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  1. I got my box today, though my box on the site still hasn't updated yet so I can't do any reviews yet. I got box 3, which I'm okay with, but it seems a lot of the boxes are only getting 4 items to review this month? I needed 5 to put me over 400 points, but I guess I'll be waiting. Or ordering...lol Here's the link to my box, I still have yet to figure out the spoiler thing... hehe https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/february-2013/february2013box3 The only thing I wasn't impressed with at all was the mascara, which was really dried out. Outside of that, I'm happy to try everything else, especially the cream hairspray.
  2. If anyone has a code for this, don't forget that today is the first day you can redeem it! I did mine first thing this morning, as I'm impatient...lol From what I read on the site this morning, this time they are doing them from today (1/11/13) to 1/25. The trigger for the code is buying $30 or more of beauty products when you have a Walgreen's savings card, just in case anyone wanted to know. I couldn't find anything showing past samples though, which I was kind of hoping for just to get an idea. I'm not expecting anything too exciting but I do love my samples...lol
  3. For whatever reason, my shipping info still isn't working. I tried the direct link, the regular UPS link, and the USPS link, but nothing. My box FINALLY updated earlier today and I know I'm getting Box 1. This is the first time I've ever gotten the main box I was hoping for, so I'm pretty happy about that. I know the samples are little, but as long as I can tell if I like something or not, then I'm okay with it! (My biggest complaint is with hair products because I have long, thick, wavy/curly hair and there never seems to be enough product to effectively test it, even though I'm always trying to find stuff I like). I seem to be in the minority, but I love perfume samples (though I was truly hoping to avoid yet another Juicy perfume!) because I'm not a 1-scent kind of girl. I change mine up with my mood, the time of day, what I'm wearing, whatever. I have a few go-to scents but I'm always willing to try something different, especially since we don't have places that give samples where I live. If anyone else has gotten Box 1 already, what color was the polish? Is it the same as the picture or are they doing a variety? I don't care what color I get, I'm just curious if they're all the same or not?
  4. Ah, well even though I spent 2 months being seriously annoyed with GB and their crappy (and occasionally non-existent) CS, I still can't seem to leave them alone...lol I gifted myself a 2nd box last month and once I saw someone say that we could gift a box this month as well, I started considering it. Then I saw the spoilers and I caved, so I'm hoping to get a better variety this month than I did last month. Why do I do this to myself? I have no will-power! HA!
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  6. I got my box today and I got both the Pantene sample and the MK eye treatment. I had to dig through my box for part of my stuff though. My eye treatment and a paper and a coupon were in the very bottom of the box and a couple of the bars were kind of buried in the crinkle paper. Overall I was very happy with this box, it will allow me to try quite a few things I haven't tried before. The strawberry bars are super yummy, too, IMO. :-)
  7. I just wasn't sure, but I always get the little ones from Target when I catch them. I was just all excited because I like free stuff...lol And I'm super excited to try the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I've heard so many good things about it and have yet to find one that I really like. I'm hoping I love it because it's a good price!
  8. I've tried finding boxes for older kids as well but haven't come up with much. I have a 3 year old, but he's very much all over the place and I can generally come up with things for us to do for pretty cheap. I have 8 year old twins who love arts & crafts & creating just about anything, but everything seems to be too young for them so I have to improvise with them. Thank God for Pinterest! My 2 oldest kids aren't very crafty but my oldest daughter (13) is starting to like getting her own surprises in the mail as well so I get them when I can find age-appropriate stuff. I would love to see something for older kids, whether it's crafts or products just for them. Until then, I just try to buy little things along the way and surprise them.
  9. I didn't see any thread or forum related to this, so I figured I would start one and someone can move it if there's a better place for it. Haha! I went to Walgreen's today and cashed in on their BOGO 50% off of Revlon Colorstay because I have wanted to try their foundation. I got a foundation, a primer, and an eye shadow plus a couple of other things, and when I checked out, I got a coupon with my receipt that said my purchase had made me eligible for a Walgreen's Beauty Sample Box. It said that after Jan. 11, 2013, I could go to their website and put in my promo code and redeem my box. I've never come across this when shopping at Walgreen's so I was really curious if anyone else has ever gotten this or if it's a new thing, and if so, I'd be curious to see if it's a standardized sample box. Either way, I plan to get it (who doesn't love free stuff???) and I'll try my hardest to post a pic when I get it in case anyone else is interested.
  10. I go to the Sephora in KC every time I get a chance, I've always had good service there, even though half the time I look like a bum...lol The only thing we have close to my area is Ulta and Macy's, (I live in SEKS and have to go to Joplin to shop) and while I love their selection at Ulta, they never make any effort to help me. Ever. I spent probably 30 minutes the last time I was in Ulta looking for a specific hair product and never did get help. True, I'm not all glam-y or whatever, but I am just as willing to spend $ on the things I love and am happy with as I am to buy the cheap stuff.
  11. My daughter was excited to get a box of her own for a change and was happy with the contents, so I'm fine with it. She likes trying out different razors and she loved the gum and the Pantene sample. She wasn't sure about the lip gloss at first because it looks really pink but it was really light once she put it on and she ended up liking it as well. The only thing neither of us were really impressed with was the vitamin E oil, but that was only because of the smell and because it's kind of sticky, but since neither of us have any prior experience with it, I really have nothing to compare it to, so maybe they're all like that? Over all, I thought it was a decent box and everything was age appropriate.

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