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  1. I know I'm not around much, but I'm pissed off enough that I wanted to vent. Why in the heck would you send the darkest shade of a face product to someone with the whitest skin imaginable. Do they seriously not care at all? Did they just randomly send things out without giving a darn about their costumers? I cancelled...I am so done with their crud. Luckily I called up my local amore pacific and the lady was really nice and sent me a sample of the cc cream in my shade. If anyone cares the amore pacific counters have the exact deluxe samples they give out in these boxes and they are more than happy to share! =)
  2. I too have not been charged yet. I just called and they said they are in the process of charging people now. She stated the boxes were set to go out Feb 22, though to be honest I'm not exacty seeing how that is possible if they don't even know how many boxes they are going to need since they have not charged us yet...
  3. So fun little tidbit - before nemo occurred I received one of those we tried to deliver your package receipt things in my mail box for a second glossybox. Sure enough, plugged in the tracking information and I was getting a second one. But, and now heres the sad face, my post office has been closed since nemo on friday! =( I want my box...haha. Granted I know its a second one, but my grabby little hands want it anyway. Bad post office!
  4. ok first off, I called newgistics again today and was told that they were told by glossybox to no longer speak with us and to send us directly to them (are you serious?!?!?) and when I argued the point they said there is nothing they can do because those were direct orders. Next I called glossybox again about this and it turns out the tracking number given to me on my page was not a legitimate tracking number and she gave me the one on my account and my box should be here today...so please please please explain to me why I have a tracking number that isn't legitimate on my page? So anyone still having trouble with tracking information updating should call glossy and see if thats actually your tracking number.
  5. So I have not had movement on my box since the 31st either (and that just said electronic shipping info received), I called newgistics to which they created a number for me and pretty much say there was nothing they could do. then I finally got a gb person on the phone (wow) and they said the box was shipped, but he would watch it for a few days and if there is no movement he will send another box to me...seriously? I want a box NOW because I doubt its been shipped.
  6. You ladies are lucky, I finally have tracking information and it looks like my box was in the very last shipment sext out yesterday which means I probably won't receive my box till next friday! Talk about absolutely ridiculous. I'm most likely going to be charged for my feb box before I ever receive my jan box!
  7. I'm positive its a foil packet. I was just at the le metier counter this weekend and got a foil packet of that moisturizer, so I know they come in foil packets. I do have to say though that its a large foil packet with enough product in it for a few uses. I was all excited when I heard it was going to be in the box, and then got very sad when I realized it was just going to be another foil packet. =( edit: and by the way, that product is heaven. it made my skin feel so super moisturized and smooth and supple. if I were to ever spend that kind of money on a product, it would be on this. Sadly that is more money than I feel is necessary for a lotion.
  8. I am so friggin excited for this box, my only caveat is that the le metier is going to be "sample sized" so i'm assuming a foil packet. I had just been to their counter this weekend and gotten a foil packet of the stuff...for free and was SO hoping it would be a nice sized sample. =(
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