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  1. Sorry this is late but thank you all for responding!!! Your answers are so helpful.
  2. Hello Artists! My question concerns removing makeup from clients that come in already wearing makeup. I know to use makeup removal wipes (or wet wipes), actual solutions designed for makeup removal, but can witch hazel be used? Many of the makeup removal solutions just don't seem to take it all off. I personally use witch hazel but I am unsure for others. Also if you can suggest some really effective make removers, that would be great. Thank you so much!
  3. Reading your post felt like I was reading a chapter out of my life. One thing I did was not to contact my friends. I was always the one sending cards and emails during birthdays/ holidays etc; calling to see how they were; present whenever needed but never got anything in return. The best thing is to not sever ties (never do that) but just dont give them any extra attention. If they call thats fine but make it so they have to put in some work for the relationship. If you still want them in your life, let them know what you require in a friendship/ relationship. If they can't give you that then you make that decision if it worth it. The best thing to do is carry on with your life and not stress. What are your hobbies and interests? You might find a cool person to hang out with in a yoga class or some other unexpected place. Just don't do what I did for years and associate your value with the attention these people are giving you. Worst mistake ever!
  4. The women in my family sat me down and explained the importance of not touching and respecting their makeup and hair products. This is a very normal part of development; you can also use with opportunity to emphasize boundaries and personal space. You can have nice things. You just have to do a little more to protect them. Good luck!
  5. My favorites were Barbie heads and regular sized Barbies. I always cut and styled their hair. I should have become a hair stylist. The other faves were my Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids. Lord knows that I miss them.
  6. I will let you know. Having an abundance of products for natural hair is so new to me. I went natural when there was just the Jamaican locking products and and softsheen spray, lol. I'm loving the variety of choices. I found it by just scrolling through curlmart. It has a few positive ratings but .... I'm just not sure. I'm becoming a little more judgmental of what products I want to invest in.
  7. Gr Great look; your face is so flawless. What color lipstick are you wearing? It looks great.
  8. So pretty! Love the pink and green.
  9. I'm now going to check out the as I am because lately it's all people are talking about. The hair typing thing is weird but I might take the little assessment test to see what it says. Soon I'll be able to try carols daughter but my money is limited right now. I have seen the Pantene version but I use to use that line back when they first started but they have since changed the formula.... Bad. I can't stand that. Have you heard or tried curls unleashed or curly kinks? I've been debating whether to take the plunge and just try the curly kinks.
  10. Low maintenance is a great thing but what you just explained is very different from how you came off before. Like before, since your sister has a different curl pattern you have to find a regime and solutions that work for your hair. Deenellie mentioned some sites to do a little research. Seek or at least talk ( call or ask for a free consultation) from a dermatologist or your doctor concerning over production of oil. I know on some sites I've read say to fight oil with oil. Maybe try adding a little oil to your conditioner or shampoo or even incorporating oil in a pre- poo routine.
  11. I so agree with you Deenellie. Deep conditioners are for deep conditioning: meaning adding or keeping moisture in your hair. BajanPrincess, you are trying to get the oil out of your hair but your methods are keeping it in. You mentioned your sister but it sounds like your hair is very different. If so, you have find your own regime. You also stated that you're lazy when it come to hair ( specifically mention conditioner). You just can't be lazy or not take care of your hair properly and expect positive results. Washing hair with shampoo is not the end all of keeping the hair clean. That's definitely a hair myth. Maybe you need to talk to a doctor if the hair oil production is such a problem. Your glands could be over producing oil. It happens, especially on a persons face. I hope you find a solution, because it seems to be really bothering you. Good luck!
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