from the perfume website: "BYWAY is a sweet fragrance inspired by one unforgettable lap dance." Cuz you know... I've always wanted to smell like a stripper...
  6. As lovely as a sweater/poncho/kimono would be... I think Pop Sugar has learned it's lesson several times over that even when they consider something "one size fits all" there is a good chance it's going to bite them in the ass. Ladies that were around for the hanky panky thong and/or brokedown towel wrap debacles know what I'm taking about!
  7. hahaha you know... we got socks a while back (maybe 2 years ago?? I think it was an October box?) and I was SO mad at first... but they turned out to be my favorite socks ever! AND there was some glitch that year and they accidentally sent me two boxes... so I got TWO pairs! As long as it's not a hat I'll be happy!
  8. Stopp I just subscribed and if it's a hat I'll be SO mad. HAS to be a scarf though, right?? Gloves are winter, not fall.. and what else on their site is one-size and cashmere/wool??
  9. Hahaha I got my birchbox last night and it was addressed to "Magnificent Kerry" Has anyone else gotten something like that?! I tear into it so fast every month I've never noticed if it always says that, but it cracked me up!
  10. Eee!! My Box is out for delivery but I won't be home until 6!!! (This is record time... it was just picked up yesterday!)
  11. OooOOOooo my box was picked up... that means it should arrive on FRIDAY!!
  12. Mine usually takes two days to get to me once it ships.. so far it's only "initiated" so I'm thinking I'll get it Saturday. That being said I'm NEVER the first to get mine... so somebody will probably have spoilers tomorrow or Friday!!

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