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    40-something mom and wife. Mid-life crisis, maybe, but lately I feel like wanting to jump into beauty! Time to start wearing makeup again and doing something with my hair. I love nice scents, so why do I not wear perfume more often and get nice scented lotions. Tight budget, yes, but still, I need to start indulging a little. Time to be more than just mom and wife. Time to talk with other women who love beauty and be inspired by them.
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  1. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for purses/handbags that are in style, but affordable (like no higher than $35-ish)? My daughter is 14 and loves fashion and girly stuff. (Although she's NOT into froo-froo pink, lacy girly style.) I was thinking of getting her a new purse for Christmas, but I'm not sure what might be "in style" right now. Someone gave me a faux leather satchel bag in a deep red color and she loves it, although thinks it's too big. But she loves the texture (even though it's faux, it feels so good! And looks real). So it got me thinking to look for something stylish for her for Christmas. Any suggestions on brands I can find online or any stores like Target or Khols that have good yet afforadable brands? She doesn't like big, satchel styles or tote bag styles. But also doesn't like tiny, small purses. Something medium size. If you have seen anything like on amazon or online stores, or I do have a Khols and Target and JC Penny in town. Oh, and a Maurices. Thanks for any suggestions, if there is anything on the top of your head you think of.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have heard of a few of those, but haven't smelled any of them yet.
  3. I had just recently seen a way to get a free sample of the Gucci Flora, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to work for me (it was on their facebook page). They sounds like they would smell really nice.
  4. Hi there. I did not see a forum for fragrance, so I thought maybe I could post something here in General Chit Chat? What are your favorite perfumes, and can you describe it a little? I'm looking for a new fragrance to try. I had used Tova Signature (and a few other Tova scents) a few years ago. I would love to find some other perfumes that are in that same sort of "smell category." The notes in Tova are ones like jasmine, bergamot, lavender, musk, sandalwood, and amber. Anyone have a perfume that has a few of those in it? Anyone have a scent that is sort fresh, like herbs? Or floral and herb mixed? I have tried Philosophy's Grace perfume because I heard it was clean and fresh, but I really didn't like it. Someone was wearing a scent once I really liked and they said it was Clinque's Happy, so maybe I will try that. But I was just curious what you all wear and love for fragrance. Especially scents that are easily affordable. Also, if you know of any perfumes or body mists that are in the likes of ones you might even find in a health food store. I love lavender, sandalwood, rose, citrus, musk, things like that. What is your favorites, even if they are totally different than what I am looking for. Just curious about hearing about some fragrances. I am in that mood. I am tempted to try making some body sprays myself, I bought a cream this winter that is orange and jasmine, and it smells really nice. I was thinking about buying some orange and some jasmine essentials oils to play around with. Anyone ever make their own fragrances?
  5. I LOVE SeasonsBox! It is hard to pick just one item, but I am excited to try the Natural Incense Cones from Vance Kitira.
  6. I am thinking of skipping this month. I have until the 24th to decide. I really like the idea of the soap, but wow, is that iddy bitty! Seems like it would turn into a soap scrap within one shower. I keep getting the Medal of Honor eye shadow popping up, which I got last month and I don't want any more of it. But the things I would love to get more of (like Ineke perfume sample or mark lip gloss) are not popping up as options/repeats. Bummer. The Skinn Eye, Cheek, Lip thing looks nice, but not sure how that pink would look on me. Would love the soap but after seeing how small it is, it certainly won't be a reason to get this month just for that. The face towelette sounds nice. But I just don't seem to get six things to come up all at once that seem worth the cost. I was really hoping for some perfume samples. And if only that soap was just a wee bit bigger. So, are they not suppose to ever offer you samples that you have already tried? I seem to get some repeats, and I don't mind. But I never get repeats of the things I actually WANT, lol! Doesn't that just figure.
  7. That looks gorgeous! I'll have to show my daughter this pic so she can get an idea of what she could try with the eye shadow. (I signed her up for Ipsy for Christmas). Is the gel eye liner in a small jar? She showed me real quick what was in her Feb. pack and asked me what this dark stuff in a jar was - I didn't have my glasses on to read it at the moment. If that's the eye liner, I will need to get her an eye liner brush.
  8. I looked up the brand of rose water I have and it said this about it: Product Description This is a food grade rose water that can be used for cooking, flavoring your drinks, icing, or to use in your moroccan rose water sprinkler to sprinkle on you and your guests after dinner. Use also as a lovely fragrant rinse for your hair, a fresh and fragrant body splash, or as a toner for the skin. (The brand I have is Cortas - my health food store sells it and it's pretty cheap, like under $5 last time I got some.) I love how strong of a rose scent the rose water has for such an inexpensive price. I wouldn't put rose oil on my face, or any part of my skin, not whole strength. Rose essential oil is meant to be mixed with other things like lotions or sprays. Only a few drops is needed to go a long way in using it to make herbal and cosmetic products. I have an unscented lotion I was thinking of adding some rose oil to. But my other thought is maybe adding some jasmine oil and orange oil. I had a hand cream once that was orange jasmine scented and it was really nice.
  9. There is a connector piece that comes with it. So you can attach them both to the connecter if you want. They didn't come connected, but I decided to pop them together for the photo. But now I keep thinking of unattaching them because I have been keeping them attached in my makeup bag, but yet I keep thinking I'd like to put the lip gloss in my purse. They are small. That is what makes mark seem kinda price. If they were normal size it'd be great. But I have to say, I really do love their glosses. They are not sticky, and I find a lot of colors I like on me (I am picky with lip color on me). But warning - mark lipglosses have a spearmint scent. I like it, it gives a refreshing feel. But if someone doesn't like that smell, it would probably drive them crazy. I love, love, LOVE this color lip gloss! I am happy I tried it.

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