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    Makeup is a huge part of my life. Without it? Couldn't see it. My dream is to be a makeup artist and inspire people to do the same! God has given me a great talent, and I wanna show everyone I can do this. Through Him, you can do anything.
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    makeup, mustaches... JOHNNY DEPP <3 <3
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    wat. there's no such thing...
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  1. okay, so i had a great week last week, at least i thought... i work at bdubs (for about 2 months now), i think its pretty decent. i like it a lot better than retail, that's for sure. monday morning my boss was about to cut me for the day & he said before i left he needed to have a "serious" convo before i left. oh yay... he tells me that he has "heard" around that when i've been asked to do something, i don't do it & i just don't listen & stand around. i honestly have NO clue what he is talking about. that is farrr off from my personality & i have never done that once since working there. i always do what i'm asked & never just "stand" there like i don't care. i told him he doesn't make sense... & he just continued on. at the end of the convo he says to me that i'm doing a really good job on doing things i'm told & do tasks very well. ummmm...what? he basically told me the opposite of the beginning of the convo. i'm just super pissed off now & hate knowing someone accused me of doing something i never do. if they had a problem with something i did, i would have rather had them tell me to my face so i could of apologized or worked it out. i'm now more than ever ready to go to school & get a real job that i actually like... end of rant. thanks for reading.
  2. i used to think i knew what i was doing when it came to my brows. lol no, i didn't. now i have the hang of it since i'm older, but i still use a brow powder to fill in the areas that don't grow in very well.
  3. playing xbox. lol, its the best. also shopping, hanging out with friends & watching some movies or TV.
  4. it is very much worth it. i love trying out products & you get some full sized ones too. if you don't like what they give you, you can go on the website and give a review saying you don't like it and they will try not to send something like that again. i got this small size of BB cream that i am in love with and just bought the full size the other day. very worth it.
  5. I agree on just ignoring it. People can be so stupid sometimes. I know I have somewhat of the same problem. I'm nice to people, but they decide to treat me like crap. Its not worth wasting your time thinking about them or hoping to find some peace between the two. You just gotta move on....they are the ones missing out! (:
  6. I'm just going to be a black cat.... I'm trying to put a cute outfit together for it. I might have to make my own mask though since I've googled & amazoned for one & have none that I actually like...
  7. Heyy, I'm looking for safe contact lenses that are safe for just playing around with. I don't need perscription ones, just anything that works good without damaging my eyes! (: If any good sites are out there, I want to know. Thanksss
  8. hothothothothothothot. i am overly like obsessed with this guy. i love him so much. lol its pretty crazy i know, but what about this pic? i mean, who doesn't love that?
  9. She's such a cute girl! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and she'll be just fine!
  10. I like brushes... sponges are okay, but they are only good for blending in concealer.

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