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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m3WSJuidlQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player There's the prices. I don't appreciate being doubted. I find deals for a living and have tons of apps to find the "best" prices. Edited to add; myself and Sheila are in no way paid or affiliated with RCB and as of today I don't believe Jen is either. The only admins on the site are Patty and her husband. You know, the one she's raising 7 kids with. 6 hers and 1 step child (his daughter) - just getting some actual facts out there instead of pages of speculation ;-)
  2. *edited by mod* You arent happy with full sized items (discontinued meaning LAST season just so we are straight - the expired issue is FIXED) *edited by mod* Keeping in mind this is a BUSINESS and she has to MAKE a profit to continue running. what do you propose because it sounds to me like NOTHING will make you ladies happy?? I mean that with the most respect but you are being very unrealistic!! If you want a box full of CURRENT season's samples that will cost her like .50 cents per sample - like BB - she can lower the price and put 10 samples in, shipping would be cheaper. DISCONTINUED aka LAST SEASONS COLORS - in full sized with other items at a higher price is for those who WANT the lavish brands but cant afford them, which is really who the box is targeted to.... I'm not employed by RCB - I'm just a business owner helping another business owner. But I dont see a clear solution here *edited by mod*. The glasses are AUTHENTIC. theres no question therefore they are being distributed. her distributor was NOT ebay, she bought 250 pairs from the same distributor ross uses and she has the business paperwork on them from the company, which paypal has. To get FULL sized current products, theres no way she could sell them at this kind of cost and make anything and for you ladies to expect that is just unreasonable.
  3. You all already KNOW I cant post the email from the MOD unless she gives permission which she hasnt done. if you want to see it posted, ask her to post her permission. As far as me finding out about jessicas LOST paypal dispute, yes I was told because I am assisting her with some of her business needs since i myself have owned and operated my own businesses for the past 8 years. You did recieve $80 valued earrings. RETAIL value, it doesnt matter if she paid a penny, they are retail valued as $80 - therefore it was not fraud. and since when does dollar store carry earrings? I've said it MANY times, i have sensitive ears and these did NOT make them sore, i cant use anything but real gold, or surgical steel and ive had mine in since Thursday with NO issues so, they may LOOK/feel cheap as far as some plastic parts but they are good earrings. Her distributor has guaranteed the sunglasses are authentic and paypal has that proof. as far as any EXCHANGES go, you would need to mail back the EXPIRED/DAMAGED (only items subject to being exchanged) to the address on the box (You know, her home address - look up her mansion on trulia, she doesnt need $2.50 a box, trust me!) and she can ship you an exchanged product. Id really have hoped you ladies would have read into things. you take a chance with any box of getting items you dont like. for $25, you got sunglasses, jewelry, full sized brand name nail polish, avon eye liner and a stila cosmetic (all of the remaining have been returned for a refund BTW since the distributor was at fault - shes also personally checking all items now, she trusted this dealer not to ship her expired goods but is aware shes been ripped off and is taking every measure to ensure it doesnt happen again to her or to any of her subscribers!!) - Like ive said, this is her DREAM. she was screwed over by the look bag and wants to do better than they did with her. Back off and let her fix things without attacking. Paypal wont leave the merchant without her goods and her funds, the protection goes both ways.
  4. To all of you threatening a PayPal dispute... you may want to ask your ring leader, Jessica, how hers worked out. PayPal sided with RCB and said the person who filed has a "suspicious" trend of demanding refunds. PayPal is siding with the merchant. As far as the goods coming to $16, yes plus $6.50 in shipping and fees she would have made $2.50 a box .... boy she must be rolling in the dough from this alleged scam! Really, think about it.... would all this BS be worth $125?? I think not. Her Facebook and website state exchanges only, no refunds and that was made clear. Expires items are being replaced and items that don't satisfy your "standards" or you don't like, will just have to deal with. That's not a legatamate claim for a PayPal refund. Her contact info is on her website.
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