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    Cake and pie are two wonderful things that don't usually go together but should! Like the metaphor I'm into some hobbies that are not usually found together, such as beauty and videogames.
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    I enjoy videogames and beauty the most right now. I enjoy strategy games, boardgames, asian beauty products, and alternative fashion. Like most people who are awesome I also love animals.
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    Baviphat Peach All-in-One Waterfull Cream
    Koji Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka Liquid Eyeliner
    Lorac Pro Palette
    Loreal Extra intense liquid pencil eyeliner
    Illamasqua nail color in "Creator"
    Covergirl Delish Lipstick
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    Skin79, Baviphat, Etude House, My Beauty Diary, Urban Decay, Lorac, ELF (cheap thrills!) and more!
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    I trained as a contortionist!
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  1. Never heard of rigid collodian before, interesting! I'll have to try this out it looks so cool.
  2. Thecakepie

    Simple Quick Day Look With A Pop Of Color

    Video isn't working.
  3. Thecakepie

    Double Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial!

    Vid not working >:
  4. Thecakepie

    5 Edgy Eyeliner Looks , cool!

    Nice quick and easy looks (: I like it
  5. I agree with what others have said but I have some of my own too. Post lots of good pictures: Maybe even read up on some tricks on how to do a good job or borrow someone's camera if you don't have a good enough one. Write what you know best. If your skills aren't that good a tutorial doesn't make sense, but if you use many types of mascara, write about that. Or if you're fantastic at hair styling. You should have something to offer if you're going to get other people to be interested. Use blogger/blogspot. I started my blog using wordpress because it has a lot of technical back-end stuff I like but the community is WAY more active with blogger. I love the way my site turned out but I wish wordpress had the kind of community building that blogger has. I hope that helps give you a start (:
  6. I never thought to use eyeliner on the nail for nail art outlines! Clever!
  7. Thecakepie

    HALLOWEEN: Glam Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

    This tutorial was so thorough and helpful. Maybe I'll try the sugar skull one day, still lacking a bunch of supplies. I also liked ohsowow's skull. Learned a lot, and got a lot of new ideas. Thanks, ladies!
  8. Thecakepie


    Great tutorial, so freaking gross, lol. I love it! Just one thing the skin looks just a bit off though, I wonder if a thicker paper or a better color match with the foundation would make that appear more like your own skin? Have you tried this with gauze, or other types of paper?
  9. Thecakepie

    Lime Crime: Alchemy collection

    Not into the lipcolors but I love that shadow palette! GLAM!
  10. Thecakepie

    Post Your Beauty Blog Link

    Dalisay, I sent you a PM about a problem I was having with comments. I hope it helps! (:
  11. Thecakepie

    Julep October 2012 Boxes

    Wow, I love this one!! So cute!
  12. Thecakepie

    Julep October 2012 Boxes

    I was psyched for my set (Bombshell ordered!) it has an awesome on-trend oxblood and the crackle is a tasteful color for halloween (black + burgundy). I used to have some drying drops from another company but they don't make that formula anymore, looking forward to trying Julep's. Also I ordered the "Sofia" glow-in-the-dark color, and when I went back (I considered adding Caroline) it seems that the Sofia color is sold out. I wonder if that's temporary or if it's gone for anyone else ordering for October. I got mine in time, thankfully.
  13. Thecakepie

    Colored eyeshadow, too "hooker-ish" ?

    Colors are fun! People just want to tear each other down. Let their words be like the wind.
  14. Did you notice that most of the coastal scents palettes are on sale (40% off I think) so with the livingsocial deal you spend $12 and you get $25 to spend... with the palettes on sale you could get at least 2. I'm an evil beauty enabler aren't I... I can PM you a link to the complete info if you'd be okay with that (Anyone else who is interested can PM me too).
  15. Thecakepie

    RSS is driving me nuts

    Thank you all for your replies! It's helpful to have a hand on this one, it's hard to learn it all! I'm very grateful. Thanks a lot! That should be a really helpful resource
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