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  1. Someone just posted on fb that they have a complete list of spoilers that was leaked for this month!! If i can get the information I'll post it here ♡
  2. i was just about to post this!!! looks good to me!
  3. Someone just posted on fb that they have a complete list of spoilers that was leaked for this month!! If i can get the information I'll post it here ♡
  4. I still haven't got a shipping email.. I'm hoping it will just show up. So for people who have received their box. . The mica is an eye primer, and what is the bella piere?
  5. If the other itsm is a mica eye primer the box would be worth it to me as far as personal value vs what i paid out. I love blush so the ofra is a wina.. i have 3 little girl who will absolutely love the hair chalk stuff no matter what color i receive and I'd be very happy with a good eye primer.
  6. I found a box spoiler on their Facebook. .. under the shipping picture that was posted.. someone posted a picture of a box they found on twitter. I'm got a new phone today and not sure how to screenshot or i would. I gotta say i signed up last month after seeing all these amazing boxes... was waitlisted and this will be my first month. . I'm a little disappointed. The box is ok but nothing like they were when i wasnt subscribed!
  7. I'm leaving for Cancun on the 20th so pretty excited for the sun hat! And my kids will totally steal the jump rope
  8. It's ok thanks for trying!!!! Does anyone know to upload pictures to the mobile site?
  9. Traci, did you get the pictures I emailed you of what I took and put in? Told you that candle was the best!!!
  10. That's exactly what my dad said so I'm going I haven't been on vacation in YEARS and the babies have never experienced anything like we are going to do (my dad is thinking a cruise or an all inclusive vacation probably in Mexico) . I can't wait to see my little ones faces when we get to wherever it is we are going. Im going to email you the pics soon.. just gotta put baby down for a nap. You're awesome.. thanks!!
  11. I'm sorry you had such a shitty night at work my friend this candle will most definitely pick you up... its amazing! I'm going to have to order myself one at some point! I added the rest of my stash this time around so I'm out for any other rounds. I'm actually going to be going on a little trip soon so I'm not sure I'd even be home to participate. My grandpa left $5,000 to my dad to send myself and my little girls on a trip. I'm conflicted because I don't like benefiting in any way from death but my dad is insistent so I guess I'm going. Tonight I will play box tetris and pack it up and then tomorrow will head to the post office to send it and start the passport process for myself and my girls so we can go on our vacation. I took pictures last night of the box but have no idea how to upload pictures on this new site from my phone. Can anyone help??
  12. Ummm.... so I took all the pictures but how in the hell do I upload them on my phone??? Man the old site was soooo much easier to use!
  13. Thank you so much lovepink Im really sad but at the same time really relieved that its over finally.. neither are suffering anymore. The past month has been really hard watching them be a shell of who they were and seeing the pain that they were in. We are going to do a joint memorial/funeral in two weeks. I just cracked the box open and it's such a nice distraction Traci, you are going to absolutely LOVE that candle... it smells AMAZING!!!
  14. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I got the box. My grandpa passed Friday morning and this weekend has been busy with all my family coming in from out of state. I will go thru the box and get it out either tomorrow or Tuesday at the very latest.
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