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  1. @@tgooberbutt My cats loved the video! They like watching videos on the computer from time to time.
  2. @@Meggpi Black Violet has a conditioner that comes in a few different scents. I've been using this on my hair (thick and wavy) and I've been happy with it. Off the top of my head I'm not sure if it is silicone free though.
  3. @@Elizabeth Mac You would love it! I would definitely suggest the Validation treatment. When I left my skin was seriously glowing. When I go back I'm getting the Comforter which is a hot chocolate scrub rose serum massage. @@Kookymama It was! One thing I liked was that I was introduced to some products that I would have never thought to try and now I really like them. I am really liking the Lovely Jubblies breast cream. It smells really nice and after using it on my chest area I can smell it for hours. I also really like the Full of Grace moisturizing bar. It's really nice and smoothing. I liked the BB Seaweed mask too. I usually use Oatifix but this was a nice change and I can't wait to use it again.
  4. @@meaganola Those pretzels sounds so good! Off to check out nature box now...I've been on the fence about my graze sub for a bit now. ETA: It all looks so good!
  5. YAY! How exciting! I love L'Occitane ( was just at the store yesterday). Enjoy all of your goodies! Do you know what you get a year supply of?
  6. I hope everything is okay now @@tulippop ! Sending good thoughts your way I would be up for another round. I just went through all of my stuff recently and have everything for swapping in a box (way too much stuff). However, I'm okay with waiting as well if others don't want to do another round.
  7. I am home from the Lush Spa! It was amazing! Oh, I am so in love . I had the Validation Treatment, which is their facial. It was so nice. All of the sales associates were excited for me and kept telling me how great it is when I was checking in. My masseuse, Caitlin, was awesome. She explained the treatment and then took me back out onto the shop floor and we went through and picked out various items to use for my face. It was really nice. The facial is set up to have you ensure you have a cleanser, toner, moisturizers, eye cream, lip scrub, face, mask, exfoliator, etc. Based on my skin concerns, she would recommend a product or two in a category but it was up to me as to what I wanted to try. In all, there were probably like 14 or so products that we used. For some products, she used new ones (mask, lip scrub) and for others she sanitized them. The therapy room was nice. It was modeled to look 'homey' and kind of like an English cottage (at least that's the feel I thought it had). It felt so nice and was really relaxing. I was kind of surprised that I had to take my shirt off but they did give me a towel to cover up with and I was under a blanket as well. Besides a facial massage and using all of the various facial products it also had a massage on my chest/arms. Part of the facial massage included cold stones. It felt so so so good. They also play this really relaxing music that features actual recordings of waves hitting the shore just off Poole in England which I thought was cool. I also love that all of the masseuses trained in London with the creators of Lush. Plus, I came home with the rest of my face mask and a few of the other products that were left over at the end of my treatment. I'm going back for a different treatment next month If you are ever in the area, go!
  8. The Bon Bomb is really tempting! I might have to get that.
  9. I must be some kind of weirdo. I think that underarm waxing is so painful! I think its the most painful place I've ever had waxed. I love the after effects but can only get it done a few times a year (usually before vacation) because I hate it so much.
  10. Whenever I'm in store I load up on samples, however, I am always buying products as well. The sales associates are always more than happy to make the samples and often recommend items they think I would like based on other products I'm purchasing. I agree with @@SaraP about letting customers sample products helps sales as well! I have wavy hair and a Lush employee made me a sample of Curly Wurly Shampoo without me even asking about it, and now I'm on my third pot of it!
  11. @@Kimb3rly Yup, I'm getting the Validation facial. I'm really excited. Apparently, you can pick 13 products to use for the facial and you get to take home what's left over
  12. Has anyone been to any of the Lush Spas before? I'm going to get a facial at the Philly one on Monday and I'm so excited! I live just outside of the city and have been wanting to go since it opened but just haven't had the time. My boyfriend surprised me with this as a gift for my birthday! I'll let everyone know how it is!
  13. Yeah, I actually heard something similar to that as well (after I had rec'd the shot). I think flu shots are pretty much just 'the best guess' at what will be active each year. I always like to get one since I work with children but definitely could have saved myself the arm pain this year.
  14. Okay. I have a thank you gift from @@bonita22 ! I actually received it a couple weeks ago but was slacking on posting it do to being busy. I hope I didn't leave anything out of the picture . After receiving it I forgot to take a picture and then put everything away. Once I realized I picked everything back out so I'm hoping I didn't forget anything! If so, I apologize! Oh, @@bonita22 also sent me a really nice card I was so excited about the Zoya set! I've wanted to try their base/top coats for a long time since I love their polishes and remover. Two Julep polishes in Keke and Hope, Number 4 Comb and Protect (can always use detangler), Coola lip lux (I love lip balms with sunscreen so this is perfect), ribbon hair ties, and a Temptu highlighter! Thank you again!
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