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  1. Hello everyone! I used to get a lot of Memeboxes back when they sent out themed boxes. I think my favorite was Earth and Sea because it was such a well rounded box where every product was good or great. I also recall people in the Memebox forum loving 7 seconds morning sheets, though I didn't get that box myself. Anyway, as I was dumb enough to throw away all my cards (kicking myself for that!) I'd love to hear from anyone who wishes to stroll down memory lane with me. (I know. It kind of hurts. I'm itching to buy a Memebox again and Mishibox just isn't the same.) Anyway, do you recall any standout boxes? Do you remember any single products that you loved? Now that Memebox is long gone as a "sub," I'm wanting to track down some of the old items, if I can, to buy them. Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance guys! Heather
  2. So, is there no longer a way to just change numbers and see all the box variations for the month like there used to be? For example, just changing the last number: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/august-2014/august-2014-bb1 https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/august-2014/august-2014-bb2 https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/august-2014/august-2014-bb3 Since we hit 2015, I haven't been able to find a way to do this, but then, I haven't been on Makeuptalk either. I really miss looking at all the boxes. Even if it did lead to box envy, turns out that was about half the fun for me. Oh, and I didn't pick a sample this month so I have 2 complete surprise boxes coming. Thanks!
  3. Hmm...After being told 'maybe Memebox isn't for me anymore,' along with similar suggestions from multiple users, I have decided that it is MUT that isn't for me any longer. I took everyone's feedback into consideration and offered an idea for a VIP code, noting how it answered many people's criticisms on here. Whether I agreed with the criticisms or not, I honestly thought them out and tried to adjust my opinions/suggestions based on people who disagreed with me. Not saying you have to agree with me--far from it--but you don't have to be rude when you disagree. If the idea had come from anyone else on here, people would've at least been nicer when they disagreed and a few people probably would've said they'd love to have a coupon like that. Believe it or not, I do have feelings. Guess it is time for me to go elsewhere, like just sticking with FB Meme groups. I thought this was a place where people respected each other and discussed things with respect. Clearly not!
  4. OK, so, I just took an extra long hot shower to get my feet ready for a foot peel. (Thank you @ for your blog post suggesting the Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid! Two weeks ago, I tried the peel that Peach and Lily sells because I bought it with the box they put out. It peeled a little, but not much. So now I have high hopes this one is going to actually work!) Anyway, I got to thinking in the shower. Memespies: Please offer a one or two time use coupon to VIPs offering free upgraded shipping on a single box order!!! This would easily cure the problem of non VIPs having access AND it would limit the number of times you could get the upgraded shipping. It would also cure the problem that so many have mentioned about making your own bundles being too hard to do logistically (space in the warehouse, computer system, etc.) and since it would be a code, you couldn't use a $5 off code or a % off a large order code with it. Instead, it would code the shipping upgrade as you placed the order based on a unique code and you had to order that one box individually for the code to be valid. Voila! I have started to order value sets almost all the time, but if I could have used an upgrade on Faceshop, I would have. If you don't recall, I missed out on the value set because my internet was down when it was released and did not come back up until it had sold out. I actually sucked it up and paid the $18.99 for shipping Skinfood, but not for Faceshop. It really would've meant a lot to me as a customer if I could have gotten upgraded shipping on Faceshop too. And I'm sure we all have those random boxes we want so badly to get with upgraded shipping, but they aren't offered in a value set we like. Hey, Innisfree is probably a good example. If they had offered the code for October and people had not used it yet, many would probably have ordered the Innisfree with the code today. I really haven't been ignoring Meme's business interests, as many have accused me of doing. I've said all along that they need to find some logical way of offering better shipping options which would work for both Meme and for the customers. This wouldn't be on every box, but it would be an extremely nice perk for VIPs when they hit that one box they want so badly and they want to get it faster.
