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  1. yes- it is to deter international shoppers. when i went to checkout they has a line that said said as of nov 1st all international orders would be more expensive- basically to deter people from ordering from the uk site bc its cheaper :|
  2. So sad to see this winding down! Although I haven't been posting too much lately, because I have been making major life decisions! I decided to apply to grad school to get my masters in teaching/art education. This probably will mean a big move for me (my alma mater is the only school in the Baltimore that has a program for this- but it is VERY expensive and I've been advised to go other places). I will feel really heart broken to leave Baltimore (a lot of people hate my city, but I really love it and feel like I am betraying it a little by leaving) but it might mean that I'm moving closer to one of you! I'm applying to UGA, Temple, GMU, and VCU so any Philadelphia/Richmond/Fairfax/DC/Athens/Atlanta people hellloooo!
  3. Have: Ruffian in ambrosia Cynthia rowley liner in black and silver Anastasia clear brow gel- deluxe mini Want: Ruffian polish in rosary or relic
  4. Did anyone get an email confirmation about their sample choice? Or just the confirmation on the webpage?
  5. Does anyone know if the rouge birthday gift is available in stores or only online?
  6. Yeah, I *barely* check the birchbox threads after boxes start shipping out- a lot of people go there to vent about anything that might have gone wrong/products they dislike. and while that's awesome if you're looking to see if anyone else is having similar issues, it can be kind of a bummer if you aren't. And FWIW I think bb is much better about not sending out as many foil samples, I think I've received 4 total this year, and they all were either products that didn't really need to be tried more than once (nail polish remover pads, body wash) or I decanted them into empty lush sample pods and got plenty of uses out of them (hand/body cream, hair cream). They also don't send out as many full sized products as they used to (people complained) but they are much better about sending out deluxe sized samples. It's funny because birchbox is what brought me to MuT, and it is now my least visited thread.
  7. I have a corgi and fish oil has helped him a ton when it comes to dry skin
  8. Here's a really awesome promo: http://www.sephora.com/lipmini?icid2=HomePage_WeeklySpecials_Choose1of3_Lipmini_07.17.14_Image Free too faced melted in peony, nars lip gloss in priscilla, or sephora collection color reveal lip balm in unique pink- $25 minimum purchase
  9. From what I've been reading, though, people's general dislike for Ahava is not because it is an israeli company, but because they are located in an illegal israeli camp in the palestinian occupied west bank, yet they receive benefits and tax credits for products being "made in israel" http://world.time.com/2012/05/25/why-south-africas-decision-to-rebrand-some-israeli-imports-packs-a-punch/ From B'TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: "Despite international law’s prohibition on exploiting the natural resources of occupied territory, for decades Israel has allowed Israeli private entrepreneurs to profit from the resources at two main sites in the area." http://www.btselem.org/sites/default/files/201105_dispossession_and_exploitation_eng.pdf I know that there are people looking to all products made in israel, but the AHAVA boycott is very different from this.
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