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  1. tacehtpuekam

    Drugstore Mascara?

    COOL. Those look so good and not clumpy at all. I will definitely check out your website!
  2. tacehtpuekam

    Looking for Guest Judges for our Makeup Challenge!

    Thanks for listing your personal e-mail so I can check out this giveaway.
  3. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    Nope! They already did sample choice last week.
  4. It's at 20-22 business days right now. I just ordered some stuff yesterday.
  5. tacehtpuekam

    Days 21-30 of the 100 No Buy Challenge

    Forgive me no-buy forum, for I have purchased I was doing so good and then I made the mistake of stopping into Walgreens for some things and the beauty section was CALLING TO ME.
  6. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    You're correct! Welcome boxes are just for gift subscriptions. You should receive a regular monthly box. I'm seriously debating reactivating one of my other accounts.. I just feel like it's a good month to have two boxes again!
  7. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    Yep! Definitely that. I'm sure they have the box variations planned out well before the sample choice e-mails go out.
  8. @@Kelli I think you only get the GWP if your order is over $10! Unless she changed it. Pleeeease swatch Grand Pabbie when you get it! I have been drooling over that color
  9. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    So, they responded. The rep claims I opted out of e-mails from Birchbox? But 1) I don't even know how to do that, unless I did it on accident and 2) I get e-mails all the time from Birchbox! I just checked my old mail & I have several from this week even. I asked her to put me back on the list and also asked how I would have opted out in the first place.
  10. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    Nope, nothing yet! I'll let you know what they say though
  11. @ Is it part of the Spring collection? If so, they're being released 2/2 Not much longer to wait!
  12. tacehtpuekam

    Birchbox February 2015 (Spoilers)

    Never got my e-mail! Not a huge deal since I wasn't planning on picking anything, but I e-mailed them anyway because I don't want that to be a regular thing.
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