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  1. Maybe contact FAB company about it. Chances are good you'll end up with a flawed replacement from the same batch through PopSugar.
  2. I really want to try diptyque's rose perfume. I wish Sephora would carry this brand, at least online. I don't know if it lasts any longer, but I want to try it. Have you tried Issey Miyake floral (pink bottle), it is rose. I just finished my bottle, but I don't remember it having quite so much musk in the dry down compared to Chloe roses.
  3. Hahaha. He knew it was "free" since I used points for it (because I told him before he smelled it). Usually I don't buy anything he has to smell or look at that he flat out hates or can't stand, unless I just absolutely love it hands down and don't give a "F" what he thinks. But we surprisingly have pretty similar tastes etc, so that doesn't happen often. He didn't like the perfume, said it smelled like cheap laundry soap, and that I don't like smelly soap like that, so why would I want a perfume like it? Which makes sense.
  4. I was just coming here to say how excited I am for the point promo for perfume because I'm going to get Balenciaga's new one! Yes, it is reminiscent of Chance, but not exact. It is very fresh and woody-but not manly or overly musky. I didn't like the original Balenciaga one at all, but Balenciaga B. is awesome on me. I also got the Chloe Love Story point perk, and it smelled okay in the bottle, but it smells straight up laundry soap once I put it on. My husband asked me to get rid of it. I love Chloe Roses though.
  5. I know right, they always have such long processing times on all those special deals. I can't order from them with the deals anymore, I have no ability to wait that long and I end up getting irritated and cancel the order. :-\
  6. I'm a forceful typer as well. I haven't had any issues with the keys on our old mac book. The issue I always have (for any brand) is my fingers are very acidic apparently, and I dissolve all the markings off anything my fingers touch, lol. But I know where the keys are by touch so I don't really have issues since I don't look at the keys to use them. I've never had any keys on the mac get stuck or break, etc etc. They are pretty sturdy over all.
  7. I've read reviews that say basically, yeah they have a lot of fallout...but if you tap off the brush before applying it goes on okay. I look at it this way...the ambient powders/blushes are very soft and have a lot of product kick up/powdery fluff. These shadows are supposed to be similar but for eyes etc, so they're probably going to be similar in consistency--and a lot of reviews say they are. They are starting to sound like a lot of work to apply, for me. I haven't bought a palette, yet, if I even do. I think they are gorgeous to look at, but the one I like the most has basically the same colors as the little free promo Dior 5 eyeshadow palette. I already have and love that little mini, and when it is gone I'll probably just replace it with the full size--or I might take a look at the Hourglass equivalent if it is still around then. I was expecting more variety of colors when they released them. It is a ton of similar browns and neutrals, and then either purple or green (or dark grey I don't wear). If anybody has (or is getting) the palette in Atmosphere can you please post swatches? That's the one I have a potential eye on.
  8. Eeeks, I should open my cream up and check it. I just got my box yesterday. I wonder if the replacements they say they'll send will be from the same batch and also flawed. This hard stuff is not common in this product, it should be smooth/creamy only. And as much as I don't have luck with many hats, I tried this beanie on and actually like it. It fits tight enough too. Probably wont get much use for it until end of the year now, but oh well.
  9. I just got my stuff from this collection last week! I agree on the eye shadow duo and single. I didn't pick up the single yet, because I wasn't sure how close it'd be to the duo colors, but now that I have the duo the single is for sure different and a must have. The blush is Glitter/porn star/unicorn fart city. It is basically almost all glitter, very very little color. I knew how sheer it'd be when I picked it, but it isn't shimmery, it is glitter bomb. It took 3 days to get all it off my face, it just kept migrating and hiding, lol. The lipstick is very orangey nude, and doesn't look too hot on yellow based/warm based skin tones. It is supposed to be sheer, but mine wasn't, it was like regular lipstick formula not the sheer formula. I can usually wear nudes easily, but this just looked ridiculous on me, which made me sad. I really love the lip glosses though! The pale pink is almost a pale concealer like pink. It looks kind of weird on me by itself, but looks gorgeous layered over other colors. My fave is wearing it over baby pink shimmer lipsticks (namely Dior's new balmy lipstick in Bluette). The other one is a white-silver. It looks pretty over colors too, or lightly on its own. The pale pink eye paint is the same color as Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream eyeshadow in barely pink (or whatever the pink color is called). The BM kind is a great formula and cheaper than the Nars. I have the BM one already so I skipped the Nars version. All I have to say is that ordering from Nars was not very fun. They took forever to ship my order, and it came smart post, took foreeeever! Almost 2 weeks start to finish. I'm waiting to pick up the eyeshadow single from another store once it releases soon. Also I saw a warning when shopping from them (from some link on google), that you can't return palettes ordered from Nars.com---whether that is true I don't know, but good to look into if you're after a palette from them.
