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  1. Is anyone else still waiting to receive the nail surveys? Pamela at L'Oreal told me earlier this week the surveys are being sent out in waves. It's frustrating to know I qualified for the surveys, have her tell me that the surveys are still going out, and then see the awesome compensation everyone is receiving.
  2. How long does it take for L'Oreal to respond to emails? I qualified for the nail study/survey/whatever, but never received my follow up surveys. I emailed them on Monday, but haven't heard back yet. Also, I took the most recent hair survey twice because it kept popping up. It disappeared from my account, but now it's back as an unfinished survey. Did it come back for anyone else?
  3. I know people are probably going to call me an as***** for this, but I think it's really uncool that some are complaining about the perceived hassle to get a refund on a magazine they didn't purchase. I didn't want WH, but I took it anyway because I didn't think it right to claim a refund on something I got for free.
  4. You are lucky! It's been a couple of days - I emailed them on the 7th about a problem, and it took 2 days to hear back.
  5. My DHL works. I got the shipping email on the 15th. It wasn't picked up til the 17th, and now it's in GA. We'll see how long it takes to get up to IN.
  6. That is an excellent question! I wasn't nasty about it. I did have 2 people reply before it was hidden, and one of the girls who responded said she'd posted something about receiving a broken item, and included a pic. The admin hid/deleted her post, too. I think it's suspicious that our tracking numbers aren't showing anything at all on DHL.
  7. This! I thought I was the only one getting that message. I asked about it on their FB page, but the mod hid/deleted my query. (I think my original post is on p 148 of this thread) I also tried the tracking number in USPS. That didn't help, either.
  8. Sucks to be me, I guess. I also tried the tracking number in the USPS tracking. Nada. Posted this on Ipsy's FB page: "I am excited to receive my May bag, but the tracking info I received on Wednesday evening hasn't yet updated. It's still showing "no results found for your search." Is this happening to anyone else?" The mod didn't like it, and hid it from their page. This is seriously making me question resubbing. Grr.
  9. Did your bag go out on Wed? I'm still waiting for DHL to recognize my tracking info.
  10. My first bag finally shipped on Wednesday. (allegedly) Has tracking info shown up for anyone with bags that went out on Wed?
  11. Thank you! Too many pages to wade through!
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