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  1. I'm with you, I was ready to buy the box, but I just scoured my home all weekend looking for my fitbit, which I found Sunday. I think I might pass, even though I know I might regret it later.
  2. I didn't remember that one, but you make a good point about it not being a good one for the gym. I got a good bottle not too long ago, but I hated it for the gym because it was a screw top/wide mouth one and not only was unscrewing it annoying, but I usually managed to soak myself every time I took a drink. I would never pay $35/50 for a water bottle though, so hoping it's in a sub box is my only hope of ever having one! LOL.
  3. I would loooooooove a Swell water bottle! I wanted one and saw them at Starbucks, walked over to check them out, saw the price and walked away. Far away.
  4. I ordered mine the day the vouchers went on sale on gilt and it's still only in pack mode.
  5. I just got this email with an "exclusive sneak peek" at December...yes, the spoiler is the box itself
  6. I think mostly everyone who got pre-sale also had that 25% off code, so they only paid $30 versus the $40 full price it will be when it goes on sale.
  7. I wish they would have launched this box before the website went down. If they wait until it's back up, it's so close to black Friday and its hard to do both this box and hopefully a good 6 month or annual deal. I checked and last year the Holiday for Her/him boxes went on sale on 11/11 and we had full spoilers by 12/8. And then they ticked everyone off by offering a free December box on 12/9, so they must have been slow to sell last year. For some reason, I thought they were gone more quickly than that.
  8. Looks like the Limited Edition Holiday boxes for her and him are coming! I can't wait! ETA: I started a new thread, might be easier so things don't get mixed up with November.
  9. They posted a different spoiler for the holiday box today on their instagram, but I'm not sure if anyone wants it spoiled and I don't remember how to do a spoiler properly.
  10. It was just a pre-sale that sold out. They haven't officially gone on sale yet. I know they're doing a countdown to reveal on their instagram and today is at "4". I'm guessing it will go on sale as soon as they reveal all the products there.
  11. Actually, it does help, lol!! Though I probably should have done in last week when I planned on doing it. Oh well, hoping for a fantastic box for the rest of you and hoping whatever I love ends up in swaps or ebay.
  12. Of course, I finally decide to quit being lame and sub this morning and it's officially sold out...Wahhhhh!!!
  13. If your voucher doesn't show up, check your spam folder. Though my receipt came to my regular inbox, for some reason the voucher was sent to spam. I didn't notice until after I went to their website and just opened it from the "My Account" page.
  14. Anytime! I love it! I don't wear eyeshadow, so the first spoiler was meh for me, but I could get a candle every single month in this box and never complain!

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