  5. Mystery solved--Free express shipping on boxes they are having trouble selling, lol! My dream has died.
  6. Now THAT would be the best VIP perk EVER!!! And it would make me not care about 'create your own bundles' because we wouldn't need it. I don't see it happening of course, but if they did that, I would buy boxes just to keep my VIP active every month. Meaning, even if I didn't want a box, I'd buy one to keep my express shipping perk! Granted, I'm in no danger of losing VIP status even with all the cancellations I made recently, and, I made VIP for November on another account. But seriously, if they would give all VIPs express shipping on all orders, I think even I would stop complaining so much, lol! As far as being able to access VIP pricing if you are non-VIP, yeah, they would need to make it so that their system recognized VIPs and non-VIPs, which would be easy to do. Sephora recognizes non Beauty Insider status, regular status, VIP status, and now VIP Rouge. I'm going to be a regular ole VIP next year. I'll miss being able to get free shipping no matter what I ordered. That was the perk that made Rouge status special. Also, and I don't mean to upset anyone living anywhere else in the world, but I've been secretly hoping they would increase their operations from the US office. If they shipped boxes from the US office, they could offer faster shipping without it being too expensive. Seems like there would be a way for them to do that, because they do offer some products in the US shop that they also sale in the Korea shop. They had to get them here from Korea to begin with, just like they'd have to do with the boxes, but I guess it means they'd have to plan boxes further in advance than they do, and that's the biggest problem I see with them ever shipping US boxes from the US instead of Korea. But yeah, I totally dream of a way to get my boxes all sent express in a way that makes it cost effective for both me and for Memebox. Sigh...
  7. Oh I so hope you are wrong about the CPM2, but you are probably right. Sigh. I was hoping their shipping policies were going to change to make it easier to get boxes faster. Like maybe creating your own bundles, which I've been begging them to do for months now. Good call about all the CPM2 bundles though. I probably got all excited and hopeful over nothing.
  8. I haven't seen any discussion about this either on here or by doing a google search, but what is this about? It was at the top of the VIP email that announced the Innisfree box. You Always Win with Memebox! View this email in your browser
  9. Out of everything I've gotten so far from Meme, that Skin House Aloe Water Mist is my favorite, and I didn't even think I'd like mists. But that one seems like it was just made for my skin!
  10. I think it had something to do with a restock. Not sure. But anyway, I was about 10-15 pages behind. Hadn't been on all day. But I find that if I try to wait to respond to something, I will lose track of it by the time I get to the end. So yeah, issue was resolved (or we seem to think it is) and I just posted before finding that out, lol! Still, like I said, I had already emailed Meme about the 'Greece issue.' I'll probably get the standard response, but if I do get something relevant, I will post it here. It would be nice if they'd just send out an email to everyone who bought the chocolate box as that seems to be the box that is affected by whatever happened.
  11. I would think so too, but then why did someone say she got an email that her order had been backordered/cancelled and refunded? If it weren't for that email, I'd feel better about the whole situation. Anyway, I just checked, and I too am in the same boat--the one that seems to be headed to Greece! ETA: Ok, so I just saw Flushblush's post that it is Korea's Most Wanted that appears to be cancelled. I already wrote to Meme (just replying to my tracking email) to ask them about it. Hopefully they will write back and say it is just a computer/mass email problem or something and the chocolate boxes will be safe. I will post back if they do respond with relevant info. Seems like most of us have that tracking problem.
  12. Just wrote to cancel about $250 in boxes on one account and over $50 on another account. I'm sure part of me will regret it when I see what is in the boxes, but I feel free now. And if I see really great things, I'll just try to buy them on ebay or through facebook groups. Even for the most desirable items, it seems I can find someone through FB who is willing to sell for a reasonable price. Heck, I am getting the Sleeping Beauty box I missed out on for $40 from some woman in Sweden. That's only about $10 more than what I would've paid to Memebox for the full price box and certainly less than it would cost to buy all the items separately.
  13. I had boxycharm lie to me too, so I cancelled after only getting them for 2 months. But, I had Memebox lie to me too Biancardi. I swear, they did. They said they were shipping me a replacement item on September 4 or 5. Yes, they actually gave a date. It was not shipped until after I got a refund from Paypal and came on here to point out that they had lied. Yes, they did ship it eventually, but like a month, month and a half later. I had to drag it out of them. So honestly, to me, Meme *can* be that bad, even if they aren't that bad all the time.