  10. Haha, that was me who said that. They change most (sometimes all) of the choices over usually during the first week of each month. I have a return to do on Sunday, I'm hoping they have this option that day! What color of ysl lippie did you choose?
  11. The discount promo codes almost always state that it is good for new monthly subscription customers only. They've always worked on "gift" boxes with no recurring subscription, and almost always work for people that are not new customers. It is PopSugar's fault because they don't program them right, on the old site and this new one. Most customers are going to try using discount codes if it saves them a few bucks. It isn't our fault if PopSugar continuously lets us use them. They know how to stop it if they wanted to. They don't, yet, so whatever, as a customer I wouldn't feel guilty etc. If they work, they work. The recent promo did not auto sign up a regular subscription for everybody that chose a "gift" option. I chose a gift box, mine still says it isn't auto renewing. It is kind of confusing to read their new layout of orders. And each gift box order says an option to cancel subscription. All my past 5 or 6 gift boxes now say that option still. There is no sub to cancel though, and I've never been auto renewed. I think there is just confusion and panic on several cases, and PopSugar lying about auto renew to some fueling it. Is everybody who thought they ordered a gift box 100% sure they had it checked when they checked out--for those who think they're being auto renewed/maybe really showing an auto renew? Could you have clicked it and it went through as two clicks that ended up un-checking the box without you noticing it? If not, and you are sure you ordered a gift box option, and are actually being auto renewed for sure..then PopSugar is pulling different things on different accounts, because it isn't happening to everybody. And again, if your ordered a gift option, and your order says "NA" under next payment, you are NOT auto renewed and will not get the next box.
  12. My order with the SKII samples arrived yesterday. The date on the bottom of mine said 8/5/14, so I guess mine came from a newer batch. And they were completely full of product. I tried the white container, yeahhh no, too drying on my skin. But I liked the red container so far. I don't know yet if it is any better than my cheapo Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting cream..we'll see. They are small containers, but don't seem that much smaller than other tiny jars we pick from other brands. A little goes a long way so it should last a few weeks at least.
  13. The things we do for our "babies". Most people that know about our boy cat's issues a few years ago still think we're nuts. He got sick suddenly and wasn't peeing/peeing spots on everything. We made an appointment the next morning with regular vet, but by middle of night knew he had to go to Emergency vet or he'll die. They said he was 100% blocked at that point with urine crystals and had we not brought him into them he'd have died within a couple hours. He was only turning 2, and this was over his birthday. They said they got him unblocked and he'd have to transfer for about a week at the regular vet office, but he's fixable. I couldn't let him die, he's my baby boy, and it was his freaking birthday for goodness sakes. A week later, daily vet trips for playing and support--because he was so depressed he wouldn't eat. Just sat in back of cage with his head down wearing a cone of shame.. We got them to take the cone collar off and as long as we came by each day for a while to see him he would do okay.. 1500$ later, he's now 7 this February! He's only had one minor bout of trouble since then, and we just increased his daily urine vitamins (OTC kind), and he got better in two days. He's got to eat urinary health formula, grain free, wet food only...gets kibble treats and snacks-but limited. And our older (10 this August) girl kitty is allergic to plastic, grains, and gets bouts of kitty herpes (blisters on her mouth/gum line). She also fractured her front arm once several years ago when she was walking under me while I carried a framed mirror..the frame broke and the mirror fell on her arm. "That" was fun... and a nice 1000$ bill as well. She loved her cast covered with bright pink and yellow baby socks though, we called it her "Flash Dance" sock, and she rubbed it in with guilt every chance she got, and liked showing her socks off...weirdo. I hope your baby gets better! And you too!! I had strep throat and tonsillitis back to back for years until 3rd grade when they took my tonsils out. I've had strep once since then and hardly get sick ever since. ((sickness apparently got traded for clumsy unlucky injuries instead though)) If you regularly get throat sicknesses I highly recommend having tonsils out, makes life so much better!

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