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  1. Hey All (I am the MUTer formally known as JimmyJazz - couldn't get onto the new site at all..so I am starting over!) I got the e-mail. I wouldn't have minded the necklace if it were in silver instead of gold. I'll keep the extra 20 bucks in my pocket for now.
  2. @beach16sm -- that is utterly insane. If I did something like that at work - I would be fired on the spot and lose my ability to work!
  3. Got my package today. I will say that I am really impressed with the 16 piece bag they were offering (free after spending $60.) I will say that the Ulta smooth soap thing smells horrible - for me. I can't stand smelling like food, it is nauseating. The little sample sizes are perfect for when my hubby and I go on our 1 year anniversary trip. I love how fast I always get my order from Ulta.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Wida I just wanted to give you guys and update on my lost package. The UPS hub that lost it is just a few miles from my house and I was just not willing to accept that it had been lost. So, I went in there yesterday and asked about it - which I don't think they were happy about at all. However, I got my package delivered this morning! Lo and behold, they magically found it. Thanks everybody that was so sweet yesterday and thanks for listening to me turn into a 5 year old and whine about a lost package, lol. That's awesome! Way to advocate for yourself!
  5. I am trying so hard to be patient to wait one more day for my package. I did great and did a lot of the buy more get more and free stuff. I won't have to buy shampoo and body wash for awhile. PLUS my free samples (the bag plus the free samples with all purchases)! I always thought Sephora was a little over priced, however they do have stuff that Ulta doesn't sell. I wish Ulta would pick up a few more brands. I am loving the new points program. I have been able to take money off my orders from them - which is always welcome!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyMoon This was my first BB order. I took a chance on the Men's pick 2 because the women's was OOS. I love the jump rope! Dang, I gotta give the mens pick 2 a try!
  7. Got my box. I will say April has been good to me with my beauty subs. I will use everything in the box. At first I wasn't sure of the CC color I got; blue. But I think I might be able to do something cool with it. Perhaps accent nail in black with the blue on the other nails. I got a non-black liner, I got a silver. It seems like it should actually show up. We shall see. I have never used a Cynthia Rowley pencil before. I am disappointed in the packaging of the Nyakio samples. I plan on using the samples tonight though. The Keims shampoo will also be tried out tonight. Smells very clean. I will try the kind bar tomorrow while at work.
  8. If I get a gift sub for someone…can I get a free pick two when they are back?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tigerlilly6309 I doubt Birchbox has much control over the boxes once the boxes are handed over to the shipper. 2 of my boxes that shipped on the 4th were scanned in Indiana and it says a delivery date for the 17th or 18th. I don't expect my other 2 boxes will arrive until May sometime at this rate. I made a couple of purchases in the Birchbox shop yesterday that are being shipped from the same location but going USPS and the delivery date is Monday. Maybe if Birchbox gets enough complaints, they will change who they use for shipping. It would be interesting to see if that happened. BUT look at Ipsy - a whole lot of us complained about DHL - and they basically made it into an "Open forum to ask us questions/tell us what you think on shipping." BUT at the end Ipsy basically said "We are using DHeL. "
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by queenofperil This is the response I just received to me telling them that my box hasn't moved or updated since the 4th. I don't know what I was expecting. "Thank you for being in touch. I'm so sorry for any trouble! We always hope that your shipment is nothing less than a delight to receive and we deeply apologize for any disappointment you've felt." Not a "we will look into it," response. Which would have been nice…even if it is lip service.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MaryJane80 Have you tried newgistics? My tracking link says its prepared but when I put it in newgistics it says that it is in transit. I think I'm going to give it until Monday or Tuesday to see if it landed anywhere before I message CS. Here is the link to enter the tracking number: http://www.tracking.smartlabel.com/ Thanks for the link - it seems as though it is in my state and possibly my city. I, like others, got tracking on the 9th. At one point tracking said it was in NJ, but then a few hours later itwould only show it was in Mt. Juliet TN. I thought I was going crazy.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by usofjessamerica Yup!!! Home Goods is in that game plan you can tell that I have a shopping problem when I'm already planning out my purchases after I move in August even though I have yet to know my assignment and even though my contract is not yet finalized. Oopsies. I always joke the Home Goods is my Mecca. The one by me is amazing! It is so fun though to get an idea of what you are going to do with a new home! When I was looking for homes, I would totally sit with a notebook and jot down things I saw online that I might be interested to decorate my house with. It totally was the type A in me. I also did pretty good with Ashley furniture and JCPenny for some of the bigger furniture purchases! I am excited for you and this new part of your life!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by usofjessamerica I keep telling myself that I'm going to save my points (I'm at ... 1200? I did a 400-500 point haul last month) so I can go on a shopping spree to stock up my new apartment with cute home goods from BB once I finally move in August. But, another part of me feels like I can find the same home things at outlets or TJ Maxx or something and this part of me is telling me to BUY ALL THE PRETTIES! If you have Home Goods - go there (they are a part of the TJ Maxx/Marshalls chain). When I moved - I would go to Home Goods a couple times a month to see what was new. I have art work, dishes, lamps, knick-knaxs, kitchenware, etc from there. I even bought a really cool red chair that my parents fight over on who gets to sit there when they come over! Wow 1200 points! And here I think I am doing amazing at 800.
  14. While I don't mind Kind Bar, I do wonder if they will be the new Luna Bar.
  15. JimmyJazz

    BB Points

    Quote: Originally Posted by meaganola They're good for one year after you get them. By that, I mean there is no limit to the number of points, just how long you can keep them. I suggest buying gift cards with points! Then you can use, say, $10.01 and not use 200 points. Thank you!
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