  14. I'm going to say this, and then I'll let it go: I don't mean to imply I am special. But we all know we have had issues with Memebox at some point in time and that it has been frustrating to deal with their customer service department. I honestly think this has been building up with me for a while and the Skinfood/Faceshop box was just the spark that lit the match, so to speak. For me, I think it all boils down to the following: I don't like high pressure sales and I get the same feeling from Memebox because I'm always worried that if I don't buy something NOW, it will sell out. I bought Cleopatra and Empress in a bundle right away, though I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not, just because I thought it was going to sell out and I kind of thought I wanted it. Then, it did not sell out and I could have waited and had more time to decide (though I probably would've bought it just because I have a cat named Cleopatra). Meanwhile, I miss checking in on Memebox by just ONE DAY (not a long period of time, mind you) and they release a value set that sells out pretty much immediately. Now, I understand Memebox started as a small company and has had some growing pains. But doing business with them really is driving me nuts. I hate that they release lots of boxes in small batches, as that is part of why things sell out so quickly. I also hate that they release boxes 3 times a week. I wish they would only release boxes once per week, so I could decide what I really wanted. And, I really, really, really wish they'd stock more boxes and LOTS more value sets, especially for ones they know are going to be in high demand. I'm not going to get into the business side of it because, to be honest, that doesn't matter to me. I don't care how they do what they do, but I do care what the ultimate outcome is for me as a customer. Again, not suggesting I'm special, but simply suggesting that if they focused more on quality over quantity--meaning fewer releases, better stock, and better customer service--I think that would be good for pretty much all customers. Everything that Memebox does drives me nuts. The only reason I have bought from them is because the products are so great. But at some point, I guess I do have to step back and see if the frustration is all worth it. I think it has kind of been 51% worth putting up with the hassle for the great products, but the scales may be tipping with me. Not trying to bring anyone down. I have loved being on here. Heck, half the fun of being Memeobsessed has been keeping up with this thread. For those who are happy with Meme as a company, great. I'm happy for you. But for me, I am feeling this tug to look elsewhere due to 2 main reasons: 1) The slow shipping and 2) The limited number of value sets. If Memebox would fix these two issues somehow, making it easier to have boxes shipped together with faster shipping, it would probably tip the scales back in the other direction and make me want to buy from them again. Well, it may be too late, honestly, but these are the 2 main issues and they are interrelated. Ordering a mystery box months before it ships and then waiting 21 days after it ships to receive it has taken the fun out of Memebox for me. I don't mean to sound whiny or like I'm pouting or anything, but I just find the whole setup so different from any other company I have ever done business with. At least, I don't ever recall pre ordering something that would not ship for 2 months and then I'd have to wait almost 1 more month after it shipped. That, and I want to get my boxes when everyone else gets them, at least in my own country. When others get the box 2-3 weeks before I do, it spoils the fun of it being a surprise and it also makes me feel like I can't do proper Youtube reviews because it is now 'old news' and everyone is waiting on the next box to arrive. Sigh. I hope everyone at least understands what I'm saying, whether you agree or not. I really am Memebummed today.
  15. I still disagree that this doesn't typify the laid back attitude which I hate to see in businesses. It certainly doesn't follow the 'customer is always right' attitude I grew up to expect. I know the customer isn't always right, but what I mean by that phrase is that a business should be willing to honor reasonable requests to keep good customers happy. Anyway, no matter what anyone here says or thinks of me, I am seriously considering cancelling ALL my outstanding orders with Memebox just because they won't ship 2 boxes together express, even though I paid enough to justify that. Yep. I'm that mad about it all. And, I don't like it when companies do online offers that make their sites crash due to high demand or that they sell out too quickly. I hate limited time, inadequately stocked offers of all kinds, and maybe that's why this set me off so much--the value sets sold out way too quickly and should have been stocked for at least 5 days or so. At any rate, to me, this is a bit of a different situation. They still have the boxes for sale, so offering value sets is not unreasonable. That's different than offering Glossyboxes at reduced prices. This is just a shipping issue. Thinking logically, I 100% believe that what I paid in shipping costs would allow them to ship my boxes together with no loss to them (other than the fact that it might be slightly influenced by the 20% code I used).